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I see it in a lot of Warhol stuff but I've seen it in a couple fashion ads recently
and I thought it'd be cool to try
. Anyway, here's what it looks like.
Any takers?

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I call it "drunk".

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I was thinking maybe multiple exposure or something. There's stuff online for how to create the effect in Gimp- >Possible resource. I think with film, it might depend on how long you keep the shutter open and have the model move during the process. I'm not really camera savy- only have taken one film photography class, so I'm still stuck on the basics. sweatdrop Hope that helps slightly, though.
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It's called duplicating the image and displaying it at varying opacities in different positions on the image.
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sweatdrop I forgot what this is actually called (flash burst maybe?), but what it is, is you leave your shutter open and pop your flash a couple of times. Almost all newer speedlights have a setting on them that will let you do this.
Drunk,dizzy por crystal eyes? I think the dwarves in Snow White had that vision when they put crystals up to their eyes.

The only thing that's brought up something on google images for me (with very few results)is Kaleidoscope Photography Effect.

I don't think it's essential to know the name though since Sam-AM has told you the basic rundone of how to do it in photoshop.

To do it traditionally(would that be the right word?) you might be able to find a lens you can put over your camera to create the effect. I've even just found easier ways without having to buy much.


I just typed kaleidoscope camera lens into Google.
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It's called duplicating the image and displaying it at varying opacities in different positions on the image.

User ImageThis, basically. Very easy to create.

Well, on a computer.
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You can buy a multi-prism lens for your camera that does that. I assume that's what Warhol was using (unless it's a manual darkroom technique).

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