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      This contest is OVER. Thank you all!

      Three years without visiting this forum, but we are still on! Don't you remember us? Don't worry, we were the hosts of this contest, and we are back for celebrating our sixth anniversary with an increased family and all your awesome talent~

      In addition, this will be a special effort, since we both (my boyfriend and I) decided to leave Gaia for a while! We will not be closing the accounts, but we will sell all our items for feeding the prizes of the contest, so, in case of coming back, we will start from scratch.

      I, Naja Kaouthia, will be in charge of the thread management this time, since my boyfriend Corvus Enca did such an awesome job three years ago ^^.

Start date: May 9th, 2013
End date: Midnight September 9th, 2013. PST.
Award ceremony: September 11th, 2013. 19:00 PST.

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        - Obvious but still necessary, please follow Gaia T.O.S and Art Contests Forum Rules and Guidelines
        - No trolling, spamming, or advertising. Bumping is ok.
        - Final decision is definitive, please don't insist.
        - Don't stretch the page.
        - Don't quote anything of the front page, please. For making questions, look the form on the last post, called "quote me".

        - Entries can be fullbody, waist-up or headshot, with or without background (as you prefer), colored or inked with digital, traditional or mixed technique. Please avoid messy sketches, clean linearts are welcomed.
        - ALL styles are welcomed! (personal style, anime/manga (normal or chibi), realistic, cartoon, pixel dolls, etc) Photo-manipulations and literature won't be received.
        - We will reject and report copied and traced drawings. Please avoid using bases too.
        - Anthro versions of the charactes are welcomed, just check the available information in the characters' post. Please keep content under PG-13, and avoid genderswap, as well as human version of the feral character.
        - We will only receive finished art. That includes a good quality scanning for the traditional art.

        - Judges are only Naja Kaouthia and Corvus Enca.
        - We reserve the right of declare desert a category. In case that happens, entrants will receive a consolation prize of 100k each.
        - You can send as many pictures as you want.
        - A picture can't win in more that one category.
        - There must be at least two entries in a category for award the prize. If there's only one participant, this will receive a 250k participation prize.

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        - 10.09.2013: Award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, September 11th, 19:00 PST
        - 10.09.2013: Runner-up prize has been increased, now we will give 3Mill instead of 2Mill
        - 10.09.2013: A new prize has been added in the honorable mention section.
        - 10.09.2013: Selection criteria have been published. Look at sixth post.
        - 10.09.2013: Contest is over, please vote in the poll for the award ceremony
        - 09.09.2013: Happy birthday Fänrir! Contest ends today.
        - 09.04.2013: New references for Christopher added.
        - 09.02.2013: Only one week left! Hurry up!

        - 08.29.2013: Contest will not be extended, entries must be ready for September 9th at midnight PST (just as planned)
        - 08.27.2013: All categories have at least one entry now. Hooray!
        - 08.27.2013: New poll about a possible contest extension. EXTENSION IS NOT A DECISION YET.
        - 08.24.2013: New information added to character's post.
        - 08.13.2013: Minimum required entries changed.
        - 08.13.2013: New reference for Fänrir added.
        - 08.10.2013: New reference for Christopher added.
        - 08.10.2013: Prize for Bump it up! minicontest was modified.
        - 08.10.2013: Prize for Referred by minicontest was modified.
        - 08.10.2013: Thank you for being here minicontest was deleted.
        - 08.09.2013: One month left since today! Be sure of joining on time ^^
        - 08.05.2013: Prize for Thank you for being here minicontest was modified.
        - 08.05.2013: The number of the date minicontest was deleted.
        - 08.05.2013: Categories Big little Juan and Flock of crazy people unlocked.
        - 08.05.2013: Minimum number of entries lowered for almost all categories again.

