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So the other day, Kidcha and I were talking about Transmetropolitan for the millionth time and it was decided that I finally go through with my desire to create an OC for it, who could then play with the one she already had.

We're looking for art of them individually and also together!!

HELLO MY NAME IS: Zara (aka Zara Zofia, Z.Z.)

  • Self-confident, prideful
  • Blunt, opinionated, judgmental, doesn't know the meaning of TMI, and likes to point out the obvious
  • Apathetic but not especially sarcastic, desensitized, indulges in schadenfreude, loves gossip, enjoys cheap drinks and stimulants like Jumpstart

  • Human eye is brown, alien eye is green, alien skin is blue-gray
  • Brown portion of hair DOES NOT GROW from the left side of her scalp. It is simply brushed and styled to fall over the bald alien part of her head. It only falls over her face and ear.
  • Does not wear much jewelry/accessories or indulge in other modifications besides her Transient mutation (which is permanent), and her earrings. Gauged lobe a MUST.
  • Outfit can be changed, but please run it by me first!

And meet Rayvyn !!

Outfit colours can be mix n matched.
That's a necklace right thar, and the shadow under her feet is the same color as her eyebrows 4laugh

> Chain-smoking stripper
> Legit addicted to temp modifications (like so)
> Personality in one reaction image
> Bros with Sakura; preferably over cheap beer, baby seal eyes, and irritated gossip
> Is a decently assimilated Revival, obv.

> Yellow eyes
> Green eyebrows
> Pink and purple dreads; between shoulder and waist length
How indeed.

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Good lord I did not mean to post that huge a textwall in the other thread


Uh well the important part is the first thing I wrote so you can ignore the rest rofl

Yes that sounds like me I'll just ignore everything that isn't about Ash.

It's not as if Lexi has any bearing on this so tbh I am attached to Ash the most, but I'm not disinterested in the rest of them.
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Well I mean if you're tired and you wanted to get to the good stuff it was right up top

I know you want to hear all of it but ******** was that a solid brick wall I wrote
Yes that was a good assumption. I am heading to sleep now I think since it's almost midnight. I was hoping to finish this short story before I crashed but I'm not even comprehending the words anymore so that's probably not going to happen.

It wasn't that bad either lmao stop talking yourself up.

But yes time for sleep.

gn ilu I assume you will be going soon as well <3
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gasp are you shooting down my textwalls
I am offended

Yeah it's almost 6am here woop
I was hoping to color in Greg as well but oops I was typing forever
At least Jasmine's flat colors are down!

okay gn ilu2!

I shoot them down only out of love !!

Someone needs to start a new Transmet tumblr. "******** yeah, Transmetroplitan" only has a half dozen posts and hasn't been updated since like September 2010.

Or maybe there's already one and no one has reblogged from it and I am therefore oblivious.

This requires further research.
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No textwall because work, but this is short enough. I have answers to the textwall later though. Long ones probably lmao

But yeah I was wondering about Transmet tumblrs recently. I havent seen any but I also havent gone searching for them.
If there were any good ones I would want to follow them though :I

Maybe we should make one if there arent any good ones out there anymore? rofl
I would hope so. You're pretty much the only one with anything to say about that stuff lmao.

I'll look later if I remember / can be ******** / don't get sucked into re-reading Toxin over and over.
I know, right ? I think I would too. And I don't follow anyone that isn't a bro. I don't even follow Astro for some reason I should rectify that.

WE SHOULD. I have no idea how to run a tumblr or how popular it would be but let's do this s**t.
The thread title will make more sense once I scan that page, probably.

How indeed.

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