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Hardcore Hellraiser

*Gets embarrassed* I...guess? Hahaha, we had beluga whales at the local zoo/aquarium, and I would watch with rapt attention for hours on the benches around the surface of the pool, and migrate down below to watch them in the water. My parents usually had to drag me away.

...Rohmie has had to do this to me as well. XD

Are you sure? Chemistry seemed basic in high school, but the teacher was an idiot *highly probable considering he taught classes where students held competitions on who had the worst grades* or the ball/stick demonstrations to build molecules threw me totally off.
Soooooo adorable! I demand pictures as proof of these actions!

Yes I'm sure. You just need some good explanations =3. I believe in you heart
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Hardcore Hellraiser

XD I think my parents took a picture of me doing said acts when I was little, I'll see if I can't find it. They have the embarrassing childhood pictures waaaay to easily available.

Yes, you're right, I can do it! If I can get Logic, I can get Chemistry.
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Supreme Genius

Sciences are easy. Pish.
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Hardcore Hellraiser

If science is easy, then what isn't?
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Supreme Genius

Engrish: It contradicts itself too much. Science is pretty set in stone, outside of theoretical sciences. And I'm fairly certain nobody in here is working on a degree in Quantum Physics.
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Hardcore Hellraiser


English is a growing entity reflecting its current users. It's a pain in the butt, but there are those who love the written word all the same.

I still prefer the grey world between "right" and "wrong" just because there's no way to know everything, and Truth is only Truth if you believe it to be.

However, if I had the scientific head for it, Quantum Physics would be freakin' awesome to study. A couple of classes touched on String theory in college, I wished we could have learned more about it.
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Supreme Genius

Chem, Bio and Physics were all pretty simple, in my eyes. At least at the basic college level. If I ever went back to school, a degree in one of those or business would probably be what I'd go after. Perhaps something technology/computer related but.. that's iffy.

Math gets too 'intensive' for me, to take at higher levels.

History is just mind-numbingly boring to me outside of the occasional niche field.

English, on the other hand, is just so damn out there. Especially America's take on it. I enjoy writing well enough but only at the creative level. Where the rules are more guidelines and artistic license is what's important.
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Hardcore Hellraiser

Physics are alright, I get the principle so I'm not completely in the dark. Biology is basic, but tedious and chemistry...I bake and cook, I see it in action first hand, but prefer the mystery of it all. XD Business would be useful though, most management positions require such classes.

Hahaha, I was the type who made the grades, but I'd forget most of it by the next year if I didn't constantly keep up with it. Cal. was as high as I got, but after 4 years, I'm scared to think of where my math skills are. *Wrinkles nose* And I have this nasty habit of making simple problems way harder than they actually are. Anyone else do that?

History is fascinating, but I prefer world history over american history. Egyptian, Asian, or Roman history would probably be my top three things to delve into if I could.

Don't ever be an english tutor. If you have any appreciation for writing, in creative or academic, you'll be weeping at what you're asked to assist with. Seriously. ESL students with a better grasp on english than high school graduates *or some college students* who only speak english. It's shameful.
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Supreme Genius

Very shameful. Depressingly so.
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Hardcore Hellraiser

It made me re-think the whole, "I want to be a librarian idea." Helping people like that, who just throw a paper on the table and say, "Make this work for me, m'kay?" makes a very spiteful side of me come out.


However, I loved the creative aspect--creating essay structures, helping spark ideas; now that was fun!
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It is interesting how often our initial interests and choices for career paths can change so dramatically when exposed to what they often entail. For most of my childhood and young adult life I thought I was going to go into architecture. I was sure of it. One semester of it in college, just the PRE-Architecture program ... and I knew I was sorely mistaken.
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Hardcore Hellraiser

Hahahaha, just the pre-architecture stuff? Good thing you found out sooner than later, eh?
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Austin Farmer II
Oo Midnight Memories oO

Hey there I would love if you could add me as an affiliate.
Your banner has been grabbed wink

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~Karyan_The~Dark~One (Co-Owner of Austin's DTTPAY)

It was? I didn't have a proper one til now I don't think XD /just added it.
Thanks. Adding to the front.
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Good luck with the contest! heart

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