        - 07.30.2013: New referral contest, check fifth post for details
        - 07.28.2013: Our anniversary is today! For celebrating, we will be wearing our wedding clothes~
        - 07.16.2013: New reference for Fänrir added.
        - 07.16.2013: New rule added. Categories that don't get minimum number of entries will have a 100k consolation prize per participant.
        - 07.15.2013: Thread owners are back.
        - 07.13.2013: Thread owners will be without internet access this weekend! But don't desperate, all entries, questions and posts will be checked on Monday, July 15th.
        - 07.07.2013: Thread got the popular tag! Thank you to all who <3'd this contest
        - 07.06.2013: Minimum required entries to minicontest reached, prize will be awarded for sure ^^
        - 07.03.2013: New rule added, please don't quote anything of the front page.
        - 07.02.2013: The number of the date minicontest and Bump it up! minicontest modified
        - 07.02.2013: Minimum number of entries changed to almost all categories.
        - 07.02.2013: First entry to minicontest received! Thank you, fidly3 ^^

        - 06.29.2013: New minicontest up! Check fifth post ^^
        - 06.29.2013: Finally on holidays! Will start activities ASAP >w<
        - 06.24.2013: Only one more week before holidays, we will be here more frequently soon!

        - 05. 31. 2013: Naja's birthday!
        - 05. 26. 2013: Corvus and Naja went to a Stratovarius' concert and had a great time~
        - 05. 24. 2013: New info added to character's section
        - 05. 16. 2013: Minimum number of entries assigned to all categories.
        - 05. 14. 2013: First entry! Thank you, Gyokoru Tea <3
        - 05. 11. 2013: Open!
        - 05. 10. 2013: Construction ended.
        - 05. 09. 2013: Construction started.

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Well, these designs are the cool version of ourselves.... XD joking: These are the characters we developed from ourselvers in a roleplay we have had for some years now, which has changed a lot through time. The information you are going to find below is a mix between our real lives and the roleplay set up, so you can choose the aspects you like the most. We are trying to put it as simple and coherent as possible, but it's possible we fail, so please, ask whatever you don't understand XD. For do so, go to the last post of this page and check our FAQs. If you doubt isn't there, quote that post and we will gladly answer it for you.

Basic set up of the roleplay

Among all the great kingdoms of fantasy, there's a little land called Ofiusa (from the word ophidian) because of the long and sinuous rivers, similar to snake bodies, full of little gold pieces that shine as scales. Swimming in the rivers and playing with the pieces of gold, Ofiusa's god, called Goldbach, lived happily until he noticed some criatures, as humans and elves, started to invade his land. Who were they, and what they wanted? Goldbach noticed they were just tired and hurt, lonely people, that escaped from their lands and wanted to rest. Deciding to take them in, Goldbach just prevent them for taking all the gold, and still mistrusting the newcomers, he hid.

Blood and hate came from the foreign lands soon, and some people who had came from a land called Androgenia decided to take Ofiusa from Goldbach, went after him and caused him a lot of pain. Consumed for the thirst of revenge, Goldbach recovered and decided to appear again, with some company, so he could take control of the situation. He had several sons, and gave them the wings he did not have, so they could go across the sky through the land as spirits of things. Those wild children started to punish by instinct the bad actions people did, and began to be known as Tormentors, causing nightmares and disturbing minds, souls, bodies and hearts.

Gold in the rivers began to dissapear, conflicts with other lands came, but there were still good people too, and they held the land and the god's tolerance. Ofiusa remained as a refuge land for them and the new hopeless. Anyway, Goldbach's wish for revenge never got satisfied and he was known as Rachsucht, the god of vengeance. He only truly loved his children, and wishing to have with them the calm he had before, he built a country villa around the richest river of all, accepting in Ofiusa people non related to the androgenian criminals. Since then, human passions, animal instincts and the fight against Androgenia's evil weave the life around the golden rivers.

