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I have six main characters for you to choose from, plus several minor characters. They are all from Haru-Sari, my fantasy/sci-fi comic. Currently there are over 500 pages finished, and I'm always making more! Read it here. It's the best way to get to know my characters, which is essential for winning this contest. wink

A few notes:

  • Haru-Sari is not an action manga. There are some action scenes, but it is the dialogues that move the plot, not the EPIC SHOWDOWNS.

  • wahmbulance While the bulk of the comic should be okay for most people, it does have a few violent scenes. Skip chapter 4, 5, 21, and 22 if you would like to avoid those scenes.

  • The first few chapters were done in 2005, so you may notice some improvement in quality as the story progresses.

  • Feel free to ask questions! I will try to answer them while minimizing the spoilers. XD

User Image June Blue Delias

  • Age: 22 years old, but looks a little older.
  • Race: Half Sanacian/ half feline
  • Occupation: Bouncer at a lesbian club (she's not a lesbian, though).

  • Height: 5' 7"/ 170cm

  • Build: Curvy and muscular at the beginning of the story, but she gradually becomes skinny and sickly.

  • Cat-like features: She has cat ears and paw-like feet. No tail and no slit pupils, however.

  • Everything else: Please see the reference sheet.

  • June is candid, caring, curious, and remarkably cheerful in spite of the circumstances. Behind her smile, however, she is on the verge of falling apart from fear of death, from loneliness, and from the guilt of abandoning her mother a few years ago, when she needed her.

  • She's totally a doormat. She would rather run away or even let people walk over her instead of arguing. It's not that she's shy; she's quite outgoing, actually. She just doesn't like being confrontational, even when she really should be.

  • So how did someone like June become a bouncer? Good question; even June doesn't understand it. The strangest part is that she actually doesn't suck at her job, no matter how much she hates it. Perhaps she's just malleable, and her workplace molds her into the role of a tough, jaded bouncer. Or maybe it's an outlet, her way of letting the steam out.

  • She used to play the violin, and was quite good at it. She had to quit three years ago when the disease crippled her left arm. Even though her arm has recovered, she doesn't play the violin as much as she used to these days.

  • You may want to check out her character interview here. Of course, the best to way to learn about her is by reading the comic. She's in there from Chapter 1.

Clothing Style
  • Overview: There is a definite tendency towards the comfortable/practical side of fashion in her wardrobe. She does wear skirts and dresses, but not as often as pants or shorts. Avoid anything that stands out too much, especially extreme styles -- e.g. extremely feminine, or extreme goth. Also, she wouldn't wear anything expensive. She barely makes enough money to pay her bills.

  • Accessories: She has no piercings, but she can wear jewelry that doesn't require piercings.

  • Shoes: She's almost always barefoot. Even though they do have shoes made for paw-like feet, she's used to not wearing them. She'll put on boots during winter because it gets cold, but otherwise, no shoes.

Ref images:
User Image Chi-Min Huang (黃知旼/ 황지민)

  • Age: 29 years old
  • Race: Sanacian elf
  • Occupation: Physician

  • Height: 4' 5"/ 134cm for his physical form. In addition, elves also have a secondary form -- their mental projection that appears in telepathic conversations. Chi-Min's mental projection is an adult and stands at about 5' 7"/ 171cm.

  • Build: Skinny and prepubescent.

  • Everything else: See the reference sheet.

  • Despite his appearance, Chi-Min does not think or act like a child at all. He is aloof, educated, self-assured and composed. He's also intelligent and totally overachiever-tastic.

  • He doesn't let anyone walk over him, and always says what he wants to say. He's crushed many an ego with his tongue, and he is quite unrepentant about it. This isn't too surprising when you think about it: only the hardest of hard-asses could become a doctor in a society that endorses brutal exploitation of your race.

  • Socializing is not something he has much time or respect for. He prefers to focus on work. He does make exceptions for June and his father (to a lesser extent), though.

  • Don't expect to see any unrestrained displays of raw emotion from this guy. He doesn't scream or punch things in anger. You can tell when he doesn't approve of something, though, because he does stuff like piercing glares, cutting remarks and unmistakable smirks. Likewise, he smiles and chuckles, but you may have to drug him if you want him to do a happy dance or burst into a fit of laughter.

  • Allow me to point you to his reader interview in which he answers questions from the readers of the comic. It sheds quite a bit of light on his character. surprised Of course, the best way to get to know him is to read the comic. He's in there from the first chapter, and the story pretty much revolves around him.

