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Okay. Circular barbell, yes. CBRs - the ones with one ball that kind of snaps in - those are HUGE PAIN IN THE a** for basically everyone. So, so far it's been a success >w< that's good.

/shrug haven't heard from anyone yet and it's already 6pm.
Yeah she died a lot heh. Those are only the ones Edge knows about, but I won't add any more. All of them used to be fan characters, too, heheheh. I adapted them to be not shitty, though. Aurore has probably my favorite story, though, even though it ends in suicide.
Thank u ;-; No, I don't, and this is why hahaha. But they make women look older, I think. Hm. Maybe I'll fix it, but I probably won't rofl
I literally can't use them ;____; They used to be sold with like, a hole through the ball ?? And those I managed; but now they only have indents and it's literally impossible I just can't. The only ones that are still like that are the ones where I've never changed the ring at all.

Oh. Right. Time differences.
Yes, yes she did. idk what to say I don't know her story ... lmao ... one day I will understand I guess. Edge sure gets a lot to choose from isn't he ******** special I:

They do look a bit older, yes. I don't think it's anything that needs to be changed though.

wehh I don't want to do anything today I want to go back to sleep. I am so ******** unmotivated.
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Yeah, both still exist. I have loose one with the holes straight through. Like, a whole bunch of them made from different stones heheh. But I never wear CBRs so I never use them...
I can't do them at all, holes or indents. I think I need to use latex gloves for friction or something.

Edge has been looking for her since she died the first time to try and make her immortal, too, but each time he either can't do it in time before her untimely death, or doesn't particularly like that incarnation for whatever reason (like she's not enough like how he remembers, or has some fundamental personality flaw...but this is more because of fate than himself - he has no real control over it even though he thinks he does). So yeah he gets a lot to choose from but he ******** it up pretty much every time.
Aurore was set in the Moulin Rouge era/setting, and at that same time, Edge was in the middle of a dark part of his personality cycle so...he was a huge dirtbag.

Nyoko's been getting older and older as I draw her more so I thought it was appropriate. Also she usually wears light blue lipstick why did I forget that detail.
But okay. I probably won't touch it.

Yeah, same. I want to text people and see wtf but I don't want to be annoying, either.
Latex gloves are amazing I: I started using them back when I kept losing balls off everything. They're only two bucks for a pack of ten lmao they are also useful for dying of hair ...

Wow, Edge is ******** useless I can't even. "You know what, you're a b***h. I'm going to let you die and try again next time I hope you learn your ******** lesson."

Because makeup is easily forgotten don't beat yourself up. It's not a huge thing to fix ??

WELL, idk. If nothing happens then I guess you can tell me all about the last game and I will be interested. I have to do housework and s**t before that, since I've been letting it slide due to not giving a s**t but ... I'd better ...

Alsoooo ~

Quick freebie because you have a Transient character and that is the best thing

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I can also steal them from work heheh. We have them for the night guys to clean with and technically for the girls to handle dirty laundry but I don't even know who uses them. I don't. I only snap 'em on if I have to touch something revolting, or move around the wet linty s**t in the back, or unclog a toilet with my hands.

Edge...he has a plan. And while he is a selfish c**t, he also doesn't realize until MUCH later that it's not even his choice. There is a specific reincarnation that's meant to be the one that he saves, so all his "choosing" to let one die is really an illusion. Also, he does try, sometimes, but they always die before he even gets a chance. There were probably others that he met that he just knew wouldn't work out so he leaves 'em, though.
ALSO he never tells them who she is. He's kind of a delusional p***k and also being totally played by the god that immortalized him.
However, he really does obsessively care about her, but his problem is that he's looking too hard for the same girl he lost in the very beginning.
Not that I'm defending him. He's still a p***k.

Nah I just don't feel like it lmao. She doesn't always wear it, anyway. It's also the same color swatch as Ismena's hair FUN FACT

LITERALLY as I read that line, Cait texted me haaaa. But we won't be late probably. I can tell you about game whenever you want to hear it. If I wait until after tomorrow you'll have like a triple load, if that's okay.
But yes housework is necessary. Unless you're being OCD about cleanliness again I doubt it's even that bad :I

I can't tell
if I should be squeeing because great freebie and compliment
sad because everyone skips over Rayvyn sweatdrop
The ones I buy are so thin that lmao using them for anything is just asking to have them torn to shreds. I do use them when I unclog drains though, ugh.
They do wonders for jewellery though.

I'm not sure if I should feel bad for him or not, I honestly can't decide. I guess it's nice he never loses interest ??
lmao that ... is beautiful. Creepy stalker vibe gooooo.

OH NICE Ismena's fashion sense just crosses universes.