Click the images for complete view~

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Name: Fänrir.
Age: Fänrir turns 3 years old today, September 9th. Happy birthday!
Sex: Male.
Height: 1,71m to cross (upper back/neck base)
Species: Spirit of hope, takes the form of a white warg.
Fur: White.
Eyes: Black.
Wings: Four white crow wings, two on the back, two on back legs' anklets.
Body: Muscular.
Outfit: He does not use any kind of clothes or accessories, avoid pet collars and similar stuff.
Details: Has the size of a big horse.
Personality: Energic, active, mischievous
Occupation: Being.
Background: Fänrir is son of Yabanned and Johannes, who conceived him in one of the hardest moments of their life. He's a spirit of hope, almost the opposite of a Tormentor: His mere presence relieves people from pain and his happiness suggests believe in the future. He saved their parents' life and has been a new light for the Tormentors, brighten up the country villa with his howls and games. Until now, his biggest adventure was the hunting of a sacred ram, that got after a hard struggle, and that caused some headaches to his parents and grandfather, since the ram owner, a powerful witch doctor, got really really mad.
Likes: Being outside, move a lot, human voices and songs.
Dislikes: Hot weather, silence, being pet like a puppy.
- Yabanned: Loves her like a mother, he's pretty jealous and hardly let unknown/not so well known people to approach to her.
- Johannes: Chosen him as playmate, always want to be outside with him flying or running.
- Nicolai: Tends to compete with him, is always playing him hard jokes
- Christopher: Adores him, loves to get his fur brushed by him and listen to him while he reads in loud voice.
References: ❄ (young) ❄ (puppy)

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Name: Yabanned.
Age: 21 years old, will be 22 on May 31st, 2014.
Sex: Female.
Height: 1,61m
Species: Tormentor, takes form of an human girl.
Skin: Pale.
Hair: White.
Eyes: Light grey. Usually reflect ambient light.
Wings: Four dark grey dragon wings, two on back, one on each wrist.
Body: Skinny.
Outfit: High heels, crazy dresses, fashion influences of Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich. She loves hats.
Details: Snake tattoo all across right arm
Personality: Funny, responsible, perfectionist, kinda arrogant, insecure about herself.
Occupation: Film student, entertaining lady.
Background: Yabanned is the third child of Goldbach, spirit of light. She is pretty old in the game, counting millennium, and she's a powerful witch. She carries on with the most macabre cases among Tormentors, being precise as a snake. She was pretty cold with everybody, proud and lonely, until Johannes, thrown away by his mother while Goldbach was away, entered to her tent, being a little child. Yabanned liked him and decided to take care of him, growing a great friendship that became love, and opened her to the world. Now she says she's more like a bunny than a snake, in a kinda humorous but sarcastic way. Yabanned has had great adventures, being the most dangerous to face and absorb a giant spirit of the unknown who tried to eat the whole land of Ofiusa.
Likes: Fashion, cars, horses, sleeping, reading all kind of stuff, her pet snake Jormungand.
Dislikes: Having to stay up late at night, noise, cold things.
- Fänrir: Affective, likes to pass time with him without too much activity, cuddling or sleeping together.
- Johannes: Couple for years now, loves him and his company, kinda cheesy with him, loves to hug him and climb his body.
- Nicolai: They mess around a lot, make fun of each other, she likes his hair and beard.
- Christopher: They behave like crazy BFFs, can talk and laugh the whole day, love to dance together, hug and kiss.