Clothing Style
  • Overview - When not in his doctor's outfit, he wears Banana Republic kind of cloths. No bright, flamboyant colors, no loud patterns, no big pictures embroidered/printed. He is never seen without his long black scarf, and he always tucks his shirt in his pants.

  • Shoes - He wears simple white boots at work, and loafers outside of work.

  • Accessories - He's not a jewelry person at all. The only accessory he sports, other than his scarf, is his reading glasses. They are oval-y and silver-rimmed. He only wears them for reading.

Ref images
User Image Leon Yearnings

  • Age: unknown; looks to be in his late 20's
  • Race: Sanacian
  • Occupation: Elf hunter; operates under Alberich's direct orders

  • Height: 6' 0"/ 182cm

  • Build: Muscular. Think heavyweight MMA fighters. DO NOT portray him as a slender bishounen.

  • Distinguishing features: Shreds of high voltage electricity burn scars strewn all over his body.

  • Everything else: Please see the reference sheet (contains censored nudity).

  • Leon is quiet, serious and focused. He rarely smiles, and doesn't talk much unless necessary.

  • He's too sympathetic for the kind of work he does. He is semi-secretly a softie and wishes he didn't have to hurt anyone. It's not so bad that he can't concentrate while working, but he does feel pretty crappy about it, to say the least.

  • While he's an expert in what he was trained to do, such as elf hunting or hand-to-hand combat, he suffers from a serious lack of social skills. He often comes across as being scary or intimidating even when he means well. His SRS BZNESS expression probably doesn't help...

  • He doesn't drink alcoholic beverages, and he doesn't smoke.

  • Despite his perma-glower, he is not easily provoked. (unless you're Alberich, in which case you piss him off just by existing)

Clothing Style
  • Overview: He dresses in plain, inexpensive, practical/utilitarian clothing that doesn't restrict movement. Sneakers or work boots, T-shirts, stuff like that. He prefers neutral and/or dark colors for practical reasons: he needs to blend in when he's hunting someone. Other than that, he's not picky. He's actually kind of fashion-retarded, truth be told.

  • Accessories: He has a necklace, which was a memento from an old friend. He is never actually seen wearing it (he leaves it in his apartment), but you can draw him wearing it if you want. It's the only piece of jewelry he might possibly wear since it's the only one he owns.

Ref images
User Image Francis Alberich

  • Age: 36 years old
  • Race: Thestalian (four-eyed race)
  • Occupation: CEO of the Elf Control Agency

  • Height: At 6' 6"/ 198cm, he is the tallest character out of the entire cast. He stands six inches taller than Leon, who is the second tallest.

  • Build: Normal, slightly toned.

    Hair: His natural hair color is very light gray, almost white. Even though he usually keeps it dyed light blond, I'd prefer to see him with his hair un-dyed in your entry.

  • Eyes: Gray. He has FOUR EYES. Do NOT omit his third and fourth eyes.

  • Expression: Almost always smiling. It gives off this feeling that he's two, three steps ahead of everyone.

  • Everything else: Please see the reference sheet.

  • Alberich is pretty much devoid of empathy. He possesses an almost cheerful disregard for morals, and often exploits others (both legally and illegally) to get what he wants. He knows how to cover his tracks and has excellent social skills; as a result, most people only see him as a charming, trustworthy individual.

  • As cruel as he can be, he's actually not sadistic. He finds physical torture to be... boring. Even emotional torture isn't necessarily what he seeks. He wants three things: 1) control, 2) challenge, and 3) reaction of any kind (including positive reactions, such as joy or trust). He finds predictable reactions hilarious, and unexpected ones fascinating.

  • An interesting piece of background: he was homeless. He had no surname and no identity until age 15, when he was adopted by a single man. From there, he began to work his way up the social ladder aggressively. He lost his foster father in a tragic accident only a year after the adoption, but he didn't let it slow him down. Knowing him, he probably didn't care.

  • Check out his character interview to see a side of his that you don't really get to see in the comic. In the comic itself, he makes a brief first appearance in Chapter 4, and becomes a regular starting from Chapter 8.

Clothing Style
  • Overview: He wears a business suit to work. In his own time, he enjoys a fairly wide variety of wardrobe. (Note, though, that he has hideous burn scars scattered all over his body, and prefers clothing that offers coverage unless it's really hot.) The comic only shows him wearing simple, casual stuff, but he will wear more flashy items if the mood strikes him. He is a tad vain, after all.

