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I'm new to photoshop and I scanned my drawing to my computer.
Note that I'm only a beginner and not to critic my work, I'm learning how to shade/get better at my human anatomy. Critics help but I'm not here for that right now.
Anyways, I scanned it, used the wand tool to color in selected areas, then found this white outlining-like thing staying on the parts I colored in.
To cover it, I tried blurring it, burning it, and everything I could possibly think of that would hopefully cover it.
If you don't have a mental picture to what I'm talking about, here's the drawing: :'c
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When you go to select things with the magic wand, you also have to use the Selection> feather, or Selection> expand options to get rid of the 'not quite the same color' colors it uses as it's basis for what to select.

Or, using the pen tool, outline your image on another layer, make a layer below that layer, and color on it instead.
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You could try setting that entire scanned layer to multiply, and then you could just color beneath it. The colors will show through that way, but you won't have the luxury of using the fill tool...
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When coloring my traditional works, I normally just stick to making the line art a multiply layer and then coloring underneath it. It works well for me, and even though you cant use the bucket tool, it wont give you the problem you're having now.
What I find helps best for me is to scan my pencils into photoshop and create about 2 or3 layers on top of that image and label them Inks, colors, or what-have you then simply ink over your lines in the topmost layer then color everything in the layer underneath the inks. It takes a little more time but it gets quicker with time and looks great.
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Set your sketch layer to multiply and slap a few layers underneath your line layer. If you still want to use the fill tool you can select what you want to fill from your sketch layer and then use the fill tool on another layer.

Personally I like to just color it. It's more fun. 8D

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