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Name: Johannes
Age: 22 years old, will be 23 on September 16th
Sex: Male.
Height: 1,87m
Species: Tormentor, takes form of an human man.
Skin: White.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Black.
Wings: Four black crow wings, two on back, two on head, behind ears.
Body: Fit, muscular
Outfit: Metalhead look, with black clothes, leather, metal accessories, camouflage patterns, heavy boots.
Details: Tongue piercing, star of David necklace, tattoo of Fänrir on right side of neck, tattoo of two cats on left anklet.
Personality: Social and warm with people, melancholic, loyal, sometimes dramatic, gets to be a total jerk when he feels confident
Occupation: Professional musician (organ performer, piano an general keyboards player, lead vocal in a progressive metal band)
Background: Johannes is the last son of Goldbach, spirit of sound. Rejected by his mother, he was thrown away while Goldbach was off, and ended meeting Yabanned, who took care of him and educated him, wishing him to take the form of some kind of animal, since he had so hard times with human knowledge and form of life. Anyway, his curiosity won and he slowly get into the human point of view, keeping his savage nature for his performance as Tormentor. Without using strategy or anything, Johannes got to be one of the more merciless Tormentors, attacking recklessly with nightmares based in sound, with no regrets. He was one of the Tormentors thar first decided to kill enemies without actually tormenting them. His greater adventure was fighting a spirit very similar to a Tormentor, who almost got control over Yabanned.
Likes: Music, art, people, fitness, horses (has a friesian mare called Alejandría), motorcycles.
Dislikes: Being ignored, trolls and rude people, loneliness.
- Fänrir: One of his truly reasons of living, Johannes is Fänrir's official caretaker, gets happier only for seeing him.
- Yabanned: Love of his life, as he says himself. Protective, always want to be with her, embrace her and make her laugh.
- Nicolai: Bros from heart, they are always f*cking around, trust each other until the end, and like to drink and/or smoke together.
- Christopher: Appreciates him a lot, but enjoys to piss him off. Likes to go out with him, and dance tango.

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Name: Nicolai
Age: 26 years old, will be 27 on April 1st, 2014
Sex: Male
Height: 2,05m
Species: Tormentor, takes the form of a human man
Skin: White
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Reddish dark brown
Wings: Four reddish vulture wings, two on back, one on each arm
Body: Slender, muscular
Outfit: Punk style, with hand made clothes, leather jackets, heavy shoes. He uses striped suits for working.
Details: Snake bite piercings, eyebrow piercing, ear expansion, 12-points star tattoo on left side of head, whole body tattoed.
Personality: Optimistic, kind and funny, joker, sometimes aggressive and non-willing to listen. Kinky as hell.
Occupation: Entrepeneur, manages a big charity fundation, focusing on green economies. Play the bass on Johannes' band.
Background: Nicolai is the sixth son of Goldbach, spirit of language. Born in a tense moment, his tormentor instinct was so hard at the beginning he felt a real appetite for destruction that almost drove him insane. He enjoyed to perform horrible tortures and cruel deaths, screaming and growling, until a relative of one of his victims suddenly interceded before he attacked, and started talking to him. He stopped, listened, and then he began to talk. He found that relieving and awesome and soonly changed, becoming very interested for dialogue, diplomacy and society, letting all his destructive energy go away through discussion. He after created a foundation that organizes all the charity of Ofiusa and coordinate the immigrants, being the most human among Tormentors. Currently he almost never torments anybody. One of his greater actions was to avoid open war between Querustala kingdom and Ofiusa kingdom, getting them to be close allies.
Likes: Cigarettes, people, specially old and small ones, urbanism, jokes and pranks, making and having tattoos and piercings.
Dislikes: Sad people (always tries to make them happy), sickness, bad tempered dudes, sleep, milk coffee
- Fänrir: Every time they meet life becomes a real version of Jackass.
- Yabanned: Likes to talk with her, they always end laughing like mad. Admires her art skills.
- Johannes: His best friend, he's used to bite, hug, spank and cat's calling him. They have too much internal jokes.
- Christopher: Likes to suddenly scare him and make him scream, they converse about books and business.

