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This contest is CLOSED. We are not accepting any more submissions.

The results are below, divided into Part I and Part II:


Best Fashion Design (will link to Sig's flirting posts too eventually)

Most Adorable: Runner-up | 1st

Most Emotive: Runner-up | 1st

Hawt Shirtless Men

Most Humorous

Most Effort

Best Background Runner-up | 1st

Best Writing

Best Associated Imagery


Best Scene Runner-up 1st

On Broadway

Tops: 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st

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keiiii's characters are open for art and writing submissions!

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Ladyfox's characters are for art submissions only. Please do NOT include her characters in any written submissions!
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General Rules
  • Before you do anything, please peruse the entire first page. No tl;dr for you!

  • Be respectful at all times. This contest is not a place for begging, drama, whining, flaming, guilt-tripping, attention-whoring, etc.

  • Don't be a bad sport. You are entering for a CHANCE to win, not a guarantee. If you cannot accept that risk, then this contest is not for you.

  • Please do not criticize anyone's work unless the artist is asking for critiques.

  • When discussing Haru-Sari spoilers in the thread, please use white text to hide spoilers.

Contest Rules

  • You MUST choose from the characters listed in the first post. This is NOT a "draw anything/ write about anything you want" contest. Do not submit art or writing that isn't of those character(s).

  • Do not post the entry form if you don't have a working link to your submission!

  • Writers: do NOT include Ladyfox's characters in written submissions. The writing category is open for keiiii's characters only.

  • You may submit as many entries as you want.

  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Do not trace. Do not eyeball (copying without tracing). And don't even think about submitting someone else's work under your name!

  • You may ask the judges to critique your entry, if you want. We can focus on the characterization, the technical aspect, or both. Since everyone is given this option, we do not consider this an unfair advantage.

  • Entries must be created specifically for this contest. Don't submit something you drew before, and don't submit something you made by editing a picture that you made before.

  • Do not submit works that were made using a premade base, even if you made the base yourself. That means NO dolls, avatar edits, Poser renders, caramelldansen, etc. Similarly, photomanips and photo paintovers are NOT allowed even if you took the base photo(s).

  • If you use any references, please provide full credit in your entry form.

  • So-called "heavy referencing" is not allowed in this contest. Make sure your submission looks different from your reference on a structural level. Superficial differences, such as hair or clothing, will not be enough. Here is a conversation on dA on this issue; it might give you a better idea of what isn't allowed. (the reference link contains artistic nudity)

    Even if you reference your own photo(s), heavy referencing is still not allowed. Why? Because this is not just about copyright/permission issues. If you want to win the halo, you need to demonstrate in your submission a solid understanding of the human anatomy, perspective, etc. Heavy referencing doesn't show us how much you understand. It only shows us how well you can copy.

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Main Prizes

User Image
First Place:
Angelic Halo!!!!!

price/worth: 2,000,000,000g, if not more!
That's two BILLION gold

Second Place: User Image Panda Hat

price/worth: hundreds of millions

Third Place: User Image Mini Angel Wings
price/worth: 160-170 million

Fourth Place: User Image Mini Nitemare Wings
price/worth: 160-170 million

Categories - Group

For submissions with two or more characters. We'd love to see entries that really bring out the dynamics between the characters.

Couple User Image User Image Angelic Scarf x2 (two winners - one Scarf for Ladyfox's characters, one for keiiii's)
Want to draw two people in love? How about one person loving another without being loved back? Either way, this category is for you!

Enemies User Image User Image Nitemare Scarf x2 (two winners - one Scarf for Ladyfox's characters, one for keiiii's)
Not every relationship is filled with hugs and bunnies and cupcakes...

Other Groups User Image User Image Angelic Scarf x2 (two winners - one Scarf for Ladyfox's characters, one for keiiii's)
BFFs, families, teammates, teacher & student, friendly rivals... Basically, any group entry that isn't of a couple or enemies belongs here.

