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I don't know your PC name.

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okay that plan did not work out. at all.

the worst thing about going to bed "early" is that I wake up an hour later needing to piss like a racehorse, and I can't, because the house is getting ready for work.

and then my phone kept making all this noise.

so I got out of bed at 330. fml.
You need a second bathroom lmao
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I constantly wish we could install at least a toilet in this back room where I am, ngl.

I could live without everything else; if I need the sink, the kitchen is right there.
Just give me a toilet.
Or a chamber pot lmao I swear to god

I once stayed with someone who had a potty in the guest house.

For emergencies.
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I'd take it.

I'd rather use that than lie in bed wanting to cry because my bladder wants to collapse hehehh
Okay, I'll make this happen then.

SIGH okay I am almost caught up with all these things I have to respond to. idk what to do about the guild. It wants me to donate money before I send a mass PM and I don't want to give money.
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You can just mass PM regularly if they're all on your friendslist.
Or use a copypasta message and send them one by one.

Otherwise you have no other option but to give money to the guild.
It's too bad you can't dissolve a subforum and get gold back or something.
Or I could just make a topic in the guild saying it's over, so I can refer to it when they come by in a month and go SO HEY I WROTE ONE LINE IN MY SCIONS PROFILE TODAY ...
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That works, too.
You can even set it as a message on the first page.
But yes I guess that's also an option.
lmao I was being facetious.

I will deal with it >w<

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Well it wouldn't be too far from the truth if they showed up a month from now going I HAVE A NAME FOR MY CHARACTER
Just sayin'
It was a viable plan

Uh we were going to go to the diner and talk about out-of-game Scion ideas but I haven't heard from Pat so idk
Otherwise, I need to flatten and rearrange this Nyoko collection thing
inorite ?

So I changed my cartilage jewellery because it was impossible to clean it (there was crusting right around the bottom of the ball, but because of how it sat I couldn't clean it while it was in) and now I'm worried the ring is too heavy ?? I mean it doesn't hurt or anything unless I hit it, so.
Also SIGH my ears are just a mash up of w/e rings were the right size they look terrible.

Those sound like good plans.
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Why would the ring be too heavy? Give it a little time to adjust and then see how it feels. It might just be a denser material/more because of how it's shaped.
I'm sure it's fine >w<

Yeah, if they go through :I
At least I had control over the Nyoko one.
I'm actually kind of really happy with her current self's final design, though. Her eyes. ;-;
(Although...does hr mouth look off...? oh noooooo why is this happening)
Because it's one of the rings that has two balls, instead of one. I can actually put that kind of ring in -- my fingers are thick so I have trouble with fiddly bits.
I can sleep on it easier >w< And it hasn't got all gross and crusty, whereas it was before I changed it.

I don't see why they wouldn't I:
That is a lot of Nyoko's idk what to say ??
Her current self is pretty ;___; The only reason her mouth looks off is because you don't normally draw lips, and not usually at that angle. The bottom lip might be a little too short but I honestly don't know ??

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