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What medium do you use more?

Pencil/Charcoal/Pastel related 0.46341463414634 46.3% [ 152 ]
Watercolor/Ink/Ink Wash 0.13109756097561 13.1% [ 43 ]
Oil/Acrylic Painting 0.082317073170732 8.2% [ 27 ]
Digital 0.22560975609756 22.6% [ 74 ]
Other 0.097560975609756 9.8% [ 32 ]
Total Votes:[ 328 ]
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I haven't really had much experience with watercolors and have only ever used one brand (and not even on watercolor paper) but I would highly suggest the crayola watercolors. The large package of like.... 24? They work well and have an amazing selection of colors.
Pros: Cheep, wide variety of colors.
Cons: Checking out, when you're 20 and buying crayola watercolors the walmart lady gives you strange looks.
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You don't have Twisted brush.
This is probably my favorite program. It mimics traditional media and the open version is free. You can do a lot of things on the free version but the pro is pretty good too. It's possible to have both versions on your computer at the same time.
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