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My step father used to make fun of me for it. A lot of the things I started developing interests in were the same things that his father was into. So when my step grandfather (?) passed away I would remind my step dad too much of his father.

My mother outwardly discouraged my artistic endeavors. Not because she feared I couldn't make a career out of art but because I was trying to make a career! We had many interesting fights over what I did and didn't do with my time..
From reading some of these I would guess i'm on of the lucky ones. My parents support it fully my guess would be becuse a lot of people on my fathers side have a lot of drawing skills my brother,sister,cousin,and numerous uncles. Although I would have to guess that they have their worries as any parents would, but i'm not going to pursue a full-fledged career in art anyhow considering doing it as a on the side thing.
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My mother and step-father are very supportive, and there are some other family members who feel that I have promise or talent. My father... not so much. As rude as it might sound, I also do not care in the slightest how he feels. sweatdrop

My mom and step-dad are concerned about how I will support myself, but they want me to strive for my goals. Mom writes on occasion and my step-dad has a creative side, so that might help. They mainly want me to complete my degree at whichever college works best for me and to make a plan for the road ahead. I'm currently looking at maybe teaching at the junior college level, possibly starting off as an adjunct with a BA for Art History or BFA for studio arts. I want to major/minor in both. I currently work in a gallery and enjoy that, and I would like to continue to improve to pursue avenues for my art, both on my own and to enter into galleries/contests as I continue to grow. I guess I'm lucky. smile
Gosh I'm writing an essay (again).

My parents are not supportive in the slightest bit and completely considers it as a waste of time, mainly due to the Asian definition of success and such. With a step-dad who graduated from a famous Chinese university and went working firstly at a hospital then a nuclear safety head and a paranoid and every changing mother, it is not really helping.

I have to admit my environment deeply influences me- it is the internet community that got me into art, and I kept it because I hang out with a bunch of artistic peers. Sometimes I wonder if my peer group changed to the all-academic ones how would I transform, perhaps I could grow into the daughter they always desired?

Not that my parents completely abandoned me, but I think with all the dramatic events that happened within the family and their own less agreeable nature really tires the family out, and I just happened to not be able to completely stick with their instructions. I think they are unaware of how deeply affected I am by their continuous persistence on being more realistic with my career choice. I tried to convince them that I would like to pursue in art when I was 14, and they blatantly brushed it off, blaming it onto my peer group.

So I gave up art as a career choice, but it still remain as a hobby, a hobby which consumes me more time than these academic duties I am supposed to complete. My marks, while affected, still remain high- I'm a fast learner and can easily grasp concepts in all domains. However, it is also this skill which makes me doubt about my art abilities: would I enjoy art just like any other subjects if I begin to pick them up?

This year, all the majors that I have applied are life-science related, yet I am still confused about the importance I should give to art. With my parents preaching I am very insecure about future in the art industry.

I guess I'll keep with the sciences (and what do I do with it would be none of my parents concerns), but I sometimes really feel a loss for having to abandon arts.
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My parents don't mind and my husband will give me challenges from time to time. (Like this: http://asheskyler.deviantart.com/art/Josh-Troll-193641515)

My grandmother is rather unsupportive. If I'm not drawing religious art, or recreating religious art that others have made, she doesn't approve of me drawing. -_-;

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