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Heyhey~ Welcome to my third Art Contest! If you don't know me already, my name's Little, and these six fabulouusss OCs are my babies. Ahhh I can't get enough art of them! D8 It's like a craving.

<< So let's make this short and sweet and get on with it yes? >>

START DATE: 8/29/12

You can draw any OC you want.
I will only be awarding 1mil to the art piece that I like the most.
Feel free to draw my OCs as many times as you want.
THERE WILL BE SURPRISE minor prizes to runner up artwork. Because I'm a pushover like that D8

If the end date changes I'll make sure I post an announcement.

Oh it's some of those nasty Rules:
>> No spamming or page stretching.
>> No altering or stealing art!
>> No advertising! If you would like to trade forum links, ask.
>> Do not flame other entries! All received art is good art.
>> No begging.
>> Follow Gaias T.O.S.
>> Do not quote anything from the first page.

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Personality:: He's a bit of a hyperactive nut, but he has his cute moments.

Hair/Eyes:: His eyes are neon pink, and his hair is a very light grey.

Outfit:: Feel free to make a new hoodie design, but it must be in these colors, and follow the same scheme as the examples at the bottom. If you decide to be awesome and make your own themed hoodie make sure you: have him holding that item annnd incorporate that item somehow into his hoodie design.

Color Scheme:: As for the color scheme... you can lighten or darken the colors a smidge if youd like (however I prefer neon or bright colors) but keep to the green/pink/black theme please.

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Personality:: He's sort of a downer, the only time he really seems like he's having fun is when he's interacting with Script (his coffee mug). He's has romantic feelings for Glitch, which quite frankly pisses him off... and so like the awesome guy he is he blames Glitch for these feelings. Like a petulant child.

Hair/Eyes:: Java's hair is neon pink with neon green bangs. His eyes are grey and he has naturally tan skin.

Outfit:: He usually likes to stick to wearing his numerous argyle sweaters 8'D His outfit, if you decide to make him wear something else, has to consist of monochrome colors!

Coffee Mug:: The coffee mug you see is named Script and is kind of like a mood ring, it reflects whatever moods Java is in (the mug always has a face on it). Also... Java's addicted to coffee and would be a complete zombie without it.

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Personality:: He's very standoffish. He doesnt like to be told what to do, or most of the time he doesnt even really like to be talked to. If you pick at him.... expect him to get a little hysterical, he gets flustered really easily, and is sometimes prone to theatrical outbursts. He's also a bit self-conscious.

Hair/Eyes:: His eyes are gold and his hair is made up mostly of feathers. Dont forget the gold markings on his face! IMPORTANT: Horton is part Great Horned Owl

Outfit:: Horton's outfit consists of a feathered brown strapless shirt, gold leggings, a pair of soft boots, and a thin leather belt on which he carries a leaf from his favorite tree.

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Personality:: She's very carefree and loving. She loves to mother her friends, and usually plays peace-keeper when her friends are involved.

Hair/Eyes:: Trefoil's eyes are green, and her hair is a salmon color. She has green skin! Also the wings are almost like dragonfly wings in shape.

Outfit:: Artistic Freedom! All I ask is that you keep her in the same basic colors oranges/salmon/greens (you can arrange them how you wish, refer to samples) and you incorporate three leaf clovers and stars into her outfit. As for shoes, she prefers to wear flats.

Tattoos:: She loves tattoos, feel free to tat her up. On her neck she must have at least one star tattoo, you can choose how few or many she has. Also, under her eyes and on the top of her ears are triangle tattoos (three on each ear to be exact), once again refer to samples.

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Personality:: Odette has a very sarcastic character hidden behind an innocent-looking face. She's a big troublemaker who prides herself on being able to get away with almost anything (her idols are the legendary Marauders, and former Gryffindors Fred and George Weasley).

Hair/Eyes:: Here eyes are honey brown, and her hair is red, almost a scarlet. NOTE: SHE HAS FRECKLES

Outfit:: Her style is very hippie-chic, she wears her golden lion pendant necklace with her normal everyday uniform.

ᴀɢᴇ: Eighteen
ʟɪɴᴇᴀɢᴇ: Pure-blood. Her father is a very influential man in the ministry, and has a seat on The Wizengamot. Her mother is rather flighty and rarely ever in Odette's life.
ᴏᴄᴄᴜᴘᴀᴛɪᴏɴ: 7th year student at Hogwarts
ʜᴏᴜsᴇ: Gryffindor

ᴘᴀᴛʀᴏɴᴜs: Coyote

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Personality:: He's a mad scientist Wizard~ Who prides himself on being all-powerful. He's mentally unstable and has a wicked attitude that makes most other wizards/people... stay away from him.

Hair/Eyes:: His eye is teal, and his hair is loosely curly and covers his right eye (left facing you). He usually has his hair tied back in a long ponytail.

Outfit:: Why yes he does have two wizard hats! Most of his clothes are patchy and stitched together. His cape has stars and circles on it, giving it sort of a whimsical look. He always has his wand in his hand.

AROUND HIS LEFT EYE He has a series of white circles and a star tattood. (look at Refs for example)

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Autumn Rowland: Odette
netamii: Draylen
h a i f u c h e s h i r e: Glitch
Saiko otoko: Glitch
Dove-chan: Draylen
Fey_Vie: Glitch
Heimdalls Sight: Horton
Pandora Bright: Trefoil
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Devout Lunatic

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