Today I painted a really cool picture. Mom claps for me in the bleachers.

Today a 7-year-old painted a really cool picture. The world goes ******** ballistic.

This whole 'attach age to something to make it sound cooler' is annoying because the only determination is something you can't really control. Once you're twenty you are goddamn twenty but oh here comes little miss 7-year-old superpainter let's give her a gold medal and all the shitty nutella she can cram down her throat.

It's cool that these youngins can do all these things at a young age - they found something special, no need to feel bad - but overhyping this will make them feel like once they're twenty they're already past their prime. They should be congratulated throughout their life for their great achievements, not for a few months when they were 12 or something.