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Shirtless Lover

Do I need to draw someone on a leopleurodon for you too, cen? ;3;
I would say yes
except the last one hurt your hand
so no it's okay

It only hurt because my hands had weird circulation issues.
They're fine now, srsly
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Shameless Elder

It's okay though
Everything's pissing me off now and I have nowhere to vent it rofl
So I'm deciding whether to turn off Skyrim and draw something or just keep playing until 7am again
As revenge for your terrible lack of responses, I have bought fish and chips for dinner.

Just to spite you.

******** I'm tired kshdkshfjsf am I going to stay up and watch the horror tonight I can not decide.
Maybe I will go to sleep now sdfksjf
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Shameless Elder

someone cover for me tomorrow
I am convinced that this lady is going to come in
and either scream at me or be otherwise nasty
and I won't react well
someone just let me not deal with this anymore why won't my boss help me out I feel so thrown under the bus right now

I'm so obsessed with this I can't do anything else

Kidcha I'm sorry
I'm really unhappy right now and it's been spiraling put of control all night
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Shameless Elder

Chalk another wasted day up to Skyrim
And also the reason I just stewed in rage all night

casually collapses on the floor and weeps
Wait, what.
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Shameless Elder

I have a feeling of pure dread about tomorrow
I didn't get to really explain what happened Thursday night in great detail, but tl;dr I want the "new" trainee to never come back but my boss won't talk to her and just keeps letting her come back day after day despite every negative thing I say
I have never had this much loathing for a trainee, nor have any given me this much trouble
Meanwhile, besides that fact, she called Thursday night and I think she wanted me to call her back but I decided to ******** that noise because she hung up on me while I was speaking and that pisses me off
So I never called back, and judging by how strung-out and possibly unstable she is, I get a feeling she'll show up Saturday and freak the ******** out, especially after how accusatory she was when she didn't get our calls last weekend ("YOU NEVER CALLED ME" "We called all weekend." "NO YOU DIDN'T." "Yes we did how else would I know EXACTLY WHAT YOUR VOICEMAIL SAYS /repeats message" "OH.")
And I swear to whatever higher power exists, or all of them, in fact, that if my boss is not there at four when she's possibly going to come in, I'm going to throw the greatest ragequit of all time
(except not actually quit because lolol broke)

I'm sincerely angry about and terrified of tomorrow
This on top of other stress that I have and I'm not coping!
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Shameless Elder

Seriously even little things made me rage today
>facebook stupidity
>everyone gets a new phone that works except me
>Pat didn't answer his phone all day (he had a reason though so that's okay but still I was hanging)
>I was out of the house longer than I intended to be and it was ******** frigid out
>KFC forgot the bacon on my bowl
>We're out of sugar but I didn't realize until I'd already brewed the pot of tea for sweet tea which requires a stupid amount of sugar (also just bought coffee now will have nothing to put in it tomorrow oops)
>I'll probably get s**t for it for not telling anyone we were low (not that I knew)
>my clothes feel uncomfortable but it's too cold to be naked

All things legitimately making me want to tear at my hair no matter how RIDICULOUSLY TRIVIAL they are
I ... I have no words.

My boss does the same thing but usually I break down or get over it and neither option would fit in a situation where skhfkhsfsf

Call in sick ? Has he not given you a legit opportunity to explain, or is he blowing you off ?

Uhm. Honestly I would take Bobby with you I: Not that I know him at all, but, he seems like a good person to have as backup -- either to shank her, or slap you.

What other stresses do you have tell me things I:
@ all of those things


But they make me rage even when I'm in a good mood.

Also re ; clothes. Do you have warm fuzzy blankets ? Because that compromise works for me. And Dino once told me that if you get comfortable under blankets, unclothed, and just lie there, after a while you end up super warm. When you're naked the body has to produce more heat to keep your vital organs warm, so if you work it right, you end up warmer than you would in clothes !!
> Spoilers : This does not help cold feet.
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Shameless Elder

I mean I guess I can try to get over it but I will still need to deal with her face-to-face if she shows up. She doesn't seem like the type to take a hint.
I don't think my boss realizes, either, that I'm practically sabotaging her to try and get her to leave on her own; not calling back was a huge hint, but I also didn't tell him that I thought she wanted me to call her back and just said I couldn't hear what she said.

I can't. Various reasons why not. No, I've spoken to him numerous times and each time everything I say gets worse because she does crazier things. He probably needs to see it in action but still why won't he take my word for it he says he trusts me and my opinion and that he'll go with whatever I say but he's...not...

Lmao last time someone got nasty with me and Bobby was there he got into a legitimate verbal brawl with her and he was really, really nasty. I would love for him to come and do that but also she might do something insane if that happens so...eehhhhh. Plus I think he has work.
I mean she's the type to formulate plots and try and totally take down people that do her wrong in some way and if she thinks we've been playing with her...

AND TO BE HONEST I think we dragged this on way too long and the fact that boss didn't immediately call her and fire her Thursday means there's the possibility of dragging it even further to Saturday, which would only make her madder for stringing her along so long. I told him that Thursday was her last chance, I was giving her a CHANCE, because I think people deserve chances, and she blew it for me, and he's letting her come back? Which means now we're basically ******** with her why can't we just fire her I don't get it

Oh man everything stated above which are small
Drama with my brother's PSYCHOTIC EX GIRLFRIEND who is going to get her face rearranged if I ever see her again
I haven't been feeling mentally well which means I am lethargic and depressed
Everything I draw pisses me off and I hate how it all looks
I never finished Pat's Christmas gift which means I never gave him anything it makes me feel like scum
And in fact I still have Christmas drawings to do; scum x3

Mostly it's snowballing from stress over this trainee though...

Oh and about clothes/cold: I would but I'm sitting at a desk so that makes it harder
The room is also very dry because of the heaters, which irritates my skin and bothers me even more
And since my extremities gets really cold all the time (hand and feet) that part doesn't change anyway so heh

I mean I can try it
And I have a Snuggie thing but my back would be open

I sleep in sweatpants and a tank top every night in the winter and wear even less in the summer, so I have that covered heheheh
I just can't get out of bed in the "morning" it's waaaay too cold ;____;
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Shameless Elder

Oh and you know what's another really weird thing to get sad over

Back when I hadn't even met the trainee yet and it was the first day training, my mother told me good luck and hoped everything went okay
And it just went so badly over the days
Whenever someone wishes me luck or feels happy for me and it doesn't work out that way I get really, unnecessarily sad.

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