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I'm sure he won't notice too much ::gives a nod:: I cleaned my apartment today . . . and my kitchen is now not as clean anymore xD.

Oh my ouch D=. Yeah good thing they come banded otherwise they are fighters.

You should do it Sina. You, Rohmie, and Kieryn should all come visit me, hehe =p.
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Kieryn: ....true. You're such a horrible houseguest, you just start taking over things and cleaning and cooking and making me feel like a terrible host! XD

(Hugs and lovingly noms you)

Seth: I guess I'll just have to try and distract him if he starts to. XD And kitchen's have this mysterious way of always being in a state of not so clean anymore. XD

They are very snarly. But I don't blame them, I feel badly for them. *Not a big seafood fan*

Okay! We'll make it a date! When's good for you? (Pulls out planner and finance book) XD
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Oo Midnight Memories oO

Yes first entry ^ ^ thank you so much it came out wonderfully.
And what do you mean 'took so long' o-o its only been open less than a week.

Thank you! heart When I draw, I tend to draw for many hours straight, and this one took me several day sweatdrop

I still think you did very well to get it done so quickly ^ ^
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@Kieryn: -hugs- its your turn to reply.

@Sethy: -huggles- hai there

@Sin: Thanku for the reply. You need to give me the specifics of his scientist look
It's true Sina! I feel like no matter what my kitchen will never be clean xD

Awwww, that may be, but they taste delicious! Especially the claws =w=

Haha whenever you want. My door is always open ::smiles up at Sina:: heart

::gives Kimmi a big hug:: Hey you heart
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Kimmi: You're welcome. Awww, okaaaaay. (Shuffles feet) Can I do that a little later though? XD

Seth: I feel the same way! I clean it, turn around and then there's more dishes to be done! It's a never ending cycle D:

I'll take your word for it dear. XD Do you prefer the sweeter maine lobster, or the rocklobster from the pacific?

Awww, you're so sweet, thank you Seth. (Hugs warmly) And the same for you dear.
Maine lobster is the best of course ::gives a nod::

::hugs back:: Awww thanks c: heart
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Rohmie's Wife

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Seth: It's settled then. You come over, and I'll get you a discount on Maine lobster. XD

(Smooths hand through your hair) And I assume you're all finished with your delicious...dinner?
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It's only 5:45pm and I am so tired right now ...
1st day over and done with.... Only 4 days to go until the weekend! XD

Oh, Kimmi, do you get Australia Day off? It's a little bit sucky it's on a Thursday... I'd have preferred it to be on a Mon or Fri so I get a 3 day weekend. XD But does that mean you get a 4 day weekend?
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Probably not, I usually have to work the day but I get either time in lieu or extra pay. Personally I'd prefer the extra money....
I get next monday off >o>
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What's Lhance's cat form look like?
Like the cutest damn cat you ever seen!
XD Extra money would be nice! ... I just hope I get paid this week. >_> Our accounts person is sick so she didn't come in when she was suppose to yesterday... Ugh, I hate pulling money from my savings account! >_<

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