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Awards Ceremony starts on page 439!


WIP Entry Deadline: August 8th, 2009
Finished WIPs Due: August 22nd, 2009
Winners Announced: September 12, 2009 7 PM EST


July 30: New references for Talon and Camden. Both of them need more entries if their character prizes are to be given out. Draw some guys, guys!!

July 25: I have issued a 1-week extension because I was offline for a week and could not answer people's questions. Both the WIP and final deadlines have been moved back by 7 days.

July 14: Entries updated. I've been moving! I will be at Otakon this weekend, as will a lot of other Gaian artists. Try not to miss us too much!
July 1: Realized I hadn't been posting the updates in this list. Fixing that now. Updated entry album today.
February 8: Photobucket and entry list updated, as of page 148. Some prize categories clarified. FAQ updated.
January 26: Added more millions to the prizes. Specific updates on page 115.
January 21: New photobucket URL.
January 5: Added prizes for B/W and sketch categories and information for 3 supporting characters.
December 10: Prizes have been mega-sized. Relationship sections have been added to the character bios.
December 4: Thread graphics and organized character profiles. New references for Alexis and Rita.
December 3: Creating thread and setting up contest.

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This contest is for visual art only. In the past I have included writing categories, but not this time. I just don't have time to read them.

There must be no less than ten (10) entries eligible for a category for the prize to be awarded, except for the Most Improved category. (There may be some leniency, and gold/items from prizes not awarded will go to other prizes)

Prizes will increase as I sell off my inventory and have more gold!

Grand Prize (Best Overall): User Image Panda Hat
2nd place: User Image Ports
3rd place: User Image Mini Angel Wings

Best Group (2 or more characters): 2 Million Pure + August 2004 Letter

Best Traditional Media: 2 Million Pure + March 2005 Letter
Best CG: 2 Million Pure + March 2005 Letter
Best Black and White: 1 Million Pure
Best Anime/Manga style: 500 k Pure + March 2005 Letter
Best Realism: 500 k Pure + March 2005 Letter
Best Alternative style: 500 k Pure + March 2005 Letter
Best Action: 1 Million Pure
Best Comedy: 750 k
Best Scene: 750 k
Best Sketch: 500 k Pure
Best Supporting Character (must be drawn with a main character): 200 k
Best Manly Man: 500 k
Best Boobies: 500 k
OMGWTF??: 100 k
Best Chibi: 500 k
Most Enthusiastic: 500 k
Most Improved (must have done art for me in the past): 300 k
Other (x20): 100 k

1st: 2 Million Pure
2nd: 1 Million Pure
3rd: 500 k
Best Outfit: 100 k
Most Accurate: 100 k
Best Death Ray: 50 k
Best Expression: 50 k

1st: 2 Million Pure
2nd: 1 Million Pure
3rd: 500 k
Best Outfit: 100 k
Most Accurate: 100 k
Best Stealthy: 50 k
Best Expression: 50 k

1st: 2 Million Pure
2nd: 1 Million Pure
3rd: 500 k
Best Outfit: 100 k
Most Accurate: 100 k
Best Nobility: 50 k
Best Expression: 50 k

1st: 2 Million Pure
2nd: 1 Million Pure
3rd: 500 k
Best Outfit: 100 k
Most Accurate: 100 k
Best Cooking: 50 k
Best Expression: 50 k

1st: 2 Million Pure
2nd: 1 Million Pure
3rd: 500 k
Best Outfit: 100 k
Most Accurate: 100 k
Best Healing: 50 k
Best Expression: 50 k

1st: 2 Million Pure
2nd: 1 Million Pure
3rd: 500 k
Best Outfit: 100 k
Most Accurate: 100 k
Best Working: 50 k
Best Expression: 50 k

Most of these categories are self-explanatory. If you aren't sure what one means, just ask and I will post an explanation down here.

