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I want to bind my own book but I was apparently a little too overzealous because I don't actually have all the materials necessary.

I have to improvise, for practice's sake.
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I found a tutorial on dA via a tumblr post on how to bind your own book using relatively common materials. So, I have this huge stack of 11x17" printer paper that's been doubling as a bedside table since like 2007 or something because I never had anything to do with it...so I thought I could turn it into sketchbooks.

But I don't quite have all the materials for a proper one, so I'm just sort of practicing now.
Oh that's pretty cool. My nephew would be all over that.

What are you missing ?
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Chipboard (can replace with cardboard probably), endsheets, fabric for the cover (considering making a duct tape one though), and most importantly, glue stick. I apparently don't have acceptable glue.

I don't know why I don't have glue.

Do you want the tutorial?
Chipboard ? Is that like plywood ? Because that seems like an odd thing to have as a book cover.

I think we did this at school when I was really young tbh we embroidered the titles on the fabric with a sewing machine ??

No one has glue. Why would you.

Uhmmm yes I think that would be good. I will like it on tumblr or something and come back to it when I have time to do this with him c: He spends a lot of time writing "books" and stapling paper together and stuff like that. Binding the books might be a more productive use of time.
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Nah it's more like...harder cardboard...? Uh it's hard to explain I actually thought it was more like masonite but I just looked it up to be sure and it's more like a condensed paperboard. But it's definitely not plywood.

The only fabric I have is either a ton of shitty muslin or like, old t-shirts or something. Not very nice for a book. We never did anything cool like that in school wtf. I have never touched a sewing machine in my life and that sort of bothers me because I could get a lot more done if I knew how to use one.

I am an artist and I have a crate full of supplies I should totally have glue. I have hot glue and a glue gun, but that doesn't really apply here.

Here is the dA page. I never liked the tumblr one for some reason and anyway the images were shitty on that - couldn't read the text at all - so here's the proper one with the required materials and stuff in the description.

The final product he shows is super nice too so I'm kind of excited to try and make this work?
Hmm maybe one of the craft stores has it. I will look into this.
I like the idea of using corkboard though (maybe under fabric ?) since then you could use little drawing pins and idk little pictures or magnet-y things or w/e and change the cover when you got bored 4laugh There would be holes but w/e that's a minor detail.

The only fabric I have is old clothes loool although I did keep them when they fell apart because they were just too cute. There's one old pair of pyjama pants that has little dogs and bones all over it but I'm not sure if that would be big enough to cover a book. There's a store where my nephews is that sells s**t like that off reams tho so it won't be hard.
It was at this little dinky school that had 10 students ahaha. I did some basic sewing in home-ec but that was it. I'm terrible at it.

I had super glue, but then I threw it away on accident. Oops.

That is a really good tutorial I think I mostly follow what he's even saying.

I can see why you are excited this is a legitimately great idea.
wails loudly
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I have a headache that refuses to go away and it's pissing me off

Also it's somehow after 4am and I swear it was midnight five minutes ago?
Painkillers + bed = no headache.

Yeah I have that issue too.

I got art for you today.
But I don't think I have the energy to upload it.
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I guess I probably should take a pill before bed. This s**t just won't quit. I think it's stress-related. I'm like...super on edge.

I didn't even do anything to kill the time I just...suddenly...????? I have no idea what the ******** happened.

That's okay.
I will await for when you do have the energy.
Yes you should. Stress related s**t is also really realistic. idk what to offer for that nothing ever makes me feel better.

That happens to me a lot. It happened to me the other night. And tonight, but less so, because I've been watching tv.

It is
the most kawaii
lesbian animu
Ismena is winking ffs
It's so cute I can't even
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I literally just want to crawl everywhere I'm so, so very done.

This doesn't happen too often to me, tbh. I'm a little weirded out. But mostly annoyed because I had things to do tonight?

Lesbian animu!
That's different,
I am excite
Go to bedddddddddddd. Bed helps.

Can't you do them tomorrow ? It's how I spend most of my days tho so it would not surprise me that much. I also fall asleep and wake up with no memory of doing anything that always makes me feel weird. But just zoning out for hours isn't that weird.

I also got
animu piratesu
It's literally the cutest art omfg.

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