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I have a Masters Degree in Illustration (Specifically in paper cutting for children's illustration) and would back going to art collage enormously.

If art is something you want to do for the rest of year life you will learn a lot more from studying it then just how to draw, you'll learn how to publicise yourself and get work, set up websites, how to set up a good portfolio and an artist CV, how to present your work professionally, produce lectures work to deadlines, deal with tough briefs that challenge your skill and difficult customers who drive you crazy. And (very importantly) how to deal with tax's when working as a freelance artist.

As a job it is very hard to get seen and become known and you have to be prepared for your art not to just be a casual hobby but something you work at for 12 hours a day every day of your life. Its not a easy thing to do, and you end up doing artwork that you hate just to get yourself seen or bring in some money, I've done everything from teaching to drawing fairies for terrible magazines.

Art collage is a amazing experience, being surrounded by likeminded people and interesting tutors, but to make it worth while you have to put in a lot more work then you would expect in an effort just to become saleable. And once you finish it doesn't stop, most professional freelance artist have to have a part time job just to pay the rent .... at least in the beginning.

If you don't think that you can deal with working with or around people who are highly competitive and extremely critical. then Avoid making your artwork a job and just keep it as a hobby, that way you can make what you want when you want.
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(An "art school" is usually a private college. There are also State and Community colleges. Most of them are general study, some are focused in a particular area.)
Compromise! You don't need to go to a super fancy all art school. Find a state or community college with a good art program. Those ones attract more art-focused students than the ones known for their math/science etc. programs. For example, one of the best non-private theater schools on the west coast is Fullerton Junior College, which is a community college. It's less expensive and you can get a GE at the same time. That's what I'm doing at the moment! It's not as though going to one or the other will change how good you will be at art- there's just a higher concentration of artists at private art schools.
Also, do a lot of research before you choose! There are a number of overpriced private schools with mediocre programs. There are also non-privates with minimal or no art programs. Don't just listen to their brochures- ask other students! The internet is your friend here.

ahh i see...
haha that's true! i'll keep an eye out and do research for sure, but do you guys know any colleges like this that are strong in illustration?
oh god i'll definitely have to;; jesus christ, college is no small amount of money!!!
but that's why i love being able to google/use tumblr/other blogs to find students and see what they think ahhh man
it's really the best, the internet, esp. for research (it's just easy to get swept away aha)

thank you!!!


wow, thank you for the input *___* i've heard a lot of stuff like that, and i still am debating whether or not that is really my path, haha. i don't know if i could handle it, and the debt from school, and my mom...............just, there'll be so much. but i do think, at least for now, it's what i want to do.

i'll definitely be keeping this in mind, though, this is really valuable advice!

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