A group picture is any picture that contains 2 or more of my characters. All group pictures are eligible for single character prizes as well. For instance, if a group picture contains the best version of Talon, then it is eligible to win the 1st place prize for Talon if it did not win a larger prize.

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There are prizes for the people who hang out in the thread, too!

500 k - This is the ultimate chat prize. The single most helpful person over the course of the contest will win the big 500 k! Helpful can mean chatting in the thread, wearing a sig banner around Gaia, getting banner exchanges, referring artists, etc!

100 k (x5) - these five prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest to the 5 people that were most active in the thread (besides me).

20 k (x??) - these prizes will be given out during the course of the contest to those who I deem particularly helpful or amusing in the thread. I'll give out as many as I want.

Item giveaways - same as the 20 k prize, but items! Keep an eye out for mini games in the thread that have item prizes, as well.

Chat Prizes Given Out So Far:

Item Giveaway, Xmas Gift from Agatha: withical
Item Giveaway, January 2008 Letter: Pirate Dirge
Item Giveaway, Easter Basket: Soot Gremlin
Item Giveaway, Dashing Gentleman Emerald Sash: Chicky-chans Ghost
Item Giveaway, Easter Basket: Tei Kae
Item Giveaway, Easter Basket: Phorie
Item Giveaway, Thank You Letter For December 2007: Kasumi-tan
Item Giveaway, Easter Basket: Chii_Asakura
20k Giveaway: Xan-Phorie Rei
20k Giveaway: Pirate Dirge
20k Giveaway: KotokoPlum
20k Giveaway:Dragon Dreaming
20k Giveaway:Acid Waffles
20k Giveaway:AvaH.Kaedo
20k Giveaway:JessK

User ImageUser Image

Entries can all be found in the following album:


To enter, post the following form in the thread COMPLETELY filled out:
(REMOVE the explanation of the field before you put in your answer!)

[b]Username:[/b] (Gaia username)
[b]Website:[/b] ((optional) If you'd like a website linked from any credit I give you online, put it here.[/i][/size]
[b]Character(s):[/b] (Which people did you draw/paint/build/render?)
[b]Medium:[/b] (Watercolor, CG, Pencil, etc)
[b]Anything Else:[/b] (Anything else you'd like to say or want me to know?)
[b]Entry:[/b] (please link the entry: do not put an image here.)

[b]WIP?[/b] (Is this a work in progress? You only need to submit a WIP if you need the extension at the end of the contest.)
[b]Were you referred? If yes, then by whom?[/b] (yes/no, did someone link you to this contest? Who?)
[b]Have you done art for me before?[/b] (yes/no, info for the most improved category)
[b]If yes, what username was it under?[/b] (info for the most improved category)

