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::yawns and curls up on a couch:: z.z
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Caley: But...but....vanilla is so delicious with things like peppermint and butterscotch, and chocolate is so delicious with things like strawberries and raspberries.

I guess I'll just be straddling the line between good and evil and work both angles. *Insert wicked halo here* XD

Seth: (Snuggles up to the sleeping prince and catches a few Zzz's as well)
::clings to Sina:: =w= heart
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How are you, Seth? (Asks brightly, hugging back)
Tired, so very tired ::nuzzles at Sina:: was at work for 10 hours today.
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A 10 hour day? Goodness! (Offers you some hot tea to revive yourself) But you're all finished for the day, yes?
For now yes ::happily sips the tea:: Thanks heart . Though tomorrow is probably going to be long . . . but then weekend =D!
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Of course! (Happily sips my own cup) Ah, I'm so glad, you work yourself into the ground, dear. (Ruffles your hair) And weekends are always a time of great joy--I especially love just after a shift on Friday, knowing I have two full days ahead of me with freedom begging for me to come and claim it.

Course, most of that time is spent on domestic affairs, and commissions, but its still a delight. XD
Yes well you enjoy the commissions and such, as we previously discussed =p. And yes, I plan on relaxing and enjoying it and such =w= heart
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Hahaha, I do indeed. I'm just worried about how much free time I'll be having once I start classes in fall. I've been looking over the local university, and I don't recall it looking so confusing back when I when I last applied to college. Ugh. I think I need to talk to an adviser.

But yes, and you should. Otherwise I'll be forced to take strenuous measures to ensure that you are resting and happy.
Awwww. I'm sure you'll figure it out and such. I believe in you! What are you going to be taking?
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Where there's a will, there's a way. XD

Environmental Studies, specializing in marine mammal biology/cetaceans.
As for my minor, I haven't worked that out yet. There's still too many things I want to do.
I see o.o ::blinks and nods:: . . . if you need help in chemistry/biochemistry I'm always around xD
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Whales! I'm going to work with whales! Porpoises hopefully, orca's is the goal though. I've wanted to do this since I was a little girl. I remember doing projects in elementary school about orcas. XD

And I'll probably take you up on that. Chemistry has always been an enigma to me. sweatdrop I'm apologizing in advance.
That's just adorable heart

It's no problem. Chemistry isn't that hard, you'll get the hang of it =3.

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