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Yo AF what's up?

If you do a bit of lurking in my post history, you'll see that the last time I was here, I was hunting for some art to beat a friend at an art war.

I'm back to do that again.

Basically, a friend and I have been gifting each other with art for a while, and I'd really love your help!

I would appreciate it very much if you drew these characters for us!

Here is her character, Allie
And here she is again, walking her dog
And here is another chibi of that dog

Her character is Allie, and mine is the dog (named Siyan)

Allie is a pretty nice girl. She's a tiny bit naive thanks to a childhood were her father controlled her everything, but she's by no means stupid. She has awkward relationships all the time (once again, thanks to her father picking out boys for her back when she was younger), but at least she has a big fluffy dog to talk to at the end of the day when everything goes wrong.

And the big fluffy dog talks back. Siyan is a talking, monstrous dog she picked up at the pound one day. He's very old and very sarcastic, and loves getting scraps from her table and sleeping on her bed and giving her all kinds of snark.

Please take note!
I'm not completely sure what Allie's average outfit is from day to day, but she's a pilot in the air force, so that might help? Maybe just some average, cute clothes (she's in her 30's, if that helps at all). All I know is that the headband in the first ref is something that she wears a lot.

Also, I understand that people probably don't want to draw a monster dog, and that's totally fine! I'm mostly looking for art of Allie anyway, since that's my friend's character.

Anyway, if there is anything else you need to know, please ask!

Thanks a ton for stopping by! <3
And if you know who this is, please don't draw attention to it. I'm trying to be undercover, since I want to surprise my friend.
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Well, HELLO.


Hi there, stranger. > w>
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Stranger, indeed razz

How's it going? * U*

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