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Do You Hate Anime/Manga Style Art?

Yes. 0.16955017301038 17.0% [ 49 ]
No. 0.83044982698962 83.0% [ 240 ]
Total Votes:[ 289 ]
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Storm Waltz
Storm Waltz
David is a good piece, I would not call it bad or shitty, but it does have bad proportions.

The proportions were manipulated on purpose for display. That's not "bad proportions", that's masterful stylization. There was no "failure" in Michelangelo's David. The skewed proportions were carefully calculated. He did it on purpose. You said so yourself.

Good anatomy is not 100% accurate and perfect in every way -- good anatomy is what you see when the artist knows what he's doing so well that he can get away with skewing, he can get away with deforming. That is what good anatomy is.
That is... all you can say?
No, yes it seems we did agree, no mention on anything in my previous post to you which was actually positive? You... really want to just argue for the sake of arguing, eh? Fine, I'm wrong, you're right, David has perfect proportions, just like the Statue of Saint Faith, ect.

How was that in any way me picking a fight with you? Where did I say the proportions were perfect, and where did I say that they had to be perfect? Did you read my post at all?
Yep... fighting. Well most associate anatomy with proportions. Is exaggerated anatomy still perfect anatomy? David isn't perfect anatomy but it is well done, like you said and I do agree that its a good piece. Michelangelo did have a strong grip on anatomy but he did exaggerate proportions and he did create some odd looking women because he preferred the male body to the female. He had a great knowledge of anatomy and he could exaggerate them as he pleased. You can say that David is from a master of anatomy and is exaggerated very well, which it is. The proportions aren't perfect so one could say that its not perfect anatomy. I'm not arguing with you, I agree with most of what you are saying.
Smegma Princess
Storm Waltz
Oh come ON, I'm just teasing you!

Here's a tip. Don't pretend to be stupid around people who already think you're stupid.
Well I do consider you to be pretty dang stupid... and clingy. Guess it was wrong to tease you.. might result in you wrecking your keyboard.

Here's a tip: let things go.

Speaking of which... Considering... How Smegma Princess won't ever have anything I care about hearing, I don't really get whats left to argue about with ninathing and there isn't much left to discuss with Lisenthia... there really isn't any reason for me to keep checking back Dx See ya Smegma Princess~! I'm sure you'll continue attempting to flame me while I'm gone.
Storm Waltz
Guess it was wrong to tease you.. might result in you wrecking your keyboard.

Here's a tip: let things go.

Nobody is actually angry here, we are all just deriving enjoyment from your fits of mass idiocy. I've said it before and I'll say it again, do go on.
Storm Waltz
[Yep... fighting. Well most associate anatomy with proportions. Is exaggerated anatomy still perfect anatomy?

I defined good artistic anatomy in my previous post, which you quoted, and explained in very plain, simple English that it doesn't have to be perfect. Here it is, one more time:

Good anatomy is not 100% accurate and perfect in every way -- good anatomy is what you see when the artist knows what he's doing so well that he can get away with skewing, he can get away with deforming. That is what good anatomy is.

As in, it doesn't have to be perfect.

The anatomy in most manga is bad because it's poorly stylized, and it's poorly stylized because the artists don't have a clue how the human body is built. Do you understand what I'm saying? Michelangelo did it well because he knew what he was doing. Most mangaka don't.
Storm Waltz


Don't let the door hit you on your way out.
I think that we could all (or most of us that posted here at least) say that we like anime to some degree.

Even if we have to flame the s**t out of each other to prove a point.
Storm Waltz

Alright, so you haven't gone to college yet, my point was that saying so wouldn't have changed my mind. Twilight is terrible, but I'd still say its literature, a written work. Maybe my definition is wrong, maybe literature means well written, honestly I just went with this definition:

But then again it could be wrong. Still, even if you decide manga isn't a well written work deserving of your definition of literature, it still is a union of writing/story and art. Its how I thought I defined it before but maybe I had the wrong wording.

I'm not homing attacks, why is it fine for you to reply but if I try to then I'm doing all of the fighting? Its like you're saying: if you dare reply, you are fighting.

I thought you were stating that I was saying manga fans were bad, considering how you quoted me saying I disliked certain manga (I did skim, my bad). In response to your last post: If a person says all manga is drawn by n00bs and is solely done by n00bs, then I can argue against this because I believe otherwise. They don't have to like manga but its not a style just for n00bs.

Well, if we're going to play guess-the-details-of-my-life-based-on-a-statement-or-two, let me outline it so there's no guesswork needed. I am a 23 year old woman who marks "some college" on forms that ask, and it's in science, not humanities. If my horoscope somehow magically becomes relevant to my statements, then I can provide that too to save a little guessing.

And before it's assumed otherwise, I do actually like manga. My favourites are Clover, Monster, and Kuroshitsuji. I don't read much of it anymore, but my art has definitely been influenced by a manga artist or two. Unfortunately, one draws shoujo manga and the other mecha - neither from the handful of series you attributed validity to - so I suppose we're sadly even on that. I don't think all manga artists blow.

