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What should the theme be for the first month?

Animals 0.35294117647059 35.3% [ 6 ]
Green 0.058823529411765 5.9% [ 1 ]
Rebirth 0.11764705882353 11.8% [ 2 ]
Furniture 0.17647058823529 17.6% [ 3 ]
Morning 0.058823529411765 5.9% [ 1 ]
Mystical 0.23529411764706 23.5% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 17 ]
This poll closed on May 1, 2012.
No longer accepting new votes.
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I don't really care for guilds for some reason. I'll at least look at the tumblr even though I don't know much about using that site.
Catanaition N. D.
Catanaition N. D.
Hm... well, this is kind of getting confusing now. xD

Well, how about I just pick five themes out of the list, and vote on it bi-weekly? Then we can do something like first week is the top pick, second week is the runner-up. And then those are out of the themes, and then for the next voting, I go on the next five in the list.

Does this seem okay?

Sounds fine but will it be viewable for those who don't want to join the guild?

well, I don't want to keep this thread running much longer, since it won't be much more discussion once we settle things in. I figured the guild would just be a place for all the voting and stuff, since otherwise we would need a thread in say the chatterbox if the sole purpose is voting. - and then the tallies would be messed up by people just voting for gold, versus those actually wanting a specific theme.

Yeah I just... forget about + never check guilds since they're so difficult to get to. I don't mind not being able to vote, just wondering if it will be publicly viewable ETA: on the tumblr.

You mean what the theme is for the week? Yeah! I can make a post on Tumblr just to update everyone on the theme changes. :3 Kind of like the first post I did for a kind of run-down on everything, I can just do updates on any changes, which I'll probably do for the rule change also.
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is it too late to join?
is it too late to join?

Of course not! Just jump right on in. The Tumblr account to submit work to is ozevi.tumblr.com. c:
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yay! thank you <3 so it can be any kind of animal? O:

yay! thank you <3 so it can be any kind of animal? O:

Yep! Any kind of animal. And next week, we'll do a furniture theme, and then do voting for the next two weeks' themes.

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