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Infected with Pregnancy: Calendar Art Contest
User Image

So the contest is over and the winners have been chosen. Thank you everyone who helped either with prizes or with art! Mei loves you all. The calendar can be found here: [Calendar]
So if anyone wants a copy you can buy it there. ^^ Hope everyone had fun and stay tunned for new contest in the future. ^^

Contest Start: July 11, 2010
Contest End: December 1, 2010

Voting Starts: December 12, 2010
Voting Ends: December 19, 2010

And it is time for another Infected with Pregnancy art contest. This time I am making a MEGA contest, yes even bigger that what we usually make! There will be prizes galore! The catch of this contest, you need to make art for a calendar. The specifics will be discussed later on, just be sure to start those ideas and scribble them down, this will be a long but fun contest ^^.

Also don’t forget to visit...
Our original thread:[Infected with Pregnancy]
Our Guild: [Pregnancy Guild]
Malus Contest: [Infected with Pregnancy Minor: Art Contest Thread]

Note: If you are currently doing or planning to do art for the contest and feel like there isn't enough time to finish, please let mei know. Send here a PM with your concern and a WIP of your work, she might give you a little extension.

Note: If you have any month in mind, but it has already been done, feel free to make art for it anyways since it will just go into voting then.

The thread can be found here: [x]

Please send your votes to Pregnant_Snape, our mule. (Don't post your votes) If you have any doubts about what a category means read the info on the Contest Thread or ask mei. If you don't want to vote for a certain category then don't, you don't have to vote for every category, though I would like it if you did ^^

[size=18][b]Voting Ballot for the Calendar Art Contest[/b][/size]
Vote on what art you think should win for each category, please see all the entries before making your decision and be as impartial as possible. Write the number of the art.


[i][b]Special Categories:[/b][/i]
[b] Mythical Creature Pregnancy: [/b]
[b] Best Male Pregnancy (Mpreg): [/b]
[b]Sexiest Pic:[/b]
[b]Best Holiday:[/b]

*All the art displayed in the front page has been received from various artist, from our Art Contests and through our main thread. Thank you all for your awesome works of art. ^^ Mei loves every piece.
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User Image

Before you submit your art there are some points I want to make clear.

1. This contest's goal is to make an Infected with Pregnancy Calendar, therefore by submitting your art you give me permission to use it in a final printed product that members from our thread might buy and place in their homes.

2. The art submitted in this contest might be placed in a site like deviantart, to grant access for the members of the thread to order the calendar. If you have any suggestion of another site that would let me place art so others can order it, please let me know.

3. If by any off chance we sell any calendars, the earning will be used to buy gaia cash and fund more art contest. If you have a better idea let me know.

4. If you plan to submit your art it must have a big enough resolution to be printed into a calendar. The sizes listed in deviantart for calendar prints are as follow:

inches: 11x8.5 (the same as a letter sized paper)
centimeters: 28x22
Minimum pixel size: 1650x1275 Pre-sized canvas thanks to Kraft ^^ [x] [PSD file]
Excellent pixel size: 3300x2550

If your art doesn't conform to one this sizes it will be disqualified, so try your best to make it big enough.
Tip: If you want to know if your art is big enough and you have a deviantart account, you can check by trying to make it into a Calendar print, if DA lets you, it means it is big enough. If it doesn't let you, then it needs to be bigger.

5. Due to the nature of the contest and it's final goal I will require that every piece of art submitted have the artist's signature in either the lower right or lower left of the work. I want to give you the credit to your work so when I display it at my home I know who made it and can tell the world.

6. To submit your work, just post it here in the thread or send me a PM with the following info:

[color=orange][b]Calendar Submission![/b]
[b]Artist Name:[/b]
[b]Month or Cover page:[/b]

If it pleases you you can give you artwork a name, though it isn't required.

7. If you want to buy a calendar or a print of any of the art received in the contest, let me know, or check my devianart account after the contest is over.

If you have any problem with one of this requirements, or suggestion about the contest let mei know. I just want everyone to be clear about the contest's idea and the final product.

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Categories: Start of the Year
User Image

There are many ways to go when making a calendar, I will list some of the holidays, events, and ideas that could be used in every month, but you can also use your own ideas, people's birthdays, pinup art or a simple pregnancy calendar in which every month shows a different stage of the pregnancy, just use your imagination and think about what you would like to see in a calendar. People have provided their birthdates in their small profiles so you can tell whose birthday is what month in case you want to go that route ^^

If you have any holiday, or idea that you would also like too see (I am sorry I don't know about everyone's holidays) tell me and I will add it. ^^

January: January, the first month of the year, many things happen during this month, some of the events that you can decide to illustrate include:
* Infected with Pregnancy Anniversary: 2011 will be our second year anniversary! So you can draw us a nice anniversary party scene.
* New Years Party: with an awesome fireworks display, or simply a grown up party.
*Three Wise Men Day: It's a latin american tradition, look it up or ask mei about it, the gist is, kids receive presents from the three wise men like Jesus did.
*Martin Luther King Day: Just rolling with what my calendar says are the holidays of this month.
*Australia Day: January 26 ^^ For our Aussie friends ^^
Prize: January 2010 letter+Let it Snow

