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x oo
xxxxxxx`✭ katemonster { x⒊ }
              with love by w i s h i n g -- STARS xx

          I'm sadly quite interested in the writing segment = u=

          I'll wait for the character references before making any decisions though. hmmmmmmm.
Scratch that I read it wrong, I'm so joining! This will be the best contest ever biggrin
Nagoshi Ashumari
I would so join! I just have no time for the whole month of October... best of luck though, this will be an interesting contest. If I for some reason get some free time I'll be sure to enter!

This contest doesn't end til August of next year, so you'll hopefully find some time for it. XD
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I'd love to join, but right now my art skills are nowhere near up to par. Maybe I can find time to work on em, I do have a lot of time. xD
Not sure I can even touch your skills though keiiii.
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Dangerous Member

This looks like it will have a spectacular turn-out. I can hardly wait to see what will come of it~
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hmm, this seems like it will be a very exciting contest. I might actually have time to enter as well, since the end date is after my graduation. So hopefully I'm employed by then and have time on the side to do some contest work. XP

Can't wait to see the characters.
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Alex Haptism

█ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █

xd oh my gosh, Keiiii your contest blows mine out of the water with one item xd

█ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █ ✙ █

Sex In The Flesh

heart heart
totally not stalking you at all ninja
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Im in

Wow wow wow I haven't seen a contest offering a Halo since Ippus won one back in like, '05. surprised

This looks really fun 3nodding You have wonderful characters <3
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Wow...I'm going to get my rear end whooped in this contest but I'm going to have fun. >:O
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When would the dead line be?
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Can't wait for all the info to be released. heart
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Wow @_@

I would loooove to enter, dunno if I can, but I would love to do a contest link exchange when you have that set up.

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