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Welcome to A Cow On The Water!

Here we offer you love and free art.
So stop gawking and come talk to us. And draw. ^^

-This is mostly a chatting thread now, but if someone new comes they're encouraged to draw someone, and some of us will happily draw them in return.
-Please don't come in and ask for art. Draw someone and you will be drawn in return.
-You don't have to be good at art, remember this is for fun, and a chance to get free art
-Try to be as nice as possible to other people.
-Follow gaian rules ^ ^
-You don't have to draw someone who is bumping.
-Don't pm any of the artists for art, unless you are willing to pay them.

Memorable quotes

.A Cold Day In Paradise.
I am officially the Kink Queen. Bow, biatches. >=B

-[ rain ]-
Capatain Aki
-[ rain ]-
Capatain Aki
I am God, where the hell are my worshippers?
Come on! I invented shrinky dinks!
And mustard!
And Ketchup!
And even brownies!
Shame, Shame!
>> D'you want me to put this up on the front page? I can't tell. xD
Of course! I shall spare ye, for ye have thy powers to controll thy front page.
o_______o'' Yay?

*gives everyone waffles*

Waffles are yummy

-Wait why is there a cow on the water?
It's a Jesus Cow 3nodding

-[ rain ]-
=D CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! This thread has reached more than 1000 pages! -waves around a little flag that says 'yay' on it- I want to thank everyone who has been posting in this thread quite frequently, if it weren't for you this place wouldn't have become as popular as it is. xD I honestly thought that this place wouldn't make it past 40 pages when I first made it, but I guessed you all proved me wrong. I'm sure all your artistic skills have improved a bit by coming here, and I'm sure you've made a ton of new friends, not to mention all the free art X3. I hope that you've all had a fun time here, and I once again thank you guys for all your help ^ ^
Sorry. I don't do these without getting paid.
n__n Doing avvi art for free is fun. Plus you get art in return 3nodding
I didn't join gaia just for gold and items.
:3 -draws the non-particapater-
-[ rain ]-
n__n Doing avvi art for free is fun. Plus you get art in return 3nodding
I didn't join gaia just for gold and items.

me neither i like the art. its fun
Almost done....
not that good, but oh well. n__n see? wasn't that fun?
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gonk This is boring....where is everyone?
hmm... funny.
Dun dun dun.....I want someone to draw me..... crying
i hope i get someone good and easy to draw! 3nodding (and dont hate me if it sucks sad )
-draws person above her-

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