Entry Form List:
T h e D a r k S i d e X, 6
omichan_blue, 29
x_Asian Panda Wishu_x, 31
MizukiSpade, 54
IcedStar, 54
W i s e - S e x y - F o x, 57
Shimo Kousetsu, 58
Wide Eyed Nascha, 106
4ng3lik d3m0n, 131
iiKraiizy Cumkake, 138
Firebird1973, 148
4ng3lik d3m0n, 150
kittx, 164
pixy_stiks, 164
RestInPeace Frosty Paws, 179
Acid Waffles, 179
Acid Waffles, 180
k a o r e e t_, 186
kellye v, 202
pj0.o, 203
pj0.o, 203
iDinosora, 204
Goshujin Sama, 208
Dear Rie, 216
Nathaniel Mea, 224
Firebird1973, 229
Gilded Pixel, 245
Joeyjoanna, 247
sams-mao, 266
AvaH.Kaedo, 273
dark_angel1456, 274
Fluffy Bird, 282
Joeyjoanna, 284
Kenzie493, 285
theotherjinggirl, 287
KotokoPlum, 292
-ProcrastinatingSpazz-, 296
CD-Pixalator, 298
mitsune_nekoi, 305
Luarwulf, 308
theotherjinggirl, 310
theotherjinggirl, 310
theotherjinggirl, 310
Holic, 313
-ProcrastinatingSpazz-, 313
Dj Wishu Revolution, 313
Deegrading, 315
pretty frown, 315
Xan-Phorie Rei, 315
pixy_stiks, 316
-ProcrastinatingSpazz-, 319
Kasumi-tan, 324
-Pillowcaust-, 324
Edimir, 328
Rosifer, 330
Rosifer, 330
Rosifer, 330
Amour Eternel IV, 330
Diamond_Destiny, 331
Diamond_Destiny, 333
Shimo Kousetsu, 340
Diamond_destiny, 340
Se7enthShadow, 346
Diamond_Destiny, 353
Syeki, 357
taiyee, 358
SonicSweeti, 359
xxROSxx, 361
SonicSweeti, 365
Kimianna, 368
Kimianna, 368
Kimianna, 368
Laurieolis, 368
Laurieolis, 368
Yuki Fuyou, 368
Licentious Tea Party, 369
Cartagia, 373
Captain Covetous Longing, 375
Brexx, 378
Xan-Phorie Rei, 383
blue_bubbles123496, 383
blue_bubbles123496, 383
LadyMartel, 384
incendere, 384
twilight-yumechan, 384
twilight-yumechan, 384
Misty Honeya, 386
Blue Eyed Wallflower, 387
Blue Eyed Wallflower, 388
theannacracker, 389
keiiii, 389
Helmi, 392
Jwayze Kent, 392
Captain Covetous Longing, 393
tuna yo, 394
sushi_is_my_best_friend, 395
yukidream13, 396
SonicSweeti, 396
sushi_is_my_best_friend, 397
Itasugen, 397
BipOlarPanDaz, 397
Kyuko-Kun, 398
GargoyleGoddess21, 398

slushi goodness, 399
slushi goodness, 399
Jwayze Kent, 401
Kyuko-Kun, 402
Misty Honeya, 402
Xan-Phorie Rei, 402
Amour Eternel IV, 403
Amour Eternel IV, 403
Keimiku, 403
Keimiku, 403
Keimiku, 403
Qt Stripes, 403
AvaH.Kaedo, 405
incendere, 405
Helmi, 405
Dj Wishu Revolution, 405
Enigmatic Phantasm, 406
Enigmatic Phantasm, 406
meowmeowkitty, 406
meowmeowkitty, 406
meowmeowkitty, 406
Goshujin Sama, 407
KatieUchiha1, 407
KatieUchiha1, 407
ahiru_chan, 408
Forbidden-Twilight, 408
WeeFee, 408
kotokoplum, 409
AvaH.Kaedo, 409
Gilded Pixel, 409
Good as In Awesome, 409
kotokoplum, 409
Keimiku, 410
keiiii, 410

Soot Gremlin, 56 WIP
Dreamer Ana-Chan, 167 WIP
voxzen144, 168 WIP
voxzen144, 172 WIP
pach_work, 316 WIP
Songstress_Kyonie, 317 WIP
keiiii, 329 WIP
keiiii, 331, 360 WIP
Happy Skulls, 333 WIP
Korrye, 335 WIP
Diamond_destiny, 342 WIP
zobofka, 373 WIP
Midori Yume, 375 WIP
GEmAmD7, 376 WIP
pj0.o, 377 WIP
SParadis, 378 WIP
Captain Covetous Longing, 379 WIP
canadanancy, 379 WIP
kotokoplum, 381 WIP
Lyeseria, 381 WIP
Whizky, 381 WIP
Keimiku, 383 WIP
Gilded Pixel, 383 WIP
Cykeros, 383 WIP
canadanancy, 384 WIP
canadanancy, 384 WIP
canadanancy, 384 WIP
Diamond_destiny, 384 WIP
Phaedophiler, 384 WIP
Phaedophiler, 384 WIP
Ralley, 384 WIP
Enigmatic Phantasm, 385 WIP
The Internet Predator, 385 WIP
Chefeetaboopers, 385 WIP
keiiii, 385 WIP
romesilk, 386 WIP
romesilk, 386 WIP
romesilk, 386 WIP
romesilk, 386 WIP
romesilk, 386 WIP
romesilk, 386 WIP
romesilk, 386 WIP
Dj Wishu Revolution, 387 WIP
Good as in Awesome, 387 WIP
The Clever Username, 387 WIP
Vioche, 387 WIP
Pirate Dirge, 387 WIP
Pirate Dirge, 387 WIP
Pirate Dirge, 387 WIP
Theta Vanth, 388 WIP
Theta Vanth, 388 WIP
Chii_Asakura, 388 WIP
indecisiveone, 388 WIP
indecisiveone, 388 WIP
indecisiveone, 388 WIP
indecisiveone, 388 WIP
indecisiveone, 388 WIP
indecisiveone, 388 WIP
indecisiveone, 388 WIP

