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Random, ever-changing poll! What's your favorite way to warm up when it's cold out?

Snuggle into a blanket 0.3030303030303 30.3% [ 10 ]
Cuddle a pet 0.03030303030303 3.0% [ 1 ]
Go outside and run around 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Drink something hot! 0.060606060606061 6.1% [ 2 ]
Hot shower/bath 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 3 ]
Put on a snuggly sweater 0.18181818181818 18.2% [ 6 ]
Use my significant other as a human radiator 0.15151515151515 15.2% [ 5 ]
Be lazy and just turn up the heat 0.03030303030303 3.0% [ 1 ]
Other 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Gold whore! 0.15151515151515 15.2% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 33 ]
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Contest is over, thanks for playing. If you intended to enter and forgot or didn't get around to it, you can check my request thread and I might just buy the art off you. Thanks.
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: ABSOLUTELY NO ART THEFT! That includes any of my graphics or references, any submitted entries, or stealing others' art to submit as your own. This includes tracing, "eyeballing", and pose-jacking. If I find out that you have submitted a plagiarized work, your entry will be disqualified. If you steal any of the art in this thread, I will hunt you down and scoop your eyeballs out with a rusty spoon. One of the characters in this contest is based off of a character in a manga. I am intimately familiar with the manga and all the official art. If you copy, I will know, and you will be immediately disqualified.

: This should go without saying, but follow all of Gaia's TOS and guidelines.

: Please read all the rules, submission information, and information regarding the character(s) you are drawing before you submit.

: By submitting your art to this contest you agree that I can use your art for future references, graphics, whatever. However, no matter how I use your art I will always give you credit and I will never claim your art as my own.

: You may enter multiple times; however, there will be only one prize per entry. I may award more than one prize per artist. Therefore, multiple entries may increase your chance of winning! You are limited to submitting three pieces per artist, so make sure they're your best work!

: If there are less than five pieces eligible for a prize in a certain category, I reserve the right to eliminate that category. I reserve the right to extend the contest.

: Your piece will automatically be entered into each category that it's eligible for. For example, a romantic picture of Konran and Vertigo in steampunk outfits done in Photoshop would be automatically entered into the Couple, Romantic, CG, Costume, and Best Character categories, as well as eligible for the grand prizes.

: Please post all completed entries in this thread using the entry form. PM'ed entries will be disqualified. You may post WIP's, but they must be clearly labeled as WIP's and will not be eligible for a prize until completed. If you post a WIP without labeling it as such, it will be considered a completed entry. Completed entries cannot be modified after they are entered. Anything not submitted as complete by the end of the grace period will not be eligible for a prize.

: If you have any questions about my characters, the contest, or just something you want to clarify, feel free to quote Musepocalypse here in the thread.

: Rules may be added or changed as I feel it becomes necessary.

Entry form!



exclaim Look at this!

My name is: Musepocalypse
This piece is called: Herp derp!
Here is the link! x
The character(s) I drew: Konran
This is a finished piece!
This person referred me!: Derpina
I'd like to say...: Omg I hope I win


:!: [color=red][size=14][b]Look at this![/b] [/color][/size]

[b]My name is:[/b]
[b]This piece is called:[/b]
[b]Here is the link![/b]
[b]The characters I drew are:[/b]
[b]This is a WIP/finished piece![/b]
[b]This person referred me!:[/b]
[b]I'd like to say...:[/b]

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Q: Wtf, you don't really have miniwings or all this other cool stuff you say you're giving away.

A: Yep, I sure do. I've been on Gaia since '03 with my regular account and I have a crapton of valuable items. This account is a mule, but she's holding all the prize items. If you're still feeling skeptical, she'd be happy to model any item on the prize list for you.

Q: Do I have to dress your characters the way they're described?

A: Some character biographies have descriptions of specific costumes, which are what they generally wear, and for the most part that's what I would like to see them in. Others have mostly ideas of the type of fashion that character would wear. Tekteks are provided, but please note that they are only approximations. However, feel free to play with the details, or even design a whole new outfit. I love alternate costumes! Additionally, wings (where applicable) are described but are totally optional if you don't feel like drawing them in. Costumes should fit the overall description/personality of the character, unless you are going for a comedic effect.

Q: Which matters most: how well a picture captures a character's personality, or technical quality?

A: Well, quality *always* matters, and of course it's very important, but a mediocre picture that perfectly captures the character will generally win out over a good picture that looks like someone else.

Q: Can I enter pixel art or something else that isn't a drawing?

A: I will not be accepting anything but illustrations in this contest. This includes pixel art, avatar edits, written pieces, photography, baked goods, interpretive dance, or anything else that isn't done with a pencil/pen/tablet/etc.

Q: What if I want to know more about a specific character/detail/etc.?

A: Feel free to ask in the thread. I'd be happy to give you more information or clarify a point.

Q: Can I do a couple picture with two people who aren't listed as being a couple?

