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Yay time to enter~ 0.27868852459016 27.9% [ 17 ]
Why are you extending? 0.13114754098361 13.1% [ 8 ]
I may enter now 0.13114754098361 13.1% [ 8 ]
Poll Whore 0.45901639344262 45.9% [ 28 ]
Total Votes:[ 61 ]
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demon blurry eyes
Good luck with the contest! heart

Bluuuuuuuuuuuurry -clings- Thanku emotion_bigheart
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@Sin & Vir: -waves- ^ ^ welcome

@Ryn: -kitty stalks- ninja

@Caley: I'm sure you'll get fic soon o3o
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User ImageUser Image

*pretends not to notice said kitty stalking, only to round on her, surprising her and catching her in a playful hug*
Ha ha!! Gotcha!

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Oo Midnight Memories oO

It was? I didn't have a proper one til now I don't think XD /just added it.
Thanks. Adding to the front.

I grabbed it from someones signature =) ...I think it was Wolfs haha
Thanks for adding me!

~Karyan_The~Dark~One (Co-Owner of Austin's DTTPAY)
*Sunday morning, last day before going back to work bump* crying
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Poor Caley, I'd always wondered what the writing forum was like. Is it that bad?
::curls up against Sina and pokes her skull:: z.z
It IS bad Lhance! Aside from the slowness, you have writers there who claim they are good at writing fantasy stories with fairies in them, and then when I say "fae" they have no idea what I'm talking about!!! X______________x ...

Also, one of your stalkers stalked to you my shop and posted a msg there just for you... X_x You need to keep your stalkers on a leash so they don't disturb other people! XD
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Seth! (Curls my arms around you and hugs lightly, watching you play with the empty skull)

Caley: ...(Starts laughing) Are you serious? That is horrible! I can't even think of a decent comparison to make to that.

D: I saw her post and I PM'ed her my reply, sorry about that. But it's not like she was hurting anybody. Those stalkers are the kind to be wary of. They just start ranting and throwing hissy fits because you start sharing your attention with other people instead of just them. XD

Not that I've ever had to deal with anyone like that. rolleyes
I know, right??? XD My current fic request is an AU fae story with Ae as a fae prince and Ph as some mortal boy he spirits away. XDDD I do not want to say "fairy" in Aether's presence, so it has to be "fae"!

Uh-huh.... XD I am sure you've had plenty of experience in that department, Lhance! You're too popular not to have stalkers! But good to know she's at least the harmless kind!
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*Gigglesnorts* Fae sounds more...sexually androgynous than fairy--more masculine too. But I can see why you'd have issues with putting "fairy" and "Aether" in the same sentence, it's just too funny. And that request sounds like a lot of fun, there's so much potential in a kidnapping situation like that.

XD Okay, some bit. But not nearly as much as I used to get when I first came to Gaia. Those people were CRAZY. Worst part of it, most of them were overly-prepubescents with no sense of decent conversation or privacy. There was one who literally had cornered me into talking about nothing but the weather, us, or my art and health. He didn't want to hear about my boyfriend, didn't want to hear about my other friends, and he wouldn't ever write more than less then a sentence with NOTHING to start a conversation with.
::pokes at Sina's skull some more:: why do you have a skull Madame?
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Seth: Whoops.

What skull? (Offers you a hot hum bow to distract you)
Wh-wha-what. It was just there a second ago! Speaking of which . . . you were blueish a second ago . . .
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Seth: Nah...that must have been someone else. The blue version of the absinth fairy sounds like---wonder what toxin that would be.

Did you not want this? (Waves it a little in front of you)

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