User Image
User ImageUser Image

Can I violate the Gaia T.O.S.?
What are you, new here? No.

What do I draw?
You should focus on the six (6) subjects: Kimry, Alexis, Talon, Rita, Anna, and Camden. Single pictures are, of course, fine, and I would love to see group pictures.

Can I tell you how crappy my art is?
No. Don't tell me your art is crappy. Seriously. No complaining about your art.

What are the acceptable media?
Digital and traditional drawings/paintings are both accepted. Anything from a sketch to a polished painting is fair game. Photos of 3-D projects and animations are great too! However, pixel dolls and photomanipulations are not eligible for entry (because I don't like them and there are originality issues).

Wait, pixel art isn't allowed?
That's right. No pixel art. See acceptable media rule.

Do we have to draw their outfits exactly the same as the references?
No! Please, please take artistic license! I love to see creativity. Remember, creativity and detail get just as many points as raw artistic skill!

How do I submit my work?
Post it in this thread using the form in the Entries post. Large-sized images are favored over smaller ones, since I can see the details better. Please stick to common internet image formats.

I don't have anywhere to upload my image! crying
Try http://www.photobucket.com for image hosting.

Can I submit more than one?
Yes! Submit as many entries as you want! Submitting more entries will NOT decrease your changes of winning; each piece is judged individually, and I usually give out a most enthusiastic award as well.

How many prizes can I win?
Each entry can win one (1) prize. If it is the best in two categories, I will pick the bigger prize and the smaller one will go to someone else. There is no limit on the number of prizes one artist can win.

Do I have to pick the category I enter?
No, I will do that on my own. I consider a picture for EVERY category it is eligible for, not just one.

Can I submit a previous commission?
Not if I've already paid you. If you have an unpaid drawing, feel free to submit it and waive the fee.

Can I steal somebody else's work and submit it as my own?
Not only will this get you banned from my contest, you will also be reported to a moderator immediately. Trust me, when people see an art thief entering a contest, they know it. Plus, if someone else has drawn my character, chances are I already have the picture.

Is using references allowed?
You may use reference images to get poses, expressions, or other details down. However, you are NOT allowed to trace over someone's pose or copy their outfits designs. Draw your picture from scratch; don't use shortcuts. There are many, many pictures on the internet. Try to get more than one reference; that will help you come up with your own pose instead of being tempted to simply copy someone else's. In general, the composition of the picture should be yours.

Can I draw other people?
You MUST have one of my characters in the picture. But if you want to put one of yours in too, then go ahead! Just remember they are all from a post-apocalyptic setting, so everything should be character-appropriate.

What will you do with the pictures?
They may go on display on my personal website, and I will probably print some out and hang them in my room. They will not be used for commercial purposes unless I consult you first and get your permission or work out a deal. By entering, you give me rights to crop for thumbnails and banners, but the credit for the art will always go to you.