  • Accessories: Absolutely no wrist watches or bracelets. He hates anything that wraps around his wrists. Also, no piercings. Other than that, feel free to give him as much or as little jewelry as you want.

Ref images
User Image
Kenneth E. Cortinon

  • Age: 62
  • Race: Half Sanacian/ Half Veyan
  • Occupation: Elfologist

  • Height: 5' 8"/ 173cm

  • Build: Normal

  • Hair: Used to be brown, but now all grey. Shaggy.

  • Eyes: Hazel. Droopy, with thick eyebrows.

  • Please note: Even though the portrait on the right shows his younger half and his present day, older half, he should normally NOT be drawn that way. XD; When you draw him, please make him either look young OR old, not both.

  • Everything else: Please see the reference sheet.

  • Pathological workaholic. Seriously, research seems to be the only thing in his mind. He has zero social life.

  • He wasn't always like this. He was more normal back when he was younger. He even had a wife and a daughter, both of whom he loved dearly. They perished in the Catastrophe, and losing them changed him forever.

  • He believes the Catastrophe could have been prevented if elves did not have free will. He aims to create a new, superior breed of elves that have no free will and do nothing but follow orders.

  • Dubbed the Father of Modern Elfology, he is an internationally known figure. Not that he cares about fame...

Clothing Style
  • Normal old guy stuff. Simple, nothing flashy. Sometimes you'd see food stains on them.

Ref images

User Image

  • Age: 34 years old
  • Race: Thestalian elf (four eyes)
  • Occupation: n/a

  • Height: 5' 2"/ 159cm (physical form), 5' 10"/ 177cm (mental projection/ adult form)

  • Build: Skinny to the point of looking unhealthy.

  • Skin: Extremely pale. She literally hasn't been touched by the sunlight in years.

  • Hair: Long and wavy. Fiery red in color -- she was named after the mythical bird phoenix because of her hair color.

  • Eyes: Yellow and very blotchy. Do NOT omit her third and fourth eyes.

  • Phoenix is largely a mystery. There isn't much I can reveal about her without spoiling the comic. I can tell you, though, that she's ridiculously powerful, even for an elf. Her mental projection is HUGE compared to other elves' (she makes other elves look like Barbie dolls), representing the gap in power.

  • She is very quiet. She rarely uses her voice, and mostly communicates through elven telepathy. But most of the time, she doesn't communicate, period.

Clothing Style
  • Overview: Usually wears a simple, loose sleeveless dress.

  • Accessories: None.

Ref images:

Gabriella "Bri" Teladne (minor character)

  • Age: 19 years old
  • Race: Sanacian elf
  • Occupation: Charger, aka human battery

  • Height: 4' 7"/ 139cm
  • Build: Chubby, but not obese
  • Hair: Dark green
  • Eyes: Reddish brown, almost magenta.
  • Everything else: Reference sheet coming soon

Reference images
  • Reference sheet - coming soon
  • Ear chart (in Haru-Sari's cast, you can identify an elf just by looking at his or her ears!)

Mana (minor character)

  • Age: 8 years old
  • Race: Sanacian elf
  • Occupation: n/a

  • Height: 4' 3"/ 130cm
  • Build: Average
  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Bluish gray
  • Everything else: Reference sheet coming soon

Reference images
  • Reference sheet - coming soon
  • Ear chart (in Haru-Sari's cast, you can identify an elf just by looking at his or her ears!)
Noel Yearnings (minor character)

Michelle Blake (minor character)

More info coming soon...
Emily Cortinon (minor character)

Francis Cortinon (minor character)
Lester Delias (minor character)

Mrs. Delias (minor character - name pending)
Im-Guk Huang (minor character)

Yun-Ui (minor character)
Congratulations! You've reached the end of the page. Here are your rewards: 1) picture suggestions, and 2) extra info about the comic!


arrow First and foremost, YOUR OWN IDEAS! Use my suggestions if they help, but you don't have to use them. Feel free to try things that are not in this list.

arrow I'm a sucker for scenery-centric pictures. Examples: [x] [x] See how the focus is in the scenery rather than the person?

arrow Backshots are highly underrated. I love them just as much as pictures that show the character's face. If you have a great idea for a backshot, let's see it!

arrow Leon leaping through a large window (stained glass, perhaps), shattering the glass. Totally impractical, but hey, artistic license. ninja I'm looking for a Hollywood action movie feel with this scene.

arrow Just for fun, Chi-Min wearing a full hanbok set, complete with a coat and a hogun hat. XDDD (ref pictures coming soon)

arrow Flashbacks. Entries that explore the character's past.

arrow Phoenix in some kind of a phoenix-y costume -- e.g. a flowing robe with an intricate phoenix pattern all over it.

arrow Nightmarish scenes with blood and rust and decay. Think Silent Hill (huge fan of Silent Hill 2 here). DON'T put any Konami character in your entry, though -- not even Mr. Pyramid Head! Bonus points if you can make the nightmarish elements somehow personal to the character, just like in Silent Hill 2.


