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What medium do you use more?

Pencil/Charcoal/Pastel related 0.46341463414634 46.3% [ 152 ]
Watercolor/Ink/Ink Wash 0.13109756097561 13.1% [ 43 ]
Oil/Acrylic Painting 0.082317073170732 8.2% [ 27 ]
Digital 0.22560975609756 22.6% [ 74 ]
Other 0.097560975609756 9.8% [ 32 ]
Total Votes:[ 328 ]
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it was on second page

This could probably use an update, and a bump so both with one post hopefully!
For: inking/markers
Material type razz aper
Brand: Bee Paper - Aquabee Artist Marker Pad
Where to purchase it d**k Blick, also artist emporium (beepaper.com has a store locator however it does not state AE in manitoba so dunno how up to date it is or if they just order it in for me or something)
Price comparing to other brands:Average - d**k Blick is the cheapest I've found though for it by about 3.00 a pad...
Pro:excellent workability time with copics while not pulling to much ink from the markers and drying them out.
ConSeems to have a new 'recipe' for the paper. Occasionally colors get 'blotches' in them when the paper decides it is over saturated dark colors tend not to go into the paper in but sit on top (This includes the multiliners!) this will occasionally cause lines to smudge!
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For: Inking
Material type: Pen,
Brand: Sakura Pigma Sensei
Where to purchase it Michaels, Hobby Lobby, d**k Blic, etc
Price comparing to other brands: average
Pro: They lay down a nice rich BLACK black compared to the blueish black of many other brands
Con: They don't work well with copics.

Material type: Ink
Brand: Pilot
Where to purchase it Deleter
Price comparing to other brands: expensive (when you factor in shipping)
Pro: a nice black that flows well with fine nibs
Con: too thin for fill-color

For: Painting
Material type: water soluable Oil Pastel
Brand: Portfolio
Where to purchase it: d**k Blick, Hobby Lobby,
Price comparing to other brands: cheaper!
Pro: they are SMOOTH like butter. They blend fabulously
Con: limited colour range

For: Painting
Material type: paint brushes
Brand: Loew-Cornell 7000 series Golden Taklon
Where to puchase it: Michaels DickBlick (select)
Price comparing to other brands: cheaper to average
Pro: good brush construction, tight ferrule, clean toe, maintains shape well, non-shedding
Con: turpentine can destroy synthetic fibers so use caution when working with oil-based mediums.

For: Painting
Material Tyoe: paint brushes
Brand: Princeton Hake Brush
Where to purchase it: d**k Blick
Price comparing to other brands: cheaper
Pro: a good cheap alternative for a large flat, for washes or blending
Con: uses goat hair, which has little to no spring and is very soft.
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This is gonna bug me to no end unless I say something, so I'm gonna say something. Copic markers (original, wide, sketch, ciao) are not pens ,and shouldn't be called such, they are markers. And the name Sketch doesn't mean that it's used for sketching, it's just the name given to said marker as is Wide and Ciao. Their multiliners and SP liners on the other hand are pens.

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