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║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ Intro

        yess finally got some gold to put together an art contest ^^
        shall add more prizes and gold later don't worry

        Stard date: April 22 '12
        End date: [extended] June 22 '13 !! Official end date! it will not be extended anymore regardless of entries, thank you~
        winners announced next day on June 23

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Kawaii Bookworm

║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ Rules & Info

        » Fallow ToS & other gaia rules :/
        » Pixel art is okay C: I'd love sprites of my OCs but you cant use a base! (traced by someone else/pre-made pixel dolls)
        » Fullbodies, busts, heads hots, Chibis all accepted
        » You can enter more than once
        » One piece of art can win more than one category
        » No tracing, No art theft
        » PM me or post your entry here, whichever you prefer
        » Prizes may increase! C: as I get more gold and items I will add them to certain categories, but they will never decrease! so chill
        » This is a twelve+ month long contest so take a seat and get comfy
        » Draw my OCs not my avatar
        » By entering the contest you agree to allow me to use the art you've submitted for personal use (cropping for my sig, or profile) but I will never claim it as my own
        » Don't be rude Don't bash anyone
        » No advertising, If you want a link exchange PM me please
        » Don't Quote any of the main posts on the front page
        » You can get creative with the clothes but not the characters physically
        » Bumping is okay
        » If you need to know anything else about my characters PM me
        » If you have any questions at all PM me
        » I need at least ten entries per category/character to end the contest
        » I will hold Mini Contests later so look forward to it c:
        since I'm a loser and cant draw dragons, I'm letting you design one!
        - has to be black with a red undertone
        - Amani with scales 'going dragon' also counts

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Kawaii Bookworm

║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ Prizes

        Best overall Golden laurels
        Runner up 2mil
        Best couple 600k
        Best group 800k
        Cutest 250k
        Sexiest 300k

        Best Amani 500k
        ✿__✿___✿ + Demon Manifest User Image
        Best Talise 500k
        ✿__✿___✿ + Sirenia Atargatis User Image
        Best Maria 500k
        ✿__✿___✿ + Lady Lunar User Image + Divided Stars User Image
        Best Devon 500k
        ✿__✿___✿ + SDPlus #252 Jack Frost User Image
        Best Necalli 500k
        ✿__✿___✿ + Flight of the Macaw User Image
        Best Amani Dragon form 700k

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Kawaii Bookworm

║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ Characters

        Quick guide to skin color; helper
        Amani & Maria
        User Image
        User Image
        User Image
        User Image
        or something similar

        User Image
        Amani ║▌ minus the wing anklets chibi /

        Gender » female
        Age » ?? looks around 20+
        Species » Wing creature / Dragon

        Spunky, brave, out going girl, can be aggressive and bratty at times and can get possessive over Talise. She'll usually go out to find Talise instead of doing her duties in her unit, her easy going attitude can get her into trouble at times.
        She's a dragon creature and has a dragon form but doesn't change into it much because she's not aloud to. She's outspoken and will usually say what's on her mind.

        Her wings can expand really wide but she can also retract them and make them really small. She can also extend her tail. Amani also has a full human form with no wings/tail/horns.

        She's known Talise since they were young, they don't always see eye to eye but she respects and values her. She loves Talise a lot.

        She's always fighting (physically/verbally) with Necalli, she doesn't hate him, but she doesn't like him either, fighting might also just be a habit between them. She'll usually change into her dragon form when fighting him.

        She only met Maria recently but they get along well.

        She likes Devon, she just thinks he's a wuss and needs to toughen up.

        Location before adventure » Her unit changes location a bit, mostly caves and islands in the Pacific, like the Coronado islands or Marietas Islands
        Clothes » skirts, shorts, all her tops are strapless! so; anything strapless
        she can also be drawn scaly (like a lizard, or dragon type creature) covering most of her body (da lady partsss)
        when walking among the humans she'll wear a jacket or a gavan (pancho) to cover her wings.
        Hair color » dark red color, long and wavy
        Eye color » grey


        User Image
        Talise ║▌ with a less flowy fin /

        Gender » female
        Age » ?? looks around 20+
        Species » Water creature / Mermaid

        Talise is a mellow girl, she'll do what her group leader says and she follows orders. She hates fighting and conflict so she'll do anything to avoid it. She does have an adventurous side though, and she'll usually go out and find Amani and spends most days with her.

        She's know Amani since they were young. Amani took a liking to her when they were training together years ago. It took awhile for Talise to return Amani's affection, but she couldn't image her life without Amani.

        She's known Necalli for awhile and she doesn't think much of him, he's okay, as long as he doesn't take his fighting with Amani to far.

        She likes Maria, she's very relaxed like Talise.

        She gets along with Devon, she thinks he can be immature at times.

        Location before adventure » Marietas Islands, anywhere in the Pacific
        Clothes » when in full human form she wears loose flowy dresses Amani makes for her, or something similar to Maria since Maria gives her clothes
        can also be drawn scaly (like a fish, covering da lady partss)
        Hair color » a light purple with green tips, short, straight
        Eye color » green
        Fin color » Purple and greenish-blueish


        User Image
        Maria ║▌ /

        Gender » female
        Age » ?? 18-ish, younger looking
        Species » Creature tamer / Human-type

        A young, quiet, brave tamer. Her farthest memory is Mayan times, and her first creature encounter was Necalli. She talks with the creatures in her area and helps them if they need help. Her job is to keep the peace between creatures and humans.
        She loves and gets her energy from the stars, (like most tamers) because even though they were born of human parents, they all have the blood of the galaxy guardian, and it's been said that she lives among the stars.

        She gets along with Amani but at times it gets hard to deal with her rebellious attitude.

