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I'm more of a digital artist but now that I'm an official art student, I get to experiment with other mediums. I really like pastels and oil painting. I'm starting to get used to using canvas. Anyone here have a favorite medium?
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I work with plain old pencil almost exclusively at the moment, but I want to try colored pencil, paints (first acrylic then oils), and pastels. I just don't know where to start. sweatdrop
I'm a big fan of colored pencils. I'm also getting to like charcoal and Ive always liked doing pencil
Wax is my favorite.

Since it's hard to be able to work with it often, though, I go to ink, markers, and collage as my second choice.
I mostly use pencil or pen, and sometimes colored pencil and charcoal. But I think I'll try to expand my horizons there, haha. The few times I attempted digital I was pretty horrible at it. Don't have the motivation for it yet, I guess -- its feels very different and thus intimidating.
My favorites are:
colored pencil

I also like to make collographs.
Pencil and paper. I guess that i'm sort of ok with paints, but i've got a lot more control with a pencil and I generally create some pretty cool stuff with it.
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oil's on canvas. but painting found objects is fun too.
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Clay and graphite for enjoyment factor.
I'm a huge fan of markers. But I adore coloured pencils as well.
Wood is probably my all-time favorite medium. (Talking about sculpture at this point.) It's lively, snarky, and you have to work with it, not stubbornly insist that it does what you want it to, if you're going to get anywhere.

For 2-D, I love oil.

Digital is, sadly, quicker, cheaper, and easier to translate into a digital format for printing, particularly when you don't have access to a professional photography studio (and aren't particularly pro yourself.) The downsides are that you don't have an original and you don't get the beautiful glaze work of 2-D.
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Pastel colors, pencil...charcoal? I'm starting to get better at painting too 3nodding
my first favourite was a camera when i was 3, then i went to watercolours at 9, after that i went to coloured pencils till i was 13, then to watercolours and oil pastels at 15, 16 i went back to camera, at 17 i switched to the pencil, then to pastels again , at 18 going on 19 i love the camera still and process all my own pics but i adore oil pastels acrylics and sketching in pencil, and that wont change for a while, i love it =3
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Found objects.

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