Are collaborations allowed?
Yes! Make sure you put both names in the entry form. You are responsible for dividing up prizes you may win.

Can you tell me if my art is good enough to enter this contest?
I will never guarantee you a prize, no matter how good I think your art is. I do not know what entries I will get, so I can't tell you if you will be better than them. Plus, the prizes are based on getting the character right and composition/idea just as much as on artistic skill. Novice artists can still win prizes. They may not win the biggest prize, but there are over 80 prizes to win, and many are based on the content of your submission, not just the prettiness.

I have a question that is not answered in your detailed and thorough first page! What do I do?
Post your question here in the thread, and I will happily answer it with as much detail as you need. Please avoid PMing questions about the contest to me.

Some Good Questions:
Good as in Awesome
What level of technology? Is a 'gun' a miracle invention? or is a ray-gun? Electricity? What is the energy that's used to power things? Hydrocarbons (gas coal, etc..), Wind-powered electic? Do you only want things that are actually possible or can there be fantastic technology? Are any of these inappropriate?

Most things are powered by steam and mechanical movement, but there are remnants from before the Fall (like the crawlers...they are electric) that still work. Anything electric that still runs has it's own power source, because they don't have the technology to generate electric power anymore. However, nothing says that someone can't take an electric machine and re-purpose it for...say...a ray gun. I have some sketches of Kim working on something and pieces of crawlers lying around her, so there's a good bit of flexibility. The important thing is to make it look like it COULD work...the exact HOW isn't terribly crucial.

Good as in Awesome
Does the city have any special architecture? Maybe tall towers on the church? Or is it mostly flat with only 2-3 stories on each building like in Florence. Is it more Victorian or Art Nouveau?
There are a lot of bridges over canals and arches on buildings. The city has streets, but they use boats on the canals, too. It's not all flooded like Venice, but doing a Google search of Venice would give you a good place to start, since it's part of what I based my idea of the city on. They don't have fancy palace-like places though...most of the buildings in the inner-city have been modernized a little more. They are much more like small mansions than palaces. Again, it's flexible.

Good as in Awesome
If so many talented people want to live in the city, why doesn't someone make money by building new apartments around the outside of the city? Is there some sort of geographical limit on space? Is it on a plateau?

The main limitation is water supply. The water outside the city is nasty, and it's really difficult to sustain a population out there without any technology. I just recently started reading a webcomic called FreakAngels, which has a similar apocalyptic event happen, with a similar outcome. Most of the world (as far as the scope of the first set of stories is concerned) is pretty ick right now. The inner city somehow manages to get clean water, so they are basically an oasis.

As for capitalist ventures, there are indeed some buildings for rent around the outer city. The problem is that most of the denizens of the outer city barely manage to eke out a living, so they can't afford to pay lots of rent. This leads to a lot of slum lords...you make more money by having lots of cheap crappy housing than by having a few nice apartments because no one could afford the nice apartments.

The large buildings would most likely be part of the church/school. The school for the rich kids (and any poorer people who are lucky enough to get patronage from one of the Houses) is run by the church and is part of the church building. The church also has some of the oldest and most sophisticated technology in the inner city, so they have tons of big structures and secret rooms to house those things. The church also has buildings all around the city, and they pretty much have as much money as they want to throw around.
User ImageUser Image

Renai City is one of the few cities left on Earth. Centuries ago, men rose up against each other and destroyed much of the civilization they had built, leaving few left to rebuild. Those with the knowledge and skills to reconstruct the former civilization were scarce, and most of their knowledge died out over the following generations. The remnants of Earth's population lived as they could, many gathering in the least damaged cities. Renai was reconstructed as an experiment, intended to be a rebirth of the glory of the past.

Those with valuable skills soon gathered in Renai, using what they knew to build new dwellings, streets, and canals. A new church rose up. A school was instituted for those who could afford it. People began to live together in an aristocracy of sorts, although class was determined by your family's skill rather than a ruling monarch. The people of Renai flourished.