Categories - Solo

For single-character submissions. Not every picture needs multiple characters to be awesome!

Best _____ User Image 8,000,000g for each character (total 104 million gold!)
This prize is available for each and every one of our main characters. In addition, we also have an umbrella category for all of the minor characters. Minor characters need love, too. heart

All together, we have 12 main character categories + 1 category for solo pictures featuring any of our minor characters. 8mil x 13 = 104mil.

Categories - Other

The following categories are open to all entries, groups and solos alike.

Best Background User Image OMG
Let's see some full-blown backgrounds with perspective, details and all that good stuff! Warning: do NOT trace or paint over a pre-existing image (such as a photo). You must draw/paint the background from scratch. The same rule regarding referencing applies to the whole picture, which includes the background.

Best Scene (Overall) User Image Angelic Sash
For artworks that tell a story, or at least look like they've got a story going on. Backgrounds are recommended but not required.

On Broadway! User Image Angelic Pendant
Create an entry inspired by the story soundtracks. The songs can be found here: [keiiii's soundtrack] [Ladyfox's soundtrack] . Make sure your drawing fits with the song description. For example, if you're drawing for a song listing that reads "Leon Brooding [Song and Artist here]" don't draw June at a picnic. Since some songs are for events beyond the current storyline, feel free to use them for making predictions! When you submit, please mention which song(s) inspired your submission, in the comments section of your entry form.

Hawt Shirtless Men User Image 10 million gold
We want hawt sexy pictures of our men, without shirts on. Unbuttoned shirts may also qualify. Both of us prefer the "cleaner" side of sexy, so don't make anything overly lewd!

Best Action User Image 10 million gold

Most Adorable 1st: User Image Kitten Star, 2nd: User Image North Kitten Star
(Note: the prizes for this category may switch or change depending on how much they're worth by the end of the contest)

Most Emotive 1st: User Image Pale Marionette, 2nd: User Image Angelic Pendant

Most Humorous 1st: User Image 10 million gold, 2nd: User Image Winged Anklets

Best Fashion Design User Image Golden Laurels

Most Effort from User Image to User Image (every single Thank You Letter from 2005 to 2008 )
...That's 48 letters in total! This is not just about the number of entries you submit; we will also be looking at how much effort you put into each entry.

Honorable Mention User Image 1 million gold for each
Multiple honorable mentions will be awarded. We don't know how many yet, though.

keiiii's exclusive categories

Best Writing choose: User Image OR a free art commission by keiiii (inquire for details and restrictions)
Only for keiiii's characters. Please do not submit fic entries for Ladyfox's characters.
Keiiii's characters come from a comic/manga called Haru-Sari. Writers, your mission is to write a Haru-Sari fanfic! Stay true to Haru-Sari's canon; AU is allowed but not recommended, unless you really know what you're doing. All genres are accepted. There is no exact word count limit, but please, no epic length novels.

Ladyfox's exclusive categories

New category! Best Associated ImageryUser Image to User Image (2004 Letter Set)
Dracula and bats, Don Quixote and Windmills, what would these characters be without the images associated with them? For this prize draw a picture that incorporates some of the associated images listed on the character pages for Ladyfox's characters (e.g. filigree for Rori, or amaryllis flowers for Ril). This prize is for Ladyfox's character's only.

Each category needs at least five entries (by five different people). We may withdraw the prize for any category that does not meet this criterion by the end of the contest. For this specific purpose, a team of two or more artists collaborating on one artwork will count as one person.

Due to the overwhelming value of the halo, the person who wins the Angelic Halo will not be eligible to win anything else.
User Image

Once you have created an entry, upload it somewhere, and use this entry form and post it in this thread. Do not PM it to us, and DO NOT post the form until you actually have a working link to your submission. Posting a form without a submission will practically guarantee that I will miss your submission. I don't check for updated/edited entry forms; I only check for new entry forms.

