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Do you want a bamboo tablet create?

I do! >_<
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No, because I have an Intuous4.
No because I have an Intuos3 and a Graphire2 should that fail.
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I draw just as well with off brand tablet for past 3 years. So... no thanks.
I have a Bamboo Pen, they're pretty dependable for me and it's lasted quite a while too.
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User Image Awww, I was coming in here thinking a good Samaritan was giving/selling their tablet to some poor tabletless soul for cheap. sad

Such a tease. xd
No. I want a Cintiq 24HD.

I currently have a Cintiq 12WX.
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Nope, I've got a 4x6 Intuos3 and a 4x6 Graphire(somewhere).
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I have a bamboo fun.
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I currently have a Cintiq 12WX.

User Image Do you have criticisms of the 12WX?
No thanks.
My much cheaper Aiptek tablet hasn't failed me once in three years and if it ever does, I'll just buy another Aiptek. I can buy two more of those, before I'll have paid as much as I would have for a single comparable Wacom tablet. mrgreen

User Image Do you have criticisms of the 12WX?

None at all. Recommended 100%. I could never go back to an Intuos after this, it would feel like punishment. I drew my signature illustration with my Cintiq.
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I have a Bamboo Pen & Touch that I got a bit over year ago, and I when it finally dies* I think I'm just going to get the exact same model. I like the little guy. Sure, it's not big or fancy or expensive, but it works perfectly fine for me. It's a small size but that's ideal, I can't move my hand around in huge areas while drawing or I tire and ache too quickly.

*It should've lasted longer but I've been stupid and the cord has been exposed to the burning hot underside of my laptop, thus it malfunctions a lot. I feel guilty. Also for awhile when I first got it (it was/is my first tablet) I was lazy and picked it up by the cord. I want to go back in time and punch myself for that.

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