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What you use?

Mouse 0.06875 6.9% [ 11 ]
Mouse pad 0.01875 1.9% [ 3 ]
Tablet/Sketchbook 0.9125 91.2% [ 146 ]
Total Votes:[ 160 ]
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I use a mouse and always have used a mouse, although a lot of artists say it is easier to use a tablet. I hope to get one some day- maybe then it wouldn't take me an hour just to do a speedpaint. I personally think the trackpad is the most difficult thing in the world.
I use a pen tablet. I like it as it is easier for me to use than a mouse and felt more natural. I don't like sketch books as I often mess up a lot where digitally, it is easier to fix mistakes without ruining the whole picture or having to keep buying new supplies once you have everything (I had to replace the tablet a few times but the last time, my mom actually damaged it, so she replaced it for me).
tablets are FANTASTIC. I have had my tablet for close to 6 years now and it still works absolutely perfectly. I do a lot of work in traditional media as well (painting, pencils, etc), and I used a mouse before I had my tablet, but my tablet has been fundamental in my growing as an artist, especially in my digital art. they are a great investment, and Wacom makes them to last a while.

A forewarning - at first you may not be able to sketch directly into photoshop. For me, for a while, I would scan a sketch I did on paper and then ink it in photoshop on a new layer. This allowed me to get myself accustomed to using the tablet. Slowly I began sketching small things directly into photoshop and I practiced and practiced and practiced - and now, I just open up the canvas and begin sketching.
I don't have a tablet. I wish to get one soon. I use a mouse for any times that I want to go digital. I mostly use a sketch book because traditional is more up my alley.
I say buy a tablet only if you really need one.
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I started with bamboo fun and photoshop.
Now, the main program that I use is sai. I like sketching with my tablet but it's really better with a sketchbook, your eyes hurts less.
I use both.

Sketchbooks are my primary tools. I grew up with pencil, eraser and xerox paper. I can easily draw more accurately, and do it wherever I can.

Tablet for home-use. To practice with the brushes. I like that I prefer coloring on programs like SAI rather than traditionally. I can fix mistakes, start over, etc. I can sketch as well, but I will never get use to the feeling of doing basically blind contour with a tablet like Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch; plus the Cintiq is very expensive although worth it.

It's always better to go back to your roots now and then.

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