Form for artists:

[size=24][color=#ff0000][b]ENTRY FORM (ART)[/b][/color][/size]

[b]Username:[/b] (self explanatory. If collaborating, put the names of all artists involved.)
[b]Character(s) drawn:[/b] (who did you draw?)
[b]Medium used:[/b] (what you used to create your entry)
[b]Link to the submission:[/b] (http:// blah blah blah. DO NOT use the img tag!)
[b]Is this a WIP?[/b]: (in other words, is this finished or unfinished?)
[b]Your Website[/b]: (dA gallery, etc. for crediting purposes. Leave this blank if you don't have one)
[b]Comments:[/b] (anything you'd like to say?)

And here is a form for writers:

[size=24][color=#ff0000][b]ENTRY FORM (WRITING)[/b][/color][/size]

[b]Username:[/b] (self explanatory.)
[b]Character(s) featured:[/b] (who's in it?)
[b]Link to the submission:[/b] (http:// blah blah blah. DO NOT copy & paste the actual submission into your post!)
[b]Your Website[/b]: (dA gallery, etc. for crediting purposes. Leave this blank if you don't have one)
[b]Comments:[/b] (anything you'd like to say?)

By submitting, you give us your permission to display your submission(s) on our sites. We will give you full credit; we will never claim your work as ours. We will not alter your submission(s), except to make thumbnails that are linked to the artwork in full view. We will not use any of the submissions for commercial purposes.
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Warning: some entries contain artistic nudity!
art entries for keiiii's characters
art entries for Ladyfox's characters

Written entries - link coming soon~

It may take a few days for your submission to show up. Please be patient!
User Image
All winners will be chosen by the two judges, keiiii and Ladyfox. Here are the factors that we will consider when judging:

  • Quality. Composition, anatomy, perspective, coloring/shading, line quality, details, etc. For the grand prize in particular, we're looking for quality higher than keiiii's own art (this is NOT a requirement for any of the other prizes, however!).

  • Characterization. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. Your work must be faithful to the character(s) being depicted. Try to capture their personality, quirks, distinct features, expressions, body language... their essence. A good example would be a scene that tells something about their personality, or even just a simple headshot that portrays their pet expression perfectly.

    For the grand prize, we're looking for an entry that is 100.00% true to our character(s). Artistic excellence alone is not enough.

    Now, it would be a terrible shame if you spent 70 hours on an entry that looks absolutely amazing... only to fail at capturing our characters. Don't let that happen to you; we're here to help! Read everything, ask us questions about our characters, run your ideas by us, etc.

  • Other factors. Such as novelty, effort, etc.

  • Styles? We don't really discriminate styles as long as you can capture the character's distinct looks. Use whatever style you like! Just be aware that style does not excuse the lack of accuracy. For example, we expect Leon and Proteus to be portrayed as being manly and muscular even if your style is the epitome of shoujo.

  • The number of characters in a single picture? Increasing the number of characters in your entry will not necessarily increase your chances. We love group pictures, but like I said before, not every picture needs multiple characters. It depends on a lot of things, such as your idea, style, etc.

Still not sure about what kind of stuff we like? Here, let me make it easier for you.
If you want to see what kind of art in general I like the most, check these out:

hand picked from my favorites. This list is outdated, and some of my newer top favorites have not been added yet. Take a look at the rest of my favorites if you want; that list is pretty long, though.

Favorites among my own works. This is old too XD;; But compare them to other stuff in my gallery and try to see what separates these from the rest.

Also must be mentioned: I love, love, LOVE the compositions in this guy's works. He's a professional storyboard artist and it shows. His pictures truly capture the moment.

I adore this artist's works for similar reasons, although most of their art isn't available on the site anymore...

I am a big fan of the way this artist paints, especially skin tones.

And don't think I'm only into anime or realistic styles, either. I love styles like these too.
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General Questions
  • Angelic Halo!? Don't you think that's too much? I bought my Angelic Halo with the funds I got from winning (multiple) art contests. Offering it as the prize for my own art contest feels like the right way to part with it. 3nodding I hope this will motivate artists to really challenge—and outdo—themselves!