About the world:
The story takes place in a fictional world that happens to be pretty similar to our own. There are some differences, but overall, it looks and feels a lot like Northeast USA in mid-90s.

There are cat people, dog people, four-eyed people, and "normal human" people. ALL of them are called humans (the "normal human" folks are called Sanacians), and all of them have approximately the same life-span. Biracial and multiracial individuals are not uncommon.

Elves also exist, but they are a special case and are covered in their own section.

Magic is a naturally occurring form of energy, just like light, heat, etc. The study of magic is a part of science. There is nothing mystical about it. A magic spell is essentially the process of converting magic into other forms of energy (such as heat), and manipulating it to perform the intended task (such as setting a couch on fire).

If you draw one of the elves casting a spell, keep the special effects simple. No ornate magic circles, and no mystical runes whatsoever! Here are a few examples of what spells look like: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Humans cannot use magic -- not normally, anyway. Only those born with a certain mutation can learn to use magic/ cast spells. These mutants are called "elves." The mutation is very rare in nature, but because it's so useful, they make elves artificially in laboratories using test tube babies.

The ability to use magic does not come without a price. Throughout history, elves have been feared for their capacity for destruction. With the advance of modern science, this fear has become less superstitious, and more controlling. Today, most elves are minimum wage slaves at power plants, serving as "human batteries." Others spend their lives locked up in labs, where elfologists experiment on them. Very very few elves live comfortably.

Second of all, magic is not intuitive. An elf needs to go through lots of training in order to perform spells safely, i.e. without blowing things up (including themselves). And the spells themselves are quite limited, even when performed successfully. Destroying stuff is easy... Mending is not.

Then there are all sorts of health problems caused by the magic "poisoning" their bodies over time. For example, their physical growth stops before they reach puberty. As a result, all elves look like children regardless of their real age. They do continue to age on the inside, though -- faster than normal humans, actually. Most elves die in early to mid 30's.

User Image

      Songs we associate with our stories and characters - give them a listen here.

      1. Clipped Wings - Phoenix [Eva Cassidy-Somewhere Over the Rainbow]
      Birds were made to fly, but Phoenix has spent her life caged in one way or another.

      2. Dominoes - Alberich [Imogen Heap - 2-1]
      Watching the dominoes fall.

      3. Extended Family - Leon [Weird Al - I Think I'm A Clone Now]
      Family gatherings must be so awkward when you're a clone.

      4. Not That Girl - Bri about Chi Min [Wicked - Not That Girl]
      Unrequited love.

      5. Love Is... Chi Min to June [Kari Newhouse - Under This Moon]
      A question Chi Min will have to answer sooner or later.

      6. Unsure - June [Holly Brook - Curious]
      There are so many things June is uncertain of, herself foremost among them.

      7. Regrets - June [Holly Brook - What I Wouldn't Give]
      A song for June and the many things she would change if only she could.

      8.Too Sexy - Alberich [Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy]
      'Nuff said.

      9. Never Forget – Cortinon [Bush - Speed Kills]
      “The things we do to the people that we love
      The way we break into something we can't take
      Destroy the world that we took so long to make”

      10. She Goes Boom – Mana [Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays]
      “The silicon chip inside her head
      Gets switched to overload “

      11. Missing You – Michelle to Noel [Scarlet Pimpernel - When I Look At You]
      “When I look at you
      What I always see
      is the face of someone else
      who once belonged to me”

      12. Confiscated Lives – Leon [Innocent – Fuel]
      “Never did we know what the future would hold
      or that we'd be bought and sold.”

      13. Daddy Issues – Mana [Lifehouse - Someone Else's Song]
      Mana's whole life she's been playing someone else's tune.

      14. Not Waiting Anymore – Phoenix to Alberich [Going Under – Evanescence]
      Fragile she may be, but Phoenix is nobody's damsel in distress.

      15. A Brother's Love – Phoenix to Alberich [ Haunted - Evanescence]
      Alberich loves his little sister. A lot.

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