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Hi everyone! Welcome to my new OC Art Contest : "Poussière d'Etoile 2"!


1. You get a gift for every entry you submit!
2. The earlier you enter, the more gifts you get : at the end of each month, all contestants receive a giftie. Oh and there are early bird prizes too!
3. When the contest ends, every contestant who didn't win an official prize will get a consolation prize!
4. There is a large choice of stories and characters!
5. There are reference pics, so you don't have to read 10 pages of description.
6. There are 8 official prizes = 8 chances to win big !
7. It's a lot of fun. I swear it is!

Please vote a <3 for my thread!


  • Starts on: July 7th, 2013
  • Ends on: December January 30th, 2013
  • Number of categories: 8 + Honorable mentions + Side Contests + Early Bird Prizes + Consolation prizes
  • Total worth of prizes: 30 mil +
  • Entries submitted: 8
  • Total worth of prizes given away so far: 1 mil +


  • July 7th, 2013 - Grand opening!


  • Characters' icons were drawn by /XXX.
  • Banners were made by Weatherd.

User Image


  • Follow Gaia's Terms of Service.
  • Follow the Art Contests forum's Rules & Guidelines.
  • Be polite.
  • Don't quote anything on 1st page.

Requirements regarding the art submitted

  • All entries must be fully colored and shaded.
  • All entries must be CG/digital art. I will accept traditional and line art too if it is HQ art. Please send me a PM providing samples if you want to submit traditional / line art, and I might give you my agreement.
  • Don't submit extremely low quality art (example : don't take a pic with a camera of your entry ; don't submit a quick scribble; don't submit a really small drawing). If you submit extremely low quality art, your entry will be refused.
  • Art collaborations are allowed, but you'll have to split the prize. If your entry wins, I will send the prize to any of the partners, at my own discretion.

About the Contest

  • What is said in the FAQ post counts as rules.
  • Don't submit watermarked art / art with a giant sign on it. It's okay to have your name on the drawing, but please keep it small as I don't want the art to be wasted.
  • Don't submit art you didn't draw 100% yourself. That means dolls made with a base you didn't create yourself are NOT eligible.
  • Don't submit art that doesn't meet the requirements.
  • Don't submit art you didn't draw for this contest. For example, you can't submit art I ordered from you in your shop or in a request thread.
  • You can enter multiple times, but not with the same drawing (if you edited a drawing, it's still the same drawing).
  • Don't submit art that doesn't fit into any of the categories.
  • When you submit art of a character, it must be as accurate as possible. If you change too many things (hair, clothes ...), your entry will be rejected. Feel free to PM me if you're unsure about something. I won't give you advice for your entry, but I can tell you if changing such or such thing is acceptable. You can also ask me for additional information about the story or the characters' personalities.
  • All entries that are submitted and accepted are mine. I won't claim I drew the art or edit it (I might resize it, though), but I reserve the right to use it. For example, I might use it for my request thread's layout. Things like this.
  • The contest can be slightly extended for some or all categories if the required number of entries is not reached when the contest ends or if something serious happens in real life.

User Image

  • STORY ONE - Anshi (Revolution) [link]
    "20 years after the Imeks -a group of individuals with great powers- invaded the Earth, a rebellion is being set up in the Kingdom of Anshi, spearheaded by Laya -the Human leader, Heleora -Laya's younger sister, and Kalahan -one of the Two Imek Princes who decided to support the Human's cause.
    As the biggest war in Human's History is about to begin, peace talks take place in the Tohlen Forest, where the Human rebellion is based. After fruitless negociations, Prince Khan -Kalahan's elder brother, and Vintadh -Khan's most loyal soldier, are captured by Laya's army.
    As time goes by, while Laya and Khan get closer and closer to each other, despite numerous fights and arguments, a special relationship takes place between Heleora and Vintadh.
    Not long after the war started, Khan escapes from the Human rebellion's base and goes back to his castle. Thinking that Khan betrayed her, Laya orders her army to attack the castle.
    As the Human army was about to be defeated, something totally unexpected happens: Khan defeats his father in a dual and becomes the new Imek King.
    After signing an armistice with the Human army, Khan marries Laya, laying the foundations of a durable peace between Humans and Imeks."

  • STORY TWO - Après la pluie (After the rain) [link]
    "100 years ago, there was a war between Humans and Imeks. Even though things got better after the war ended, some Humans and Imeks are still hating each other.
    Elearin is a Human, but she doesn't hate Imeks. She's really curious and wants to know more about Imeks' culture. That's when I meet Taemend, a really naughty Imek who hates Humans. At the beginning, they're always fighting and insulting each other. But something happens that forces Elearin and Lareanah (Elearin's cousin) to move to Taemend, Amerant (Taemend's elder brother / Elearin & Lareanah's teacher) and Erillya (Taemend's little sister)'s house.
    Shortly after, Elearin realizes she's falling in love with Taemend. But when Taemend found out about how she feels, he rejects her because she's a Human and things get worse between them. But when Elearin's in trouble, Taemend saves her. After that, things get better and better everyday and then ... .
    Lareanah didn't like Imeks before she met Iknar, Elhia and Aeran, three kind Imeks who became her friends. Little by little, she falls in love with Aeran and starts to go out with him. But they will end up breaking up and Lareanah will go out with Amerant."