        She gets along very well with Talise.

        She spend most of her time with Necalli, he lets her know when anything out of the ordinary happens or when someone has gotten into a fight.

        She connects with Devon because he's also a human, she can relate to some of his problems.

        Location before adventure » Yucatan, Mexico
        Clothes » some traditional mexican/southern american clothes, tank tops, sandles,
        she has a necklace similar to Necalli's with a matching bracelet that can be worn on either hand, it enhances her powers,
        some clothes ideas x x x x or google 'Puebla dress'
        Hair color » silver/white/grey
        Eye color » dark brown, she also has almond shaped eyes,


        User Image
        Devon ║▌ //

        Gender » male
        Age » 23
        Species » human

        A regular, ordinary, human dude. He's a marine biologist who shares an apartment with some friends in San Diego. Encounters Talise one day at the beach, he runs away and convinces himself that it was just his mind playing tricks on him. Talise shows up the next day at his apartment and aggressively tells him that he needs to go with her.

        Personality wise he's very cautious, serious at times but he can also be very immature. Also sarcastic and laughs at/makes lame jokes. Maria calls him a dork. He's 'The Chosen One' he has powers similar to Maria but he has yet to awaken them fully.

        Location before adventure » Sand Diego, California
        Clothes » t-shirts, pants, shorts,
        Hair color » red/orange
        Eye color » hazel (so, either light brown or a light green color)


        User Image
        Necalli ║▌ /

        Gender » male
        Age » ?? looks around 20+
        Species » Wing Creature / feathered serpent

        Rebellious spirit, always tries to have the last word, he's a show off and tries to act tough all the time. He's a feathered serpent but shifts from human form, snake form and bird form. He doesn't really have a unit, he's usually alone, conversing with wanderers or with Maria. He gets a lot of information from conversing with all kinds of creatures from different units

        He may or may not have a small crush on Maria

        Location before adventure » Yucatan, Mexico
        Clothes » some old fashioned tribal wear, when he has to interact with humans he'll wear regular clothes, pants, shirts, shorts
        his wings are also like Amani's, he can expand them and retract them, he also has a full human form.
        his ears are pierced at the top on both ears
        Hair color » black with blue, red and yellow tips
        Eye color » dark brown


        click for art folder of all art i have recieved from others of my OCs
        User Image

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Kawaii Bookworm

║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ background story-ish

        Dragon type creatures (and all other creatures) once roamed the earth unbothered living side by side with humans. As the years passed, the humans became more advanced, detaching themselves from nature and gaining new weapons to kill each other and other species. They created little colonies of their own, and grew tired of having to share the land with all the other creatures and they eventually started hunting and killing these creatures for game. Since the creatures weren't allowed to fight back their numbers diminished and it wasn't until the guardians stepped up to help that it finally stopped. The guardians decided it was best to give the world to the humans (because it was Gods will) and stop the re-population of the creatures, the younger creatures would be granted immortal life and stop aging at a certain point, and older ones would live out their mortal lives and die.

        Tamers were born randomly, born of human parents. Tamers are always born with a unique feature, nothing big, just something to separate them from the rest, they were also given immortal life, to tame and control the creatures left on earth.

        The world now (ours) is fully ruled by humans, living side by side with the creatures long forgotten to hold any power at all. The immortal foxes, wolves, chinchillas, birds all live in units run by one leader, some rarely shifted into their human form. Some creatures like dragon creatures live in hiding since they cant stay in dragon form, some other creatures like mermaids have an easier time hiding, living deep in the sea or tangled in coral, mermaids do have a fish form but it's been long forgotten by most and they rarely shift now, feathered serpent type creatures usually disguise themselves as snakes or birds.

        Rogue creatures have been gathering to kill humans, this group is unidentified, the leader is a mystery, but the mission is clear, they want to start another war with the humans and rule the world once more. Rumors spread through all the lands and all the creatures are on their toes, but no one knows what to do, or how to find and stop this group.

        Amani takes up this task and figures out that she needs to awaken all the guardians and use their power to stop these rogue creatures. With the help from Talise, Maria and the chosen human (also Necalli but he just invited himself) she travels the world looking for the guardians.

        ║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ couples



        Devon/Maria/Necalli love triangle

        crack? idk what ever you think would work, but Amani and Talise are the main couple

        ║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ inspiration

        the lovely planet blog
        if you're looking for some inspiration or nature themed pictures or references go here c:

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Kawaii Bookworm

║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ Winners

        Best overall Golden laurels: Deaie
        Runner up 2mil: tumskie
        Best couple 700k: The_Fluuff
        Best group 1st. 800k: Captain Gru 2nd. 400k Nichocolate
        Cutest 1. 250k Zimmius 2.He Ate my Shorts 250k
        Sexiest 400k: Minichi01

        Best Amani 500k+item: Minichi01

        Best Talise 500k+item: tumskie

        Best Maria 500k+item: Coqo

        Best Devon 500k+item jaeru

        Best Necalli 500k+item: - S p a r k l e Tits

        Best Amani Dragon form 700k: Mishalock

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║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ Form

        [b]█ ✿║Username[/b]:
        [b]█ ✿║characters used[/b]: list
        [b]█ ✿║Link to art[/b]: url here
        [b]█ ✿║Media[/b]: traditional, collab, etc
        [b]█ ✿║Comments[/b]:

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║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ Entries

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║▌│█│║▌║ │█ ▌█ ║✿ Links in / Links out

        pm me

        >>> IN >>>

        User Image

        User Image

        >>> OUT >>>>

        User Image
        User Image
        User Image

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        User Image
        User Image

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finally open
User Image
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