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just curious C:
sorry if this is like, repetitive for you guys
/first time in this forum

I'm currently trying out more watercolours
it's incredibly fun ; u;
and so different from the digital art that i usually do
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Why hasn't anyone answered this? It's a simple question. XD

At the moment its clay. Im generally an mspaint artist though. = u=;; I got a set of watercolor pencils for my birthday, Im hoping to use them more when I get done with everything else. . __ .; They're really fun to use o uo
I lov~e oil paint. I love how smooth it is and how easy it is to mix with each other. Plus, Iove painting on a canvas over paper. @w@

Um..I also like traditonal color pencils and pencils on general~ smile
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It varies a lot. Photoshop for coloring has been a long-time favorite of mine, but I'm unhappy with it for many other reasons.
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Pastels, markers, and colored pencil. In that order actually. XD I absolutely adore working with pastels. About the only thing I don't like about them is how hard it can be to keep a piece from getting destroyed.
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Lately, it's a tie between Photoshop Elements and my black Pitt markers. Photoshop for versatility and being able to get things exact and realistic, Pitt pens for feeling nice and because now and then I have these phases of thinking black on white is the prettiest thing ever.
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in the actual art mediums, i prefer colored pencils... mainly prismas.

but i do all my avi art with my iphone and my finger.
i can't say that i really have one; as a sculpture major, i find that i tend to vary my media very often, mostly because i enjoy the experimentation. i suppose maybe gelatin? that's a fun one that i plan on returning to.
Currently, crayons.

Sweet, sweet crayola crayon 64 pack.
I do a lot of drawing with good ole pencil and paper. At heart, though, I really like 3D.
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Digital art, photoshop.
Then traditionally I love watercolors and ink. Fuuuuun
Digital, inks, and pencil.
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markers and watercolors for me
I'm partial to oil paint, clay, watercolour, charcoal, ink, and copic markers (in no particular order). Crayon, coloured pencil, oil & chalk pastel, acrylic paint, digital mediums, and even just plain ol' graphite are all very frustrating for me to work with.
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Digital <3

But when I'm not at a computer I love drawing with a brush pen.

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