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Name: Christopher
Age: Insists in not revealing his age, seems to be in his late twienties/early thirties.
Sex: Male
Height: 1,73m
Species: God
Skin: Light tan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Wings: None! But since a god is a god, he can float if he wants.
Body: Slender
Outfit: Clothes made of wool (vests, sweaters), printed sleeveless t-shirts, can wear female clothes and heels, making androgynous looks.
Details: Despite liking female clothes, he does not go full drag or try to look like a real woman. He just likes to add the female clothes to his fashion options, mixing them with male clothes or using them but letting his chest uncovered, and things like that.
Personality: Sassy, generous, proud, noisy.
Occupation: Professional dancer (contemporary dance, teaches tango and caribbean rhythms too) Goldsmith for hobby.
Background: Chistopher is Goldbach himself, being the game master. He's the god of Ofiusa, a little land between the kingdoms of fantasy. After receiving there some people who were running away of their lands, hurt and tired, and give them homes and gold, got attacked by criminals from a land called Androgenia, who tried to take his territory. Because of that, he created the Tormentors and became Rachsucht, the god of vengeance. He makes himself accessible for Ofiusa people taking the form of a human that is usally bathing on the rivers, with a different face every time, sharing his original face only with his children. The creation of Ofiusa with its golden rivers is his greatest deed.
Likes: Water, sun, gold, read, dance, sing, fashion, shows.
Dislikes: Television, untidiness, inactivity.
- Fänrir: Speak to him and teaches him things as he were human. Likes to wash and brush his fur.
- Yabanned: Dance and gossip partners, he is determined to make feel her like a diva.
- Johannes: Always worried about his well-being, likes to dance the music he plays.
- Nicolai: Thinks he has no fix, likes to discuss hot news with him, gets to make him sleep.

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    Overall: Awarded to the most inspiring and beautiful picture of all.
      User Image

    Second place: Awarded to the best among runner-ups. Needs at least 15 entries in the contest to be awarded.
      User Image

    SINGLE: Pictures of only one character.

      Little big Fän: Awarded to the best picture of Fänrir.
        User Image

      Little little Ban: Awarded to the best picture of Yabanned.
        User Image

      Big little Juan: Awarded to the best picture of Johannes.
        User Image

      Big big Nick: Awarded to the best picture of Nicolai.
        User Image

      Just Chris: Awarded to the best picture of Christopher.
        User Image

    COUPLE: Pictures of two characters.

      The apple of our eyes: Awarded to the artist that do the best picture involving Fänrir and one of the other characters.
        User Image

      Happy Anniversary!: Awarded to the artist that do the best picture of Johannes and Yabanned, whose sixth anniversary is one of the main reasons of this contest.
        User Image

      Biped life: Awarded to the best picture involving two of the human characters (for example, Nicolai and Christopher, Yabanned and Nicolai, etc). They can be familiar, friendly or romantic, as you want.
        User Image

    GROUP: Pictures of three, four or five characters.

      Flock of crazy people: Awarded to the best picture involving a group of three or more characters.
        User Image

    IN THE AIR: Honorable mentions.

      Love is in the air: Awarded to the best romantic scene. Fänrir may not participate in this one, don't pair him with any of the other characters, please.
        User Image

      People is in the air: We all have wings, so why would not draw us in the air? Best flying scene wins! (for joining this category, at least one character must be flying)
        User Image

      Art is in the air: Awarded to the best picture portraying artistic activities such as play music, dance, draw, sing, etc.
        User Image

      Life is in the air: Awarded to the picture that inspires the best the idea of a happy family.
        User Image

      Surprises are the air: Awarded to five pictures that display valuable aspects regarding idea, intention and creativity in a way that surprises us.
        500k (100k each mention)
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      Create your piece of art and post it on the thread, signed and without watermark, using this form:

    [color=#81b6e3][/b]I'm joining the Path to the Sky![/b][/color]
    [color=#81b6e3]☸[/color] [b]Name:[/b]
    [color=#81b6e3]☸[/color] [b]Entry:[/b]
    [color=#81b6e3]☸[/color] [b]Comment:[/b]
    [color=#81b6e3]☸[/color] [b]Referred by:[/b]
    [quote="Naja Kaouthia"][/quote][/size]

      And it is ready. Just check we put your work in the list of entries, and you are in!

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Check all entries in this photobucket album

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          Referred by:

      Aren't you an artist but want to help? Do you have artist friends? This is your contest! You just need to contact artists and convince them to participate in the contest, the gaian who get more artist wil win...

      User Image
      200k gold

      Be sure of asking the artists to put your name in the entry form, section "referred by". Good luck!


        - Arabella Mulheim: 1 artist referred.
        - Silver Shinso: 1 artist referred.
        - iiSnuggles: 2 artists referred

          Bump it up!

