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But where are youuuuuuuuu gonk
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slithering around the whole world being retarded mostly

Today I went for full body massages with Cait and this chick Deanna and I panicked and shaved like crazy because I thought this was like a serious massage therapy thing?? But no, it was this cheap Chinese massage place, all clothed, with like twenty tables in one room full of people getting massages and it was really weird.
But it felt nice, so there is that.
I haven't shaved my thighs in literal months btw, it took like half an hour to hack through that.

Also I've been sitting fairly lifelessly in front of tumblr for a while or playing Pitfall on my phone because what is productivity or being alive in the least eh
Tomorrow I have actual errands to run, and then dinner, and I feel like s**t because I waited too long to preorder this game for John for late Christmas and now the preorders are closed. It came with a limited artbook. I am made of giant ******** fail and I don't know how to face Pat. I was hoping to have a short, serious conversation about my progress with my moods and stuff but now I won't have the balls to bring it up.

So basically, I've been socially strung out and there's no end in sight so I'm spending most of my night time being a listless ********. I have been rping, admittedly, but even that's making me go all blurry-eyed.

I finally got an email from my stepbrother tonight about not submitting anything in weeks and I think my excuse will be that I won't stop being ******** sick. I mean...I'm about done with that last cold, but how long before the next? I'm ready to just die at any time.

I'm also relapsing in the caffeine addiction area.

I just don't know what to do with myself at the moment.

BUT I saw your post about the auction and even though I'm a nervous wreck about them, I placed a bid.

Also, I'm finally making progress on a Kaleb talksprite and I somehow made him attractive to me even though I'm not into beefy guys???? What do.
I just sat through Fast and the furious : Tokyo drift and I seriously can't think of a ******** thing to say my brain is dead. I'm probably going to crash early because I can't even write.

Have kawaii lesbians.
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Why would you watch that didn't that one not even have Vin Diesel in it?

I'll probably crash soon too idk I don't have anything better to do.

Omg they're so ******** cute scbgsaghvcsaj
We didn't realize it was going to be that bad okay and by the point we did it was too late. Adrian just got drunk. I do not have any limes to have with my tequila and was forced to suffer through it sober.

I wish I could stay up and talk but I'm really drained ?? And I don't have anything interesting to say anymore.

I KNOW RIGHT I wasn't kidding it's the most kawaii s**t.

sgihs and pulls pillow over head
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crawls around feeling anxious about art auctions
Why are you even anxious.
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Because when am I not.

I am always full of anxiety in auctions
I'm either DYING for the art and terrified I won't win, or guilty that someone else that is DYING to get the art is losing to me


Well I'm sure you're fine unless someone comes in and bids like 3mil.
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Well, there is that one girl that keeps bidding.

I don't even know if I have an appropriately detailed character. After all this. I still don't know if they'll even like what I have.
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I'm sorry I've been so frequently absent and kind of a downer.
It's one of their friends. That's what happens in that circle.

I don't know either. It's hit and miss with Max. But if you win, they're obligated to do it.

I don't know why you are apologizing for that.

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