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Art Shops is dead today >|
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Shirtless Lover

found you.

Were we hiding ?
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Shirtless Lover

Well no.
But I noticed a new friend-made thread in the my gaia box 8D
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Shameless Elder

Rant required later

Super frustrated right now

Gonna scream hnnnng
Good bye productivity.

Why are my dreams so weird weh weh.

What did the new girl do ?
I need a drink I:
Gypsy Fair tomorrow.

Of course, the Nana has decided that this will the be the last year. She refuses to cough up twenty bucks so the kids can go on rides, and it's getting to the point where I can't afford to be paying for five or six people every year.

Imo it's kind of a huge ******** douche move to just snap that if I can't afford then they will no longer be going. I get money is tight, but I can ******** guarantee she'll find money for what she wants them to do.

And this was after I had to ask three times before she even worked out how she was going to pay me back for their Christmas presents, which is bullshit. The only reason she doesn't have the money now is because it's me she owes it to -- if I hadn't gone halves with her then she would have found the money to buy them by Christmas. The fact I have to wait until next month is just dlsjflskjflksf

I am v. angry.
Toxin heart
Toxin, you are an a*****e.
Am not enthused by work tonight.
Off I go, I guess.

At least I have Toxin and his sarcastic asshattery to look forward to.

How could I forget what a d**k he is emo
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Shameless Elder

It is apparently a bad day for everyone today

I need to go home before I rage out

But Bobby might come by which means diner and ranting so I might be more complacent by the time I get home and spend time answering text walls both here and in Cajun.
Bobby fixes all ?

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