      - First post on page 50 gets 25k
      - First post on page 100 gets 25k
      - First post on page 150 gets 50k
      - First post on page 200 gets 50k

    Past events:

        Kiss art minicontest

    This minicontest is OVER. Winners on next post.

    Since Yabanned and Johannes are having their sixth anniversary this July 28th, let's make this celebration bigger with a minicontest!

    What do you need to do for this one? Simple, just draw a headshot of bust-up of they both kissing. Headshot or bust-up, not waist-up of bigger, if you draw something that is not a headshot or a bust-up, or a scene where there's no kiss, the entry will go to the main contest!

    Prize is 400k gold
    User Image

    There must be at least three entries to award this minicontest. Deadline is on July 28th at midnight PST!

    Now, some important facts:

      - Kiss can be in whatever part of the face (mouth and lips, cheeks, nose, forehead, head and hair, etc.) except eyes: They both find disgusting eye licking and eye kissing, so please, don't draw that (you could still consider kiss on eyelids, but we encourage you to choose another option).
      - Skimo kisses are allowed and welcomed.
      - They both like french kisses a lot. However, if you choose to draw a french kiss, avoid the classic "saliva detail" because it's quite creepy.
      - Johannes is 26cm (9,8 inches) taller than Yabanned.

    Johannes tends to smile while kissing, and Yabanned tends to bite while kissing (and sometimes open her eyes too). After six years of relationship, it would be rare they still blush when kissing, and they don't, unless things are getting hot XD.

    Please use this form for submitting your entry or entries (you can submit as much as you want):

      [color=#81b6e3][/b]A kiss to the minicontest~[/b][/color]
      [color=#81b6e3]☸[/color] [b]Name:[/b]
      [color=#81b6e3]☸[/color] [b]Entry:[/b]
      [color=#81b6e3]☸[/color] [b]Comment:[/b]

    Entries (CLOSED): fidly3 // Fallen_Angel391 (former Fallen_Angel_Keoni) // Gyokuro Tea // Lin Inazuma

User Image
User Image

Award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, September 11th, 19:00 PST


        Characterization (50%): Characters must be physically recognizable, and their attitude, expression, outfit and the pose/situation/action in which they are portrayed must match the provided descriptions for them.
        Creativity (20%): Illustrations would rather show the artist's interest on making a specific piece for the contest in the circumstances it is suggested, avoiding common places such as default poses and expressions.
        Technical skill (20%): Artist must demonstrate his/her ability regarding anatomy, lines, color and textures, in his/her style/technique of choice.
        Presentation (10%): Art must look clean and not rushed. Composition, use of space, mass and color balance are a plus.
        Bonus: Each piece has something particular that makes it special. It is hard to describe exactly what is it, and it is even harder to assign a percentage to it, because, finally, is in "that something" where lays art. So this factor will be kept in mind freely, following the appreciation of the contest's judges.




      ✓ = Prize succesfully given.


          Referral contest

          - iiSnuggles: Two artists (Creep Bones and unhappymango) ✓

          Bump it up!

            - First post on page 50 (of someone that is not part of the contest staff): Gyokuro Tea ✓
            - First post on page 100 (of someone that is not part of the contest staff): -Oceanturtle ✓
            - First post on page 150 (of someone that is not part of the contest staff): BabyKagomeGirl ✓
            - First post on page 200 (of someone that is not part of the contest staff): PhoxTank ✓

          Kiss art minicontest

        ✓ = Prize succesfully given.

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          Our links

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          Your links

    Just send Naja Kaouthia a PM with the code of the link of your thread.


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    Quest threads

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      Ended events:

          Sites of interest

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For asking whatever you need or want to know, use this form (so you quote both of us and we can notice you faster).

