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Tag Contest

The breedable you will be creating a tag for is called a Meehoo.
The picture above is of an adult meehoo. These are just the lines of course. blaugh heart
I will be opening a Meehoo shop soon, so, I will need a better tag! whee That's where you come in!
So welcome to my contest, and have a great time. Feel free to chat and bump!
All entries are welcome! </center>

1st: 6.3k
2nd: 1k

1. No guilt tripping.
2. No flaming.
3. No art Theft
4. BUMPERS LOVED</center>

Deadline: Dec. 15

what are you looking for?
A well put together tag.
there arent any real specifictions, but if you want to better your chances, I suggest something like this:
heart heart

Here is the link to the shop if you need some inspiration, or if youre just interested blaugh heart I'm hiring, just in case anyone cares xp


its still under construction, but you may post
you may post blaugh
So you just want someone to erase the current tag, and draw out a better one?

Any other specifications? What things need to be put on the tag?
nope, none...
and acutually, you dont even have to erase the current tag, just create one.
the Meehoo dosent need to be in it, becauseit has different stages and I want to be able to use the same tag for each stage heart
Ah ok. I'll see if I can make one then.
whee ok heart
I take it you don't want it to be in colour?
I dont mind if its in color or not.
blaugh color might give it a better chance though , I would put in a color version and a non color just to be safe though
you can enter a many times as you like blaugh
1st place just went up 1.3k blaugh
1st place just went up 1.3k blaugh

Wonderful xd

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