A: You can do a straight-up couple picture (i.e. two people sharing the same space) with just about anybody you want. The "Best Couple" category doesn't necessarily mean the best romantic couple; it just means the best picture containing two people. The official romantic couples are generally what we'd like to see if you're going to do a romantic picture, but if you feel like getting creative and shaking things up a bit, we certainly aren't going to complain about seeing a little ingenuity. You may of course draw two characters who aren't a listed couple in a romantic situation if you would like to, and in fact some of them even get romantic outside of story, across universes. (This may be a good way to do a humorous picture, depending on the personalities involved!) If you want to know which couples I'd like to see the most, feel free to ask!

Q: Can I submit a collaborative piece?

A: Absolutely. Just make sure that both of your usernames are listed on the entry form, and if your entry wins a prize, the two of you are responsible for how you divide the prize. The prize will be sent to the person submitting the entry form.

Q: Will you offer critiques on my WIP?

A: Yes, but only if you specifically ask for it, and only on specific questions (i.e. "is her hair too long?" or "did I get the outfit right?" rather than "what do you think of this picture?" )

Q: Can I draw the same character more than once?

A: You can draw anything you like; I'd prefer you to do something that inspires you rather than something you don't want to do! Variety is good, but I'm sure I'll get everyone eventually. In my first contest I had someone who did the same character for all her entries (although I think she threw a couple or two in there; I was allowing five entries in that one) and I believe she won something. So I guess the answer is, it's up to you and what you like drawing!
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Referral contest!

This one is very simple! Refer an artist to my contest, and if they enter, you're eligible to win the prize! (Make sure they fill out the "referred by" slot on the entry form though or I won't know to enter you! gonk ) Don't refer yourself or a mule, though, because I'll find out, and I'll be very unhappy. evil At the end of the contest, I'll run a random number generator with the number of people on the list, and the winner will get 10,000 gold! You may refer more than one artist, with no limit; the more people you refer, the more times you'll be on the list.


Bump contest!

Bump my thread 100 times, quote Musepocalypse in your 100th bump, and you'll go on the list! At the end of the contest, I'll run a random number generator with the number of people on the list, and the winner will get 10,000 gold! You may only enter this contest once; I love bumps, but I want to have room for some actual conversation in here as well. </3



I will draw freebies for the first poster on every 100th page, for nice people, for people who stick around and chat, for people with amazing avatars, and people I feel like it.

Freebies given out:
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Yes, I know this is what you're all here for. Drool away.

Grand Prize: User Image
The most amazing picture in the entire contest.

Second Prize: User Image

Third Prize: User Image

Fourth Prize: User Image

Fifth Prize: User Image


Best Group: User Image
The best picture containing three or more people.

Best Couple: User Image
The best picture containing exactly two people, in a romantic situation or otherwise.

Best Character Sheet: User Image
Draw me a sheet with a variety of expressions, poses, details, and/or outfits.

Most In Character: User Image
I want this picture to make me say, "Yep, that's exactly what he/she would do!"

Most Romantic: User Image
Make it super sweet, or turn up the heat.

Sexiest: User Image
Smoking hot.

Best Minicomic: User Image
The best miniature story.

Most Badass: User Image
The picture that makes me say, "Whoa, he/she looks badass!"

Best Outfit/Alternate Costume: User Image
The best depiction of a described costume, the best original costume, or the best alternate (steampunk, sci-fi, etc.) costume.

Best Minor Character: User Image
The best picture of a minor character.

Best Action Pose: User Image
The most dynamic, "hey, something is happening here!" pose.

Most Humorous: User Image
I want to be rolling on the floor crying, people.

Most Attention to Detail: User Image
This picture tells me you read the entire description, without you having to say a word.

Best CG Media: User Image 100,000 gold
The best picture done with digital media.

Best Traditional Media: User Image 100,000 gold
The best picture done with traditional media.

Best Character: User Image 50,000 gold each
The best picture of each of the 22 characters; yes, this is actually 22 separate categories, one for each.
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Check under the spoiler tags for all the entries that have been submitted. If you want to show a neglected character a little love, there's a handy list of how many entries have been submitted for each character below.

Catherine by PandasSins
Vertigo by Iemongrab
Claude by GoldFishSock
Rotten Apple by GoldFishSock
Bliss by Pandasuu
Konran by Pandasuu
Drake by mlOoOlm
Celene by Bearisalx

Entries by character:

Konran: 0
Vertigo: 1
Bliss: 0
Axel: 0
Argent: 0
Commander: 0
Catherine: 1
Drake: 0
Celene: 0
Claude: 1
Miranda: 0
Ivan: 0
Declan: 0
Verity: 0
Vincent: 0
Daedalus: 0
Markos: 0
Avalon: 1
Tobias: 0
Zevran: 0
Morrigan: 0
Moon Baby: 0
Minor Characters: 1
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Want to be affiliates? Quote Musepocalypse in the thread with your banner and take the one below to put in your thread. heart

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*banner art by Firrereo


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