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They say that it takes 10,000 hours of practice with the intent to improve to master something. How condensed or spread out those hours are in accordance with your life vary between person to person. That means, a 12 year old kid could draw amazingly because he/she has used 10,00 hours of their life to practice. Those "genius" kids are not born with good art skills, they simply spent more time making art than the common person.
You only become better in art when you practise alot, everyone had to start from scratch. The only talent there is is the talent ti learn and adapt quickly.
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No, no one is 'born to draw art'.
When I entered art college, half the people in my foundation class couldn't so much as draw a stickman. But with coaching and proper technique, they became incredible and keep improving.
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Drawing art isn't something inherited, or drawn forth from nowhere - It is a result of practice and effort. People born of a family of artists are more likely to be good at art, yes, but that's because their interest was piqued at a younger age, and therefore they have had more practice. I personally can vouch for this - I am taking an art class this year. I have an aunt, one set of grandparents, a mother, and a brother, all of whom have very large amounts of skill. I was far beyond my dear friend - a football player only taking the class to get credits - who had no one in his family with an interest in making art. However, a few weeks in and we are almost equals.
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There are people in this world that will never be able to make art ever. They are predisposed to being completely incapable. That said, everyone else has potential.
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I think it's definitely all down to practice, much like everything else...

People aren't born being able to play Piano, or born a synchronised swimmer... having talent or skill takes practice. Sure there may be people who're born with "natural talent" but even those who are good from a young age need practice.
Some people are good at other things, my boyfriend for example is really good at playing drums, whereas I'm HOPELESS with music, and I'm better at drawing than him, he couldn't draw a circle round a penny razz But in both of these things it look practice, I had to practice to get even remotely good at drawing, and he had to practice a buttload to be good at playing instruments.

I don't believe people are born with natural skill, it's just that some people are born to be more inclined to certain things, but as with everything good in life, it all comes down to practice.

I don't like the word 'talent'. It implies that something is effortless.

Anything not worth putting effort to is not even worth being called 'good'. And anyone can put effort into it to become good.

Natural gifts may give a slight edge, but it's not the be-all-end-all in anything. Someone who is naturally gifted may not progress as far as someone who wasn't, simply because they thought they were already good, so they didn't work at it.

Skill in art is not set in stone.

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I know that feeling, where others seem to pick things up easily, or have a natural talent, but I don't.
I've been practicing, and I'm A LOT better than when I started, but still not quite where I want to be at..
It's all about practice, taking the time to try some life drawing and all that ^.^
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Some of them are so good in arts almost immediately while some who attempts to draw AMAZINGLY just failed constantly.

The ones who are not talented worked SUPER hard in arts but still failed to win those who were born gifted or talented sweatdrop

so ... arts.. is it something you can work on to become "talented"?

I used to be a pretty decent drawer until I fractured my wrist I have no one in my family that can draw but I had okay art teachers in school I think this what helped me. I no longer have those teachers or that help so I have not bothered with drawing anymore but I still paint and do mixed media. so I think it depends on who instructs you and where you start from.
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Some of them are so good in arts almost immediately while some who attempts to draw AMAZINGLY just failed constantly.

The ones who are not talented worked SUPER hard in arts but still failed to win those who were born gifted or talented sweatdrop

so ... arts.. is it something you can work on to become "talented"?

I think so. I totally sucked when I first started, but now I consider myself to be pretty decent. I think while practice is important, it is also important to expand upon the techniques you know. A mechanic might master the oil change, but he's not going to look that amazing compared to another who masters several other maintenance things. (Lol, okay maybe that was a bad analogy...)
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If you draw, you will get better, also its hard to determine whether or not what you make actually is art, I mean, art can be so much. The important part is that it expresses something. smile

Personally I have always drawn since I was a toddler so to others it might seem like I learnt fast when they are just starting but in reality I have drawn all my life. (and also not been out much razz ) so.
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Practice, and loving what you do makes you good at something.
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most people who are born with talent often end up awful in the long run, they get set in their ways and never improve upon their skills or often have no concept of areas of art they aren't use to. The people who ahem, suck, can go so far if they practice, study, and put in the effort. The best artists I have known always admit they were awful at first.

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