February: Oh the month of love and friendship. Art can include:
*Romantic Scene: A nice romantic scene between some of the thread's members.
*Sexy art: Sexy, not pornographic, there is a difference and you must know it.
*Valentine's Day: A nice valentine related art, with love and friendship all around!
*President's Day: *shrugs* I really don't know... hehe
*Groundhog Day:Because we all love and trust Phil to tell us when Spring will start.
*Chinese New Year: 2011 is the year of the Rabbit ^^ and this time it will start on February 3. ^^
Prize: February 2010 letter+Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)

March: What happens during march? Does anyone know...? March is usually such an empty month...
*Ash Wednesday: is the only thing I can remember for march...
*Start of Spring: apparently spring starts in march (not here in Michigan though, it is always winter here lol jk)
*Emancipation Day: So the slaves were freed... wait I think this is a puerto rican holiday... oh well is all I have for march.
*St. Patricks Day: Show your Irish pride and draw us having some St. patty's day fun!
*Equinox: I have been informed it is March 20 for 2011
Prize: March 2010 letter+ The Golden Chuuchilla+Odanodan+Luck o' the Gairish

April: oh April, when spring is finally really here and most of the snow is gone.. flowers start to peek and the green starts to show... Michigan gets filled with tulips and we can finally stop wearing the heavy coats...
*Easter: Easter this year is in April, so you can make a nice easter pic, with the members of IwP or their kids in an extravagant egg hunt!
*José de Diego Birthday: it is a Puerto Rican holiday, that not even many puerto ricans know why they have the day free... but I like the dude, he looks all cool and old... so if you can manage to find how to integrate this to a pic... cuddos.
*April Fools: Practical jokes galore!
*Earth day: be green, and show us how to be green.
*Tax Day: Because everyone loves to pay their taxes...
Prize: April 2010 letter+ Strawberry Sundae Sweets x 2

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Categories: Middle of the Year
User Image

If you have any holiday, or idea that you would also like too see (I am sorry I don't know about everyone's holidays) tell me and I will add it. ^^

May: oh May, mother's month.
*Mothers Day: Obviously, in a thread that is dedicated to pregnancy mother's day is a very important occasion! You can take any one of our mother's and surround them with their children, presents and or friends, or you can make a big IwP mother's day party!
*Flowers: I think May is the month of the flowers... so you can go crazy with them.
* Memorial day: To remember those fallen on battle.
*Cinco de Mayo: May 5th celebrating all things Mexican ^^
*Graduations: a lot of the graduations occur at the end of May or begging of June.
Prize: May 2010 letter+Changeling Baby Girl (gen to be determined)

June: The start of summer! School is finally out and we can finally really enjoy some free time!
*Beach: of course this is your opportunity to draw cute beach bellies and sexy bathing suits!
*Summer Activities: Beach parties, picnics, watermelon smashing, carnival, etc. You can draw any summer activity that you love to see or do!
*Father's Day: The same as mother's day, here in IwP father's day is also a very important occasion.
*Saint John day: In Puerto Rico it is a long standing tradition to go to the beach on Saint John's day eve and throw yourself backwards into the water.
*Summer Solstice: The longest day of the year.
*Graduations: a lot of the graduations occur at the end of May or begging of June.
*Butterfly Day: June 19th
Prize: June 2010 letter+Changeling Baby Boy (gen to be determined)

July: Summer's fun is in it's highest point! (or summer boredom.. depends on your luck)
*Beach: of course this is your opportunity to draw cute beach bellies and sexy bathing suits!
*Summer Activities: Beach parties, picnics, watermelon smashing, bbq, carnival, etc. You can draw any summer activity that you love to see or do!
*4th of July: I won't lie... it isn't my favorite holiday... but if you can make a really nice one I'll have no complains. Let the fireworks start!
*Canada day: I heard it was July 1st ^^
Prize: July 2010 letter + Yemaya's Pearl + Toothy

August: Wow... I can't remember anything that happens in August... YAY We finally found something for August!
*Singapore's National Day- August 9th. Think of it as Independence Day,but for Singaporeans.
*It's Hot Out: August is probably one if not the most hot month of the year
*School Starts: If you live in Puerto Rico that is...
*Hurricane Season: it starts in May but everyone knows it starts to get rough during August.
*Summer is almost over: and you need to squeeze those last days of freedom.
Prize: August 2010 letter+ Fermere's Guard (6 or 7 gen)

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Categories: End of the Year
User Image

If you have any holiday, or idea that you would also like too see (I am sorry I don't know about everyone's holidays) tell me and I will add it. ^^

September: the start of school
*First Day of School: Draw us saying goodbye to our kids as the first day of school comes by.
*Schools in: You can draw what a disaster the class will be if it was filled with some of our little spawn children.
*Labor Day: Don't wear white after it ^^
*Equinox: The second one is on September 23 for 2011.
Prize: September 2010 letter+ Homeroom

October: Halloween! So much candy!
*Halloween: The perfect holiday to draw our children or our member, just trick or treating or having some scary fun. Make them wear scary, sexy, cute