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lololol twirlytimes x3 <3

I wish I could talk Demonslayers with him, but his Blackmist is already level 80 while my Gonfaloniere is still level 10 :/ He's a huge mlp buff though which is kindof adorable.
Yeah, I don't think I ever will think anyone will ever be as cool as Rof in my eyes. Ever. But I am totally smitteninfatuated with him he makes me cry in a good way and gives me all the warm fuzzies.

xD <3
Ok, I will get drawing. And Lexi is just that badass. She can do anything.

Ffff ahahahaha xD Okay.
I think I might have read some of this while I was lurking in the cajun thread.
but lol crowbars. Lexi has a grip of STEEL.
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I'd hate to ruin everything but he'd actually probably just stick it to his head.

I did!

Yeah, me too >w<
Well that depends on how detailed you want me to be about puking and idiots
I got most of the ranting about the trainee done already and I don't think I should reiterate it yet again; it's more or less the same s**t, different day, slightly more drama.
SIGH okay time to write before I fall asleep.

It was pretty lame. But then Sean Connery showed up covered in peacock feathers and sjdhfhsdf

I ... I have no idea what most of that means. But yay for MLP ? I did not realize you were a fan ?
Lmao I figured. But there's not really much wrong with that I don't think. It's kind of adorable you're so flaily about him !

Ash does not agree with this ! >|

Yes, but I wasn't sure if you knew the backstory, and it kind of requires context or else the joke is lost ;__;
AND BALLS AS WELL. But mostly the grip.

Oh. I was worried he'd tell me to shove it up my a** I:

Success !!

The puking I can probably live without details on.
But okay. If you're good then everything is good.
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Lexi is wearing a mermaid bra now.
Lexi why have you no shame emotion_awesome
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No he's actually not that lewd usually heheh
I mean he is but he isn't?


tl;dr didn't fall asleep until 8am
but yeah I feel better about it after venting twice but I'm still a little...concerned about Saturday. I hope she simply doesn't show up, but I'm pretty sure she will and she'll have a few words about how I never called her back tonight XP
Hopefully my boss will be there but I'm a little irked that he hasn't been helping me out here
It's not usually a lewd gesture so much as a "******** you" kind of thing, though.
/looks around awkwardly


******** that. If I had known you would be awake so late I would have kept you company for a bit longer I:
What did she want you to call her back about ? And uh, at least she has some sort of work ethic ?
Bosses do that. Maybe you should yell at him. That worked last time.

I feel like my apathy about this piece is coming through rather strongly I:
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He's a little hard to predict sometimes, but I very easily see him taking it, looking at it intently for a moment, and then slapping it on his head.
His "******** you"s are largely verbal rofl

(they didn't hate it. that's good.)

Well, I was in bed for the extra two hours. After logging off I kept coloring a bit so I could finish flat colors for Jasmine and Greg, then went to bed, and immediately felt nauseous. I rolled around helplessly until 8 when I confronted the issue directly, then was able to fall asleep.
It didn't help that the night guy called me at 7 just as I was dozing off the first time.

Uh tl;dr she left training early "for an hour" because she was feeling sick, had been vomiting all day, etc. and just needed to go home for a bit to eat and wash up. I told boss, he told me to tell her to stay home. She freaks out for a while, says she'll call back. She calls back when I'm on the phone with my mother because reasons, I switch over and when I told her I had been on the other line but it was okay because we'd hung up, she didn't let me finish and hung up on me. I think she said to call her back when I was done but I wasn't exactly sure so I figured she'd call back if I didn't; but she didn't. SO WHO KNOWS. I thought boss was going to call her when he got there but he didn't and he told me not to call her so I DON'T KNOW I'm in a really frustrated place about this whole thing.
Idk she seems way too desperate and stressed out to me.
I plan to. I'm kind of pissed off actually. I keep telling him reasons why this isn't going to work and he told me not to worry about it he'd handle it and then he just doesn't and I get stuck with all the drama.

I really don't want to deal with her anymore. She's not going to work out. But the longer this goes on the worse she's going to react, and I refuse to be the one to tell her because I was promised I wouldn't have to.
The other thing that sucks is that we have no other options to hire.
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User Image
I expect your writing to be spectacular now.
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....holy s**t
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tell me its beautiful.
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It's ******** gorgeous.
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Good because it made me lose the circulation in my hands.
lol idk.

I want art but I am too scared of getting another cello with elbows :/
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Maybe next time you order something you should specify, very clearly, that he has no elbows.

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