Have fun !! I would still rather hear about it before the next one if it's okay because I have enough trouble retaining one games worth of information. Multiple games would just really confuse me.
Nah, I just need to vacuum and sweep and pick up stuff -- I baked, and never really cleaned up, so there's a bunch of dishes and crap all over the floor. I also have to clean up the bathroom I made a mess. Mostly it's just tossing things in cupboards and making my bed and taking out the trash. (Cat got pissed off and pissed all over the shower mat for some reason I don't even know what's wrong with him.)

lmao no it's fine. I wasn't even pimping Zara out. She was just in a list of characters I was asking for Christmas themed art of, as another option.
I don't mind that Rayvyn gets missed anymore tbh. I'm getting less and less joy out of buying art for myself. I mean, when I get given it it's amazing and I'm delighted, but ... I'm not seeking it out anymore I just don't
really care.
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I can unclog a drain in my house if I wanted to, without gloves, because I know it's basically mine...but try fishing giant wads of toilet paper and...other solids...out of a toilet with your hands because the plunger won't even do it.
But yes they do. I should jack a few.

That's a good response. I like ambiguity in how you feel about a character. If he stops looking for her, it sort of makes his entire existence pointless. He's immortal for a reason, and that reason is her. Again, though, he thinks it's all about the two of them, but he's actually being totally used.
Edge is totally a creepy stalker it's great rofl

Nyoko's lipstick came first XD but yeah, I loved the color so much and it was great for an icy feel, so Ismena adopted it so I could use it more. It wound up suiting her perfectly, so it's really her color now.

Okay. I will tell you tonight then. Maybe it will drain me enough to go to sleep earlier heheh.
There are dishes on your floor? :I even I don't get that bad geez I put them on a container like six inches off the floor. So you're organizing, not cleaning, mostly.
Cat what is your problem??

Oh, okay. And then someone saw her and you found another Transmet fan huehuehue. I can see where the appeal starts to get lost, though. I have 3746247346 characters and I don't even care enough to go out on my own to find art anymore...I still like getting it and I'll be happy to pay for it, but I don't feel like searching for it.
That unformatted text at the end is scary ;-; COVETOUS GET OUT OF MY HEAD
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also Cait is here I must go
my people need me


ilu cu l8r
/sends paper towel through the wash
/ clogs up the drain
/stares dumbly @ water outside and wonders if this is going to fix itself maybe ??

Latex gloves are basically universally useful.

THIS SOUNDS MILDLY MORE COMPLICATED THAN I FIRST ASSUMED but yes ambiguity is good. My favourite villains have always been on the edge, but I've never seen it happen with a protagonist.

It doesn't matter who had it first Ismena has it now I:

What no. I worded that wrong. I mean my dessert bowl was on my bedroom floor because I've taken to putting all cups / plates on the floor and leaving my laptop on the table I: You know, in case something tips over. There's no cover for this the way I had one for my netbook and I'm constantly petrified of getting it dirty.

SHRUG it's just I was never a big art whore to start with :c And as I've said before, Lexi is visually p. boring. So unless there's going to be movement / something interesting, it's just not really worth it.
BUT MY POINT IS I'm not butthurt because my characters are always boring lmao even when they have pink and purple dreads ....

But I did that just for you why are you afraid of my love I:

skljdfksjf idk what to do now I have two hours left before I have to get ready for work and I'm not tired enough to sleep :c
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I am home now
I am going to drink a glass of sweet tea and eat some chocolate and then try and sleep by popping sleeping pills if I can find any by at the latest 3am.


No time to taaaalk.
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I could fly through it, if you wanted
It's 1:37am now
If you think you can ??

lmao despite my angst I am actually okay if you don't have time ! One of the PMs I shot out came back with the cutest chibi of Jasmine sdgfhskjfhskf why does she have all the cutest chibis it's not fair :c
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I'm not sure.
The part that took so long was combat, so if I cut out details besides the Big Ones, I could?
I could also write prompt and you can decide what you wanna know lmao idk

But the next game probably won't be especially comprehensive, so it wouldn't too much of a double-up.
Also Cait and I retro-rolled for the hand construction and didn't do that great .___.
Buuuut Jasmine fixed the lovebot. Somehow. She had better success with that than Greg's robo-hand.

Also iddkkkk
probably because the better the art, the less chance I have of seeing it anytime soon :I
It's actually just spite rofl
WELL. I guess you could start at least, unless you have something to do ?

idk what any of that means uh. Okay.

looool actually I have ... a lot of Jasmine ... like ... more than p. much everyone else combined almost. So I guess if you reaaallllyyy wanted I could throw one at you at some point.
I'm not sure how to choose which one I like least though :c

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