Hi everyone,

It seems there's been some confusion lately as to how art contests work, so we'd like to clarify to help you all avoid any misunderstandings.

An art contest is the opportunity for a member or members to get art of characters that they love in return for offering prizes. This means that when you enter an art contest you are giving your art to the contest holder in order to compete with other members in hopes of winning a prize.

Therefore when you, as an artist, enter work in an art contest, you must enter the following:

An original piece of art that is unwatermarked and otherwise in usable form.

This means the following:

You yourself must have created this art from scratch. No copying by eye, tracing on paper, editing an existing image, or flat out entering art someone else drew (that's theft & scamming!)

The art must be usable by the art contest holder
. In an art contest, the contest holder gets all of the art that is entered, regardless of if it is the winning art or not.

This means that the artwork you enter must be the full size, unwatermarked, usable version of the art you are entering. You cannot offer watermarked or sample size art with the condition to provide the full art if you should win. This is coercive, it is not in the spirit of how art contests work on Gaia, and it gives the art contest holder every right to disqualify you for entering unusable art and even report you for attempting to coerce or blackmail them.

Thank you for reading!
Noraboo & the Gaia Staff