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My Bamboo Fun medium tablet is beginning to malfunction. I have been using this tablet for three years. Before this I used a Graphire 4 tablet. (Also for three years.) For a while I have wanted more pressure sensitivity and maybe more drawing space for my digital artwork. Based on what I want, I am looking at the Intuos range of Wacom tablets. I think $500 AUD will be my limit. So, I would like your opinion on...

Intuos 4 vs Intuos 5. Why is 4 priced higher than 5? Would I regret buying a 4 if 5 is available? Is there a huge difference in quality? etc.

Intuos 5 medium vs Intuos 5 large. If I can alternate between needing small wrist movements and needing large arm movements, is the larger drawing space worth it? etc.

Thanks for any opinions! Also if you don't know the difference between the two tablets but still own one, it would be awesome if you can describe your experience with it anyway. <3
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I had a similar problem when I was buying a new tablet: Intuos3 was more expensive than Intuos4. So I ended up getting Intuos4 because I could apply academic discounts to it. I can't really say why this happens, but in the case of Wacom tablets, the older models tend to be more expensive than what's currently selling.

I have an Intuos4 Large and I gotta say, I love the huge drawing space. Then again, I also like to work with broad arm movements instead of small wrist movements. But I believe there's an option where you can limit the drawing space on the large tablet. I've worked with smaller tablets, and with the Intuos4, I've never had a hand/wrist cramp. For that reason alone, I think it's worth getting a larger tablet. As an artist, your hand is the most important tool. Take good care of it!

The only problem I have with such a large tablet is that it's hard to transport around. It was lucky I had a canvas bag big enough to accommodate it.
I rather the Intous 4.
The Intous 5 is sort of glitchy,
I actually prefer the medium because I never use the full screen on a large.
I just got the Intuos 5 (medium) in the other day, so not much use out of it yet to say whether I'd have any functional problems or not. I had the large Intuos 3 and honestly it's cumbersome. I prefer the medium size just for that reason. I prefer to work with my table in lap and laptop to the side though.

I have gone through spinal surgery though and can't lift, bend. I'm with Kupo on liking the large space though. So it really depends a lot on your workspace and personal needs.
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first intuos is a good choice!
I recently let my intuos 3 (still working , 8 years old) to my brother and buy intuos 4 M (with painter) so I can reccomand this one . I didn't try intuos5 may be I'm wrong but I'm not sure the multi-touch is very helping. I mean, when I'm drawing, my hand always touch the tablet isn't that a problem ?
I'm just wondering may be it's working well (since I have the inklink I'm souspicious about "amazing" technologies that now are not as good as we'd like)

about size: I recommand M , I tried L and it's very big! plus in intuos (4 and 5) you have a "precision" option that helps you a lot and made a bigger tablet.

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