Eventually the population of the city grew too large for the part they had cleaned up and rebuilt. As more and more people gathered to Renai, the poorer residents were pushed to the outer edges of the city. Distinction grew between the residents of the inner city and the outer city. The Inner City was new, clean, well-maintained, and home to the wealthiest. The Outer City was mostly decrepit buildings, generally unkempt, and the canals were disgusting. Neglected by the Inner City, the Outer City was left to fend for itself in many ways.

Renai City (a working title) is the story of this class struggle seen through the eyes of a teenage girl (Kimry Banford) and a seasoned spy (Alexis Layne).

User Image
User Image

User ImageKimry Banford
Reference 1, by Songjewel
Reference 2, by Crystal Helena
Reference 3, by Enigmatic Phantasm

Inner City, Banford House.

Kimry is the 18-yr-old daughter of Miles Banford, the Head of Banford House. Banford does most of the manufacturing of animated tech for the city, so the household is quite well-off. Kimry has a bit of a mad science streak and tends to experiment with her own tech constructions. This sometimes has not-so-good consequences. However, she is very good at putting parts together into a working whole. She is often seen with random things she's cobbled together. Like... you know...death rays. Her outlook is enthusiastic and naive. You could call her idealistic, but her ideals may not be the same as yours. She just wants to find out how everything works.

Yellow-orange blonde hair, light blue eyes. Physique is a little fleshy, medium height (5'5" or so), wide shoulders and full hips. Wears teensy reading/magnifying glasses that clip to her nose. Outfit is Victorian: puffy shirt, button vest, flowing skirt. She has modified her boots with all kinds of shiny bits from her collection that she couldn't find a use for. She likes deep burgundy, so her clothes are usually that color. (except the blouse she wears under her vest; that's usually white or off-white with a bunch of stains and smears near the wrists.)

Relation to Other Characters:
Kim is the main character of the story, which is going to have a YA (young adult genre) focus. I guess that means I need to develop some teenage friends for her to get into trouble with. Anyway, she starts out the story kind of naive. She has typical teenager woes about her parents and stuff, but she's generally unaware of the plight of the lower class and the corruption involved in keeping the lower class down. Over the course of the story, she and Alexis end up attending the same school (It's not like our public schools...it's a fancy academy for the people that can afford schooling. All ages.). At first Kim is fascinated and sort of suspicious of Alexis, so they're at odds. Eventually they end up working together to oust the corrupt rulers and help the Outer City. Also, Rita ends up teaching her how to cook, which she loves because it's basically chemistry you can eat!

User Image

User ImageAlexis Layne
Reference 1, by Songjewel
Reference 2, by AvaH.Kaedo
Reference 3, by Viole
Reference 4 (profile pic at right), by Songjewel
Reference 5, by Temily Emily

Outer City, not part of a Household.

Alexis is a 34-yr-old smuggler of information and technological secrets. She is skilled with ranged weapons such as crossbow, throwing knives, and projectiles in general. She's pretty jaded about society, but underneath her hard facade is a longing to make things better. She is extremely introverted and has many acquaintances but few close friends. The closest thing she has to a significant other is her close friend Paul, a blacksmith's apprentice in the Outer City. He's the same age as her, and they grew up in the same area of the city.

Supporting character 1: Paul is 6 inches taller than Alexis and is pretty massive, especially his upper body. He's a blacksmith. He has huge hands, dark scruffy hair, a Mediterranean complexion, and dark brown eyes. Yeah, there's totally sexual tension between them, but they both know that her job doesn't really leave much room for family life.

