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Hyde why ... emo heart
Gotta write that thing for Aphro.

After this.
When did watching Cowboy Beebop become my goal for the night.
Oh s**t Highlander is also on.
So much conflict inside ;---;
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/pets kidcha
I finally finished the Toxin mini ;___; Toxin you are an a*****e and I love you even more for realizing this.

Now I have to write. But I am tired and disinterested in doing so.

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Hello I will be making posts shortly I need a shower
I was out with Bobby and then he spilled water on himself so we were here and I played Skyrim and started screaming with laughter because killing townsfolk with a variety of great and terrible things is A LOT OF FUN

But it makes me feel a lot better about the rest of the day A HEH
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Write and I'll draw things for you.
Whatever you like. With or without clothes on. Your choice.

I'll draw Lexi on a fricking leopleurodon too as a bonus.

/sobs at the fact that sheep paid for my internet and got offline before I could ask what she wanted me to draw for her.
Aw that was really nice of her <3 I'm sure she'll tell you when she gets back on, though ! Don't even worry about it.

Man you have no idea how tempting that offer is okay.
Also what is a leopleurodon. If it is not a dinosaur, I will be so ******** disappointed.

Bobby is a magical girl !!
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I get the feeling I should draw senka for her, as she posted him up on her tumblr after my net ran away on me and I used her money to bring my internet back.
Maybe I should just draw Senka for her anyway, I do love Senka and his inspiration figure makes me smile.

You should totally do it. It would get you free art for doing what you had to do anyway!
Yes it is a dinosaur. One of the swimming ones, I'm pretty sure. So I can put a snorkel and a floatyring and a bikini on her should you decide to write. And I'll give it reins and a string of lights so everyone can see her riding her majestic underwater steed.

who? o3o
Okay seriously dude, there is no reason at all to be doing all those back flips. You just look gay. Stop it.
In other news, being a Highlander person sounds awfully appealing on the basis that I'd get to carry a giant ******** sword around all the time. On the other hand, certain death. Not so awesome. I am conflicted.

Who is Senka ?
But yeah if you enjoy it then you should do it. The worst that can happen is she appreciates it ?

I can probably have it done in an hour. Less if I wasn't watching the movie but trolol I am.
Am I the only one that thinks all water dinosaurs look really pretty much the same ? Also I feel like this is not an idea you have just come up with. Who the hell were you talking to dinosaurs about ? rofl

Also we need to discuss you doodling Ashley fighting Sharktopus. It's an actual thing from mythology Cen said so and it's now headcanon.
And then Lexi makes him watch Sharktopus and he bitches and moans and whines about how the real thing was better, all the while trying to pry her off his arm with a crowbar.
/large explanatory hand gestures

That was in relation to Cen's post lmao don't worry.
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Bobby is the most magical of girls.

Bluh I was hoping to get art done tonight oops lol

But yeah so my day started out really terribly and didn't get any better until 10pm when Bobby showed up and then diner happened because you weren't off target at all when you said you thought my life was only bedroom-laundromat-diner.
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oAo what.
There is nothing wrong with looking gay =w=

He's basically running around on maplestory too and I've talked to him and he's pretty cool. We've skyped a few times but conversations always end up going to Maplestory and maplestory events that happened in the past before I joined maplestory, so it gets kinda boring.
But yeah, Senka's cool. Not as cool as Rofvannon, but still pretty cool.

Well do it and I'll draw for you.
And seriously bro, this is just s**t off the top of my head. I am imagining shiny new things as I go xD But I'll do it for you. If that's what it takes to get you to write this ish. Also Leopleurodons. Dey hot. And magical. I could make it pink and put a spider decal on its a** if that pleases you.

ahahahha seriously?
I could do this.
There is when you're dressed like a secret ******** service agent having a sword battle to the death and an underground carpark. And not the cool kind of gay, either. The kind that goes LOL I HAVE NO SKILL BUT LOOK AT MY a** AND MY TWIRLY TIMES !!!!
Highlander. Endless amusement.

Omg he's adorable.
Yeah I can relate to that. Maybe one day you will find other common ground ??
I'm not sure you'll think anyone is ever as cool as Rofvannon. And this is okay <3

Done. So done. Cigarette and then writing. When the hell did it get so late.
Lmao Lexi what are you even doing taming extinct dinosaurs and painting them pink.

Seriously I would show you but then I would get sidetracked backreading and no. But when I am done I will hunt down the pic. I mentioned it and then she found it in the Scion book and I am endlessly amused by all of it.
;___; I am terrible but omg I want a pic of Ash trying to pry her off with a crowbar this will happen at some point.

I would buy him a shiny bow but I'm somewhat afraid of where he'd stick it.

Did you finish the comic ?

I'm glad it got better, though. Do you want to vent ?

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