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The Pirate Soldier
The Pirate Soldier
oh, my god.
that's so much money, those prizes.

I'm thinking about entering. So are you looking more towards staying true to your characters than the actual wuality of art? I mean, the quality is definitely important, but from reading, it seems like the subject- the characters and their personality- is more of what you want.

Well, let's put it this way... I don't want art of people that look like my characters; I want art of my characters. 3nodding
Heh heh. I see.

I'll try to enter.

I have one question though. When you submit art, does it have to be in a definitive category, or do you just submit art and then when you give the prizes out, do you judge the pieces on the different categories? o_o; if you know what I mean.

You just submit, and the judges figure out the categories. biggrin
ou o
<3 I seee
OMG KEIIII surprised
a contest? amazing
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I can't wait to see what the characters looks like C:
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Capricious apple

Capricious apple



/blinded by awesome >A >
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ffs. I would so enter..
If my drawings could be even comparable to the art I know that will be submitted in this contest. xD
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^0^ I am totally excited for this contest, just to see all the Haru-Sari/Ladyfox art people will be submitting XD Good luck to all who enter! If they have to be better than you, the halo will be well earned.

I suppose this speeds up my H-S fanfiction plans as well sweatdrop You clever snake, you!
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Good gracious.

I'm totally intimidated by this contest and all the awesome it's going to bring, but I'd simply be too ashamed if I didn't enter.

~subscribes~ o_o
As above...

I'm so happy to see some familiar faces as well as unfamiliar ones! I just hope this contest isn't scaring too many people off. gonk There are tons of chances to win...

I started adding info on the second page ninja

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