She has light blond hair, bright lime green eyes, and a fair base complexion, but both tend to be marred by grime most of the time. Physique is lean, muscular, and tall (about 6 feet). Outlook is jaded, although she cares somewhat for the good of the people, she is much more concerned with making enough of a living to keep herself housed, clothed, and fed. Outfit is open to creativity, but should indicate the activity she is engaged in during the scene. Generally, she wears something resembling dark leggings and dark boots (either ankle or knee-high, but definitely FLAT, not high-heeled). The top changes more, depending on what she's doing. Generally there is a loose overshirt of some kind and a tight, supportive undershirt. When not underwater, she wears an eyepiece that indicates the presence of tech with tiny blips of light. She tends to carry a techie-looking recurve bow and a back-mount quiver with arrows.

Relation to Other Characters:
Lex knows everybody. She's the thread that weaves all the stories of these people together. Rita, Camden, Anna, and Talon are part of the council that periodically hires Alexis to steal information. Alexis ends up attending the Inner City academy as part of a job, where she meets Kimry. At first Kim is an annoying nuisance, but it turns out the little girl is actually a mechanical genius. Alexis and Kim go from nemeses to partners in...uh...anti-crime?

User Image
User Image

User Image
Talon Karall
Reference 1, by Strange Whispers
Reference 2, by Helmi

Inner City, Karall House.

Karall House specializes in custom furniture, which is how they built their fortune. Talon is 30, and a masterful sculptor. Talon has a hedonsitic streak and tends to associate with the more boisterous of the outer-city denizens for fun. He often sneaks off into the Outer City in the evenings, dressing down and mingling with tavern patrons. He initially comes across as shallow, but he is quite intelligent and cares deeply for his family, especially his younger sister. He has to make a hard decision because of this attachment later in the story.

Supporting character 2: Talon's sister is 24, almost as tall as he is, and has long blonde hair. Her eyes are the same color as his, and she also has sharp, angular features. She is very intelligent, but also very innocent.

He is tall and lanky with a narrow face and green eyes. He dresses in many different outfits, but he especially loves the colors gold and cream. When working in the woodshop, he obviously doesn't wear his nicer garments. However, even his work clothes are good quality fabric.

Relation to Other Characters:
The only characters here who know who Talon really is are Kimry, Alexis, and Anna. Kimry obviously has no idea about the council and their plans until she makes nice with Alexis, but Anna and Talon are both from Inner City families and have a lot to lose if they are discovered, so they are often together. Usually, Anna is reminding Talon that they can't afford to slip up. Talon likes to hang out at Cynthia's when he is slumming it with the common folk, and he and Rita have had many long conversations into the evening. Alexis knows who he is because...well, it's her job to get information. Duh.

User Image

User Image
Rita Walsh
Reference 1, by Artimus Nero
Reference 2 (profile pic to the right), by Songjewel

Outer City, not part of a Household.

Rita is 29 and works as a cook at Cynthia's restaurant in the Outer City. She desperately wants to prove that she is useful to the cooks' guild. She's friends with many of the locals, but not much is known about her past. She doesn't seem to have any family or relations, at least none that she ever mentions.

Black hair, cropped. Tends to wear a kerchief to keep her hair out of her face (and her food). Skinny, short, and bony. Light blue eyes, pale-ish skin but usually appears a bit dusky from the layers of soot/dirt/char that settle out of the air. Her face is as bony as the rest of her; it's fairly wide and she has high cheekbones and a pointy chin.

Her outfit would be something basic...should look poor, but clean. Short sleeves or sleeves pushed up, possibly a vest or tight top or an apron-ish thing. She'd most likely be wearing a skirt, but it wouldn't be very full and it wouldn't pass her ankles. She's got to be able to move around in a cramped kitchen. She likes to wear blue to match her eyes, but wouldn't be able to afford any terribly bright fabric, so it'd be a dull blue.

The kitchen would basically be the remnants of an old kitchen that has been rigged up to work with whatever they can figure out. A stove would be great, as long as it looks suitably worn. Nothing that requires electricity...the stove would need to be gas powered, and the tools would all be hand tools. If you've ever seen an industrial kitchen, there's usually a big steel sink, counters, stove, big pots and pans, etc. It could have remnants of electric things, but nothing functioning.