[quote="Naja Kaouthia"][/quote][quote="Corvus Enca"][/quote]
[color=#81b6e3][/b]I got a question![/b][/color]
[color=#81b6e3]☸[/color] [b]Name:[/b]
[color=#81b6e3]☸[/color] [b]Question:[/b]

      Asked questions and their answers:

      Q: Would it be possible to get some back story on the characters and on the name of the contest? It's possible that it's there somewhere, but I was unable to find anything... Thanks <3 [by du coeur]

      R: Well, about the name of the contest, it's because we wanted to give some continuity regarding another contest we made three years ago, called Petit Promenade, that means "Little Walk" in french. On that time, my boyfriend Corvus Enca and I were having our third anniversary and wanted to set up a "little walk" of the artists with us so they could see our relationship and share some of the happiness that time. Now, celebrating our sixth anniversary, we feel like we are reaching paradise (no matter if that sounds really cheesy, haha) so we decided to name the contest according to the path to the sky (heaven?) we found through the little walk. Dunno if it actually makes sense, but it's the idea ^^U. We decided to put something related to sky because this time we want to focus on flying scenes of the characters, too.

      About the characters, I will write a proper background for each one and will quote you as soon as I submit them to the character's section ^^U I finally updated their information with a proper background for each one and a general context, feel free to check it on the second post of the front page : )

      Q: I have a very important question!....What color are Christopher's socks?!.....? O_O ...seriously though XD [by Mindless Vandalism]

      R: Oh well, Christopher socks... they usually match his pants, but never are the same color of his pants, I mean, if he has brown pants, he can have dark green socks, or gray socks.

      Q:: Hey, do Ban and Johannes have a favorite flower? Kinda weird question, I know ... or rather, if you had to choose a flower for them, what would you choose? ^_^ [by hudster]

      R: It's not a weird question, they indeed have one! It's a kind of lily that grows here in South America, called "alstroemeria" or "lily of the incas". Here you have the article in wikipedia about them. It's their flower basically because they both like it a lot. Story goes more or less like this: Despite alstroemerias aren't unusual here, Johannes didn't know them until he met Ban. Ban's mother worked at flowers crops where there were species as roses, carnations, arum lilies, gerberas and, of course, alstroemerias, so, when Johannes met Ban, and went to her home for the first time, he found a lot of vases full of flowers, but the one with alstroemerias called his attention and made Ban very happy because those were (and are) her favorite flowers. He liked them a lot and they talked that day about it. Later, and in spite of the fact Johannes knew Ban hadn't a lack of alstroemerias, he decided to give her those flowers in one of their first dates and well, it's like their official flower since then. Ban favorite alstroemerias are like these ones, while Johannes favorite are more like these. And sorry for the big rant, I loved the question XD

      Q: So can the characters be drawn without wings? I'm working on an entry ;o [by LuckyMonster]

      R: Yes, they can be drawn without wings

      Q: Do your characters have set outfits or preferred outfits or do they pretty much wear anything? [by Hamster]

      R: They can wear pretty much anything that fall in their style.

      - Fänrir does not use clothes at all. He must NOT be drawn wearing collars or another pet accessories.
      - Yabanned likes high heels (sometimes really high), and crazy dresses. She likes the look of classic actresses like Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo, with hats, gloves and belts. She likes Coco Chanel image too, and she loves Alexander McQueen designs
      - Johannes dress like a metalhead, with black clothes, leather and metal accessories. Camouflage patters, heavy boots, black jean jackets, etc.
      - Nicolai dress punk style, with heavy boots, handmade clothes, leather jackets, etc. But, he likes striped suits too. He uses them usually gray and with red ties that match his hair and eyes. Sometimes, saying he needs them for working in the computer (that is not true) he uses heart glasses for kidding everybody.
      - Christopher: He like clothes made of wool a real lot. Vests, sweaters, scarfs, etc. He likes sleeveless t-shirts with printed text like this or this, he loves hats, and can wear female clothes, but he likes to mix them with the male clothes and make a very androgynous look, or sometimes he dress only with female clothes but let his chest uncovered so people can see he's a man, and stuff like that. Kinda wicked, "le male fatale", you know.

      Q: Can there be multiple submissions in different categories? [by RandomFandoms]

      R. Yes, you can submit as many entries as you want, in the categories you want. You can even put two entries in the same category

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