I do think most people in this thread have admitted that there are good manga artists - the issue is that manga as a genre sucks in people without much formal training and emphasizes in it's professionals the ability to churn out a chapter a month. And it emphasizes that so strongly that many sacrifice quality and artistic integrity to manage it. It de-emphasizes strong foundations or personal growth. Manga-influenced art appeals to younger artists, who have little interest in a strong foundation or personal growth. It results in a product that - to those unfamiliar with the higher quality works - can look rushed and cheap. I've been the person arguing that manga-influenced artists can still be ******** fantastic in the past, but that's not the argument on the table here. It's not "all manga is bad." It's simply that in a realistic assessment of the genre, it has too many flaws to glorify.

Manga is a form of storytelling. It is a form of fiction. It contains written words. And I didn't say Twilight - I made the point of saying fanfiction. Does a 12 year old's fanfiction count as literature? Not by any working definition I've ever heard of literature, not by any definition I've ever heard that was in use by people actively discussing literature.

Ad hom is short for ad hominem. I'm not saying if you reply you're fighting, it just has appeared to me for several pages that you were most likely fighting. Things like namecalling, accusing people of stalking, and insulting the old masters are things I normally attribute to someone picking a fight. We're not face to face; I can't judge your mood or intentions here.

And as far as home and gardens and your question to Smegma, the answer is pick something with long, luxurious drapes. Heavy fabrics in a rich colour from floor to nearly the cieling is always the answer for striking but classic decor. Go with a neutral tone for your (living? If it's living, please clean it!) carpet.
No, I believe many people most this country in tokyo city from Japanes can diffirent like an movies and comies book and cool launage and image and piture and all things your like but not as much you thinking good idea's colorful very cool thing want everyone a you anything want you which more peincl and easrer and pen and color pencil and crayon but little draw but cool but light more than look 3-d and most is people intersing there more arts class more hating or liking people decied your choices a make you thinking, P.s I am deaf yep my sucks english but am used sign launage american im from american yes im 13 yep. biggrin idea thanks help us people wink
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How did discussing things become flaming is what I want to know.

I won't even get into this whole silly argument with storm waltz/whatever the other account was he seems stuck in his thinking and there is nothing anyone else say that can change his mind, no matter how founded those arguments are.

As amusing as this is, let's all drop it and let him have his e-victory and feel all gooey inside from how he "won" on the internet.

Now, back to the question at hand. As stated in my previous post. I don't think style matters, if the art is good it is good no matter what country it comes from or what genre its in, if it's animated or not or if it's from a comic book or an illustration.

And dismissing a whole style or genre based on a few examples is like saying all dogs bite because one bit you.

Here's a personal example...

I don't like self-biography comics, I find them incredibly boring most of the time, that doesn't mean I haven't read a lot of them (since that is what most of the Swedish comic market consists of) or will refuse to read more in the future. While a LOT of what I have read have been crap there are still gold shining in the piles of s**t as well, titles such as Maus, Persepolis and Blankets are some wonderful examples.

One should ALWAYS give something a chance before you dismiss it completely.
...I still can't believe they said David has BAD anatomy.

If viewed properly, the proportions are all correct. gonk It's like those chalk sidewalk drawings--if viewed from the right angle they are perspective perfect. If not? They look like an exaggerated, drawn out mess... because they are meant to be viewed from a specific angle. Oi. Oi. Oi. Do you even understand what goes into that?! The calculations... /rant before my head EXPLODES.

And again. Good art is good art no matter the style.
ehn. it's a valid art form. i tend to like more male mangakas only because they learn to balance detail and lack thereof. In good manga art the focus isn't on the drawing aspect but on design. since alot of manga art is ment to be accompanied by text it's not as deep or emotive (unless ofcourse it's like a cover peice or chapter art or something to that effect) It's only with stand allone peices that we have to think more about what the peice means rather than just the simple beauty of it.
I dont hate it..I hate the people who think they are master artists because they can do it. I also hate the bad rep anything remotely anime gets just because it might have an anime look to it. Many cartoon styles can be confused for anime, and because of this some people might negatively dismiss it as such and ignore that artist's work.

Me, personally, my art style is often confused for an anime kind of thing. But it really isn't. And when people -do- say it is and bug me about it, it annoys me.

Also, I recall hearing somewhere that David -does- have proportional problems. I remember the article I read saying that if david was a real person, he'd have hammer toe. Also his head is too big, as well as his hands and feet. =0 Just because its a masterpiece doesnt mean its 100% right.
I most certainly do not hate anime. But I don't get the people in my school; they look at it and they think its the most stupidest thing in the planet. I really don't get that. I'm an okay drawer not the best not the worst. But why right off the batt do people hate it. Is it because little kid shows like bakugan and pokemon make it a little kid thing? Are they thinking since Cartoon Network plays it for the kids its stupid? Bias ugly people.

Not at all!

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i saw on this thread somewhere the cartoons being compared to anime, to be i don't think theyre the same mainly because anime actually has better human anatomy, although im mainly talking about anime from the 90s (cowboy bebop ^^) man have u seen them theyre much better and realistic than animes today, anyways anime has actual story in it not like cartoon cartoons. besides i only think ppl r looking down on anime because its from a diff country than theirs << mostly americans -_-

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