  • Can I be your friend? Please do not ask about this one. Just hang out with us in the thread. It'll be fun!

  • May I PM you about this contest? There is a LOT of information available in this thread. Please read them first. If you still have a question after reading everything, then yes, feel free to send a PM. All PMs should be sent to me (keiiii) unless the question is specifically about Ladyfox's characters. Please follow Gaia's TOS and the rules of this contest in PM conversations.

  • Which character is your favorite? We're not going to tell you. Just pick the one YOU think is the most interesting!

  • What does S. I. S. stand for? Nobody knows. It's a mystery! All we know is that it has something to do with the fact that Ladyfox and I are sisters. We're not "IRL sisters," but we're not just casual internet sisters either. Our sisterly love transcends the boundaries of the internet! Sounds cheesy, I know, but it's true~

Winners and Prizes
  • Can one person win more than one prize? Yes, but you'll have to submit more than one entry. One entry can only win one prize. (We're not 100% sure about this policy and may make an exception if we feel it's fair to do so. For example, an outstanding entry qualifying for two small prizes probably deserves to win both prizes.)

  • When are you going to announce the winners? We don't know yet.

  • Do I have to draw fullbody to win, or can headshots win too? Headshots do have a chance at winning. But don't draw a headshot out of laziness; draw it only if you feel that's the best way to present your skills/ idea.

  • How will you send the trade if a collaboration entry wins? We will send the trade to only one user. Splitting the prize is up to them, not us.

Writing Category
  • Can a written entry win anything other than the Best Writing prize? Yes, written entries could win other prizes (e.g. Couple category for a romantic fic) if they're awesome enough.

  • Does it have to be in prose, or can I submit poetry too? Poetry works. As with prose entries, it needs to be of keiiii's character(s).

  • Why can't I submit writings of Ladyfox's characters? Not because Ladyfox doesn't value good writing, I can assure you. She is a writer herself (and a much better one than me! XD). It's just that art is what she's looking for in this contest. Please respect her wishes and DO NOT include her characters in your written submission(s).

  • Do all written entries have to be in English? Yes. If you send me something written in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Quenya, etc. I won't be able to understand it, much less judge it! I'm sorry if you're not fluent in English, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

    I can also accept entries in Korean, but it'd really weird me out to see my characters speaking in Korean. XD; English is strongly recommended!

Submission Questions
  • I don't want to draw your characters. Can I draw your avatar instead? No. Sorry, we are not interested in art of our avatars.

  • Can I change their outfits? Yes, but try to make the outfit appropriate for the character. Please refer to the "Clothing style" section of their profiles to see what kind of stuff they tend to wear.

  • Are traditional media entries accepted? Yes! Just make sure you get a clean scan/photo of it. I don't want any blurry cell phone photos.

  • Can I draw minor characters by themselves? Yes, but there is one restriction: a submission that does not have any of the main characters cannot win the halo or the Panda Hat. All other prizes are fair game, however! So if you've got an idea for one of the minors, go for it -- there's plenty of opportunities for minor character-only entries to win.

  • Do you accept entries with mature content in them? Any entries that are deemed sexually explicit will not be accepted. We will allow tasteful artistic nudity and some level of violence, but nothing gratuitous. Make sure to put a warning in your entry form if your submission contains nudity or serious violence.

  • Will you accept mature content if I PM or email my entry to you? Contrary to popular belief, that is STILL against Gaia's rules. So... no.

  • May I make changes to something I've already submitted, and submit the new version? Sure! Just don't do this too many times.

  • Is it OK to do a paintover for the background if I draw the character(s) from scratch? NO! You must do the entire picture from scratch, including the background. Do not trace nor paint over a pre-existing image. I will make exceptions for abstract textury backgrounds, though.
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We will be happy to exchange links with other contests and art auctions. Please provide a banner that's 200kb or less. Here's ours:

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Smaller, sig-safe version:


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