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Well I can't compete with friends.
They always win, in shops and auctions lmao

Oh well. At least I did them a favor and jacked up the bids.
I'm at work right now feeling like garbage so if they're gonna end soon I won't have time to bid again anyway oops but it's okay

Because it sucks being friends with a ******** downer and that's what I have been.
Yeah that's kind of true, I guess. It's rare for an artist not to favour their friends.

I would bid on your behalf but I don't know how much higher you want to go. And I can only be here until 3 my time anyway.

You've been worse. It's not really a thing.
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I'm not trying to be a pain in the a** about it I just know how artists are with their friends lol
She looked like she could bid forever and I didn't really want to pass 2.5m anyway :I

My back hurts so much I'm kind of sure the massage did more harm than good.

Also why is it so ******** busy tonight this is incredibly unfair
I have food at home for once
So that's nice
No it's fine I agree. That clique is really tight, anyway.

Painkillers and sleep hurraaayyy there your night is set.

Boss told me to smile tonight and I flipped so bad he got pissed off.

Also today's prompt has turned into NSFW idk if I will show you though it's not even really porn or anything let alone good. But I'm not posting it to tumblr either way.
Ahhh okay no I'm never showing this to anyone it's terrible.

Need more practice.

Also it was late but w/e I needed to rant.
Ughhhhhhh I am so bored I think I'm going to end up writing.

None of these holidays entertain me for the next ... well I stopped looking after two weeks.
But tumblr I enabled my askbox months ago how has it been broken all this time ??
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What was wrong with the askbox?

And what did you write about that turned nsfw?

I spent all night after game reading about this horror puzzle game called Irisu Syndrome and watching The Most Popular Girls in School which wasn't nearly as hilarious and tumblr made it out to be.

Also, my social overload is in full swing ahahah and there is no end in sight I might go crazy???
It just lead to a broken page.

Uh the theme was "Backwards Day" and I used troll!Lexi and troll!Ash.

Adrian tells me about horror puzzle games too does it sound good. I have no idea what that show is I ignore Tumblr trends.

When will you get a spare day to hermit.
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Huh. Weird. Is it actually broken or disabled randomly? I was about to wonder if mine was broken too but I realized I get an ask from that rper like once a day so no probably now.

Ahh. What was nsfw about it? Since I'm never going to see it lol I want to know the plot at least.

It's...complex. It takes watching videos and reading wiki stuff to get it if you're not that good at it or are not a completionist. It's not so scary watching it, but I can see how playing it alone would be disturbing. Adrian probably heard of it. It's like this girl who wants to murder her classmates but it winds up being not nearly no simple. As you play, the system folder adds and changes files that contribute to the story. By the end of everything you find out the girl isn't even the craziest one.
The Most Popular Girls in School is a dumb YouTube series about high school made with stop-motion Barbies. I remember seeing the first episode last year but it only seems to have picked up steam recently somehow. It's quotable, at least.

If we don't have game next Friday, then. If we do, next Sunday. Maybe.
Disabled I guess, since it appears to work now. Not that I ever get asks, but it's set up fine on my other tumblr so I still don't understand.

... There was no plot ? He threw her up against the wall and ******** her from behind. Sort of. But since idk how to do the physical stuff it wasn't very detailed. I guess I could show you after all. It's not like any future pieces will be higher quality.

I would ask her but she gets really freaked out over everything so I don't want to stress her. That sounds like a good plot though I would try it.
Okay well I just watched a few episodes and I don't get it. I never get anything.

Why wouldn't you have game next week.
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Have some watercolor
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I feel like these prompts would be easier if I actually knew what they were about.

Seriously, the ******** is Groundhog Day.

I thought it was a movie.
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More on the rest later as I have laundry to bag but about Groundhog Day

It's a day where we crowd around a groundhog and base the coming seasonal changes on whether or not it sees it's shadow
I forget which way it goes but one implies spring will be here soon and the other means a longer winter
I have no idea why but it's a huge ******** event like they have three different groundhogs and they do a live televised thing where they judge whether it saw its ******** shadow
It's incredibly stupid and while it's a cute little superstition when you're in elementary school, the fact that it's a national goddamn event on TV and everything say a lot about my country
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Have some watercolor
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thank you so much!! That looks so good! I love watercolors >w<

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