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Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I really don't want to ask the chatterbox.

So, I'm a digital artist, but I picked up some tubes of water colours and oil pastels today, and I want to try my hand at water colouring. (Actually, this is probably the sixth time I've "tried" it, but I never kept up with watercolours, so I'm not too good with them.)

So, I want to try again, but I have no idea what to paint. I have a couple ideas, but I thought I'd try to get some input before I actually start sketching.
Things I thought about trying:
-A mythical creature (suggestions?)
-A scene from a fairy tale (suggestions?)
-Something related to Disney (suggestions?)
-Something related to Homestuck (suggestions?)
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fairys and wood landscapes / open hill sides always look so beautiful
; 7 ;
thats what i'd personally try and paint even though i suck ~

good luck with them
i've always wanted to try water colours but never got round to it
I think a scene from a fairy tale would be excellent, because then you're not trapped to representing that one subject; there's a lot of expressive, emotional aspects you can tie into your art.

Hmm.. let's see.. you should do Little Red Riding Hood walking through the dark forest with her picnic basket 3nodding
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I really like faeries, but I've already attempted to paint them in water colour before. Didn't turn out too well. All the more reason to try again, right?

Red Riding hood sounds like something I normally wouldn't do, which makes it all the more tempting of an idea. Oh boy, what to do?
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Edit: I already started drawing a chibi-proportioned ball jointed doll girl. I've decided to make her a fairy with a red cloak in the woods. Thanks for your input~

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