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Besides Photoshop that's free and useable for the tablet? And where would i be able to download brushed?

Though admittedly I don't know if they have downloadable brushes.
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Though admittedly I don't know if they have downloadable brushes.

GIMP has downloadable brushes and it can open most PS brushes. But as for tablet support, it's a hit or miss.

Try MyPaint.
Gimp is probably your best bet. paint.net is also free and has an interesting set of brushes it comes with.
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Sai has a 30 day free trial and you can find cracks easily.

            No idea if there are any brushes because personally I don't give a flying ******** about them.
Have you tried FireAlpaca? It's less powerful than Photoshop, but it has some great points-- it makes sharp lines, has a stabilizer like Sai, and includes a simple perspective tool that's really effective once you understand how to use it.
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alfred baramender

You shouldn't mention cracks and other illegal methods on here, I think it's possible to get banned for that. :c

OP, I prefer SAI as well, so it's worth it to get the free trial. If you like it, it's much cheaper than Photoshop. If not, hey, a free month to try still doesn't hurt.
GIMP is also a decent option, though in my experience it can run a little slow and doesn't have the best interface.
I would recommend Paint Tool Sai, it's cheap and widely used. GIMP is okay but I hear it has problems with tablet sensitivity, and I personally hate the interface... A really neat free drawing program is MyPaint. It is limited and you will need to crop your images in another program (even just Paint will do fine) but it has a large selection of brushes and provides you with infinite drawing space. C:

Oh, and try the free version of ArtRage.
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There are plenty.

MyPaint version #1

Gimp (I personally gave up on it)

Krita (sort of like Corel only free)

Inkscape (sort of a painting program.)

I would personally recommend Mypaint because even though it lacks brushes, I am sort of a Blender fan.

There's also GIMP and mypaint. Haven't tried firealpaca yet but I heard it's pretty good too.
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alfred baramender
Sai has a 30 day free trial and you can find cracks easily.

SAI has a better quality and you can change the level of your brush strength...
if you want a real good idea on all these programs, go on youtube and type them in, you can watch how other people use them. emotion_yatta
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Well, If you want Free, Gimp is a good starter tool, and in my perspective, the best art program is SAI, which you can download a free trial of.
I'm surprised no one mentioned Opencanvas v1. It may not have many options like sai or gimp. But it's good if you like simplicity and you can still create a nice piece.

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