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K, links added to Art Freebies, Art Guilds and Art Contests. I also think I can assemble a bunch of links for resources and put them in my fourth post on the first page, so if anybody has any that they want to suggest then please do.

As for not stickying: yeah, I know. Nobody reads the stickies, so I can get that people won't read it unless it's an active topic somewhere lower down on the page. Even then some people won't read it at all because they're too lazy to. If it's fine, I'll just bump this topic whenever it falls off the front page. Maybe it'll get more notice then.
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Great topic! Possibly you could add some other things people could do to gather their inspiration?

Things like picking up a book, turning to a random page, and drawing what's going on there, or something? It's a great imaginative art exercise.

I think this sorta falls under the fanart thing, but I can work that in.
Dear Annie Felis,
You rule!
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This thread is quite lovely, but I think our stickies get less reading than the regular topics around here - and their number doesn't help. It seems the more there are, the less they do. It could maybe be integrated into the Resources sticky, but that one already answers the questions of a large number of threads here, so I doubt it would get very read that way.

The notes about the Art Contests and Art Freebies forums are especially great. Would it be trouble to edit those to being links? Many people have difficulties finding either, since neither are shadowed under the AD itself.
ah this is so awesome

something to do if you really can't think of anything else
sit upside down, like hanging off of a chair or bed or something and draw something while upside down. helps with perspective and drawing what you actually see, not what your head's telling you is there
just be careful not to faint :b
Love in a Thunderstorm

Also, I get a lot of inspiration from ColourLovers. I really love colors...

Thanks so much for providing that link! I never thought colours alone could be so inspiring. eek
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these are good ideas. i feel inspired already! ^^
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Obligatory bump.
This is an AMAZING thread! I am honestly neck deep in artist's block and I think this may just be my way out! heart
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If anybody else would like to help with bumping this back to the front page whenever it falls off, that'd be appeciated. biggrin
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3CH is an interesting way to generate some ideas.

The web version doesn't work anymore, though. >:
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Wow this actually helped me ^^
thanks for the help smile
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3CH is an interesting way to generate some ideas.

The web version doesn't work anymore, though. >:

I looked at the forum post on Conceptart.org about that, and it does seem pretty neat. It's like my names-in-hat method but far more complex.
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This ish very great. Sticky please.

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