Relation to Other Characters:
Being a cook at Cynthia's, Rita has gotten to know everyone except Kimry and Anna pretty well. She gets deliveries from Camden's farm, so they knew each other before she met any of the others. Talon is a regular at Cynthia's although Rita doesn't know who he is or what family he is part of. They're just casual friends, and they're both part of the secret council. Alexis is a different kind of regular; she often gathers information at Cynthia's. Rita has more of a working relationship with Alexis than a friendship. In the second half of the story, Rita and Kimry become friends. Kim identifies more with Rita than any of the others, especially when she discovers that cooking is basically playing around with chemistry.

User Image
User Image
http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu328/songjewel3/Camden-1.png[/imgright]Camden Riley
Reference 1, by Songjewel
Reference 2, by Helmi

Outer City, not part of a Household.

Camden, 45 years old, is practical and skeptical. He is part of a group that employs Alexis to gain technological information from the Inner City. He has a pretty good understanding of Physics and is the closest thing the group has to an engineer. He owns and runs a farm, which is located inside of a reclaimed 15-story building, that helps supply the city's food. He also has the hots for his delivery girl, who happens to be young enough to be his daughter. (He is NOT a ***** in her late 20s. Jeez.)

Supporting character 3: Camden's 28-year-old delivery girl is named Jodie. She has shoulder-length orange-blonde hair and a wicked sense of humor. She has light skin and blue eyes. She has the scots-irish reddish complexion. Jodie drives the cart that carries deliveries from Canden's farm to their destinations around the city. She grew up pretty much on the streets running around with a bunch of boys, so she has very little shame and loves to tease. She generally wears overalls and a cap while she's working.

Short fluffy blonde hair, blue eyes, scruffy square-jawed face, short and stocky. He is very fit from working the farm (climbing stairs between 15 stories all day would keep you fit, too. No elevators.) His chin is usually covered with short stubble, and his face is pretty well-creased. He wears mostly work clothes made of simple, sturdy fabrics.

Relation to Other Characters:
Camden is very friendly with Rita because their businesses are basically partnered. They have known each other longer than any of the rest. He works with Anna a lot because he sends any of his workers who get sick or injured straight to her. He knows she is a stickler for sanitation, because they met when she approached him to find out how he cleaned the water he used for his farm.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Anna Morgan
Reference 1 (profile pic to the right), by Songjewel
WIP Reference 2, by Strange Whispers
Reference 3, by Gilded Pixel
Reference 4, by Tei Kae

Inner City, Morgan House.

At 47, Anna is the oldest daughter of the Head of Morgan House. Anna coordinates the efforts of (and basically runs) healing houses around the outer city. She gets funding from both church and inner city for these venues. Anna is deeply invested in the work she does with the healing houses; she tries very hard not to take it personally when patients die, but works tirelessly to find ways to prevent those deaths. She is usually very composed, but she occasionally gets very angry.

Long black hair, kept neatly up. Green eyes, dark complexion, tight oval face. She wears white healer's robes with green accents that match her eyes and white gloves.
User Image

Relation to Other Characters::
Everyone in the group knows who Anna is and what family she comes from, but no one on the council would ever willingly betray that information. Anna's work at the healing house means she is pretty much known to most people, but she is close to very few. She is seen with Talon and Camden more often than anyone else. She works with Camden a lot on sanitation issues; they met when she approached him to find out how he cleaned the water he used for his farm.

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This post is no longer relevant
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No Deadline (or unknown deadline):

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User Image
Ending in October 2009:

User Image

Ending in January 2010:

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Alright, that's plenty.
Now I need link banners, better character graphics, and a story synopsis.
*runs in like a freak* OH.EM.GEE I WOULD LOVE TO TRY!!! wink
*runs in like a freak* OH.EM.GEE I WOULD LOVE TO TRY!!! wink

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