User Image

"All entries must be fully colored and shaded. CG art is mandatory unless you get a derogation. Please see the "Rules" post for further information."

    Main Prizes
    (Will be awarded no matter what. The contest may be extended if there less than 15 entries from different artists.)
  • Grand Prize
    10,000,000 g
  • First Runner Up
    5,000,000 g
  • Second Runner Up
    3,500,000 g

    Additional Prizes
    (Each prize will be awarded if there are at least 5 entries in the corresponding categories, from different artists.)
  • Best Group (0/5)
    2,000,000 g
  • Best Couple (2/5)
    1,000,000 g
  • Best Single (5/5) => will be awarded
    500,000 g
  • Best Story 1 Scene (1/5)
    1,500,000 g
  • Best Story 2 Scene (0/5)
    1,500,000 g

    Honorable mentions
    (Will be awarded if there are more than 25 entries)
    1 - 3 honorable mentions will be awarded : 500k each

    Consolation Prizes
    All the contestants who didn't win an official prize will get a consolation prize. The amount of gold that will be shared, at my own discretion, will be around 3,000,000 g.

User Image

    November 2013 Early Bird Prizes

    (Please note that if you don't accept the trade within 1 month, you will lose the benefit of the early bird prizes of the previous month.)

  • Lotto
    Prize: 50,000 gold
    Tickets Holders:
    1 - King of Planet Sadist
    2 - jaeru
    3 - xxsnoozekidxx
    4 - siya24
    5 - Mindless Vandalism
    6 - xX M O C H I E Xx
    7 - jaeru

  • Extra lotto for people who entered multiple times
    Prize: 50,000 gold
    Tickets Holders:
    1 - jaeru
    2 -

  • Random Number Game
    Each month, any artist who submitted an entry will be asked to generate a random number between 1 and 20 in the contest thread, and will win the corresponding amount of gold. Multiple entries submitted = can try several times.
    1 - 10,000 gold
    2 - 15,000 gold
    3 - 10,000 gold
    4 - 10,000 gold
    5 - 20,000 gold
    6 - 10,000 gold
    7 - 10,000 gold
    8 - 10,000 gold
    9 - 10,000 gold
    10 - 30,000 gold
    11 - 10,000 gold
    12 - 10,000 gold
    13 - 10,000 gold
    14 - 15,000 gold
    15 - 10,000 gold
    16 - 10,000 gold
    17 - 10,000 gold
    18 - 20,000 gold
    19 - 10,000 gold
    20 - 10,000 gold

  • Secret Prizes
    Additional prizes may be awarded at my own discretion. Remember: the earlier you enter, the more prizes you get ;3.

    Past Lotto Winners:

  • July 2013 - siya24
  • August 2013 - siya24
  • September 2013 - jaeru
  • October 2013 - jaeru

User Image

  • Avatar Art Contest
    For this contest, you have to draw my avatar. Backgrounds are loved, as always <3.
    Prize: 500,000 g

  • Best Advertiser Contest
    Prize: 100,000 gold
    The person who puts the most efforts to promote this contest will be rewarded with the above prize.
    Please do not spam other people's threads. You can advertise this contest in:
    - Your signature
    - Your threads
    - Your guilds
    - Your profile
    Please let me know what you're doing to advertise the thread, so your efforts are noticed =).

  • Active posters
    People who are active in the thread while the contest lasts will get gifts too!

User Image

"All entries must be fully colored and shaded. CG art is mandatory unless you get a derogation. Please see the "Rules" post for further information."

User Image

  • Q : Can the contest be canceled?
    A : No. If I don't get the required number of entries, the contest will be extended, not canceled.

  • Q : Can the art have my signature on it?
    A : Of course ! But it must remain small, else it will be considered as a watermarked entry, and entering an art contest with a watermarked entry is not allowed.

  • Q : Will you edit the drawing?
    A : The only edits I could eventually do would be resizing and reframing, so the art fits the place I want to put it in. Nothing else.

  • Q : Do contestants who didn't win get a prize too?
    A : Yes. All contestants who didn't win a regular prize get a consolation prize. For further information, please refer to the "Prizes" post.

  • Q : Can I submit more than one drawing?
    A : Yes, you can.

  • Q : Can we exchange links?
    A : Sure. Post your banner in this thread and link me back.

  • Q : Could you detail the stories more? I mean maybe keep the story on the contest there, as a summary, and in the links to the test forum posts, you can give a more detailed description about it. It just bugs me a little bit to see the story go by so fast.
    Here's an example of what I mean:
    "...and then they fell in love"
    That's very short, and it goes by a little too fast ...

    A : Well that would be a great idea, but unfortunately, the reason why it is that short is because ... it doesn't exist yet. I have just started to write these stories, and while I have a vague idea of where I want to go, I don't know all the details yet.
    However, if you need more information about a story in particular or more "suggested scenes" beside the ones in the "Story One/Two/..." threads, I'm sure we can work something out.

  • Q : I have a question that hasn't been answered here ... can I PM you?
    A : Sure!

User Image

Please PM me if you wish to exchange links.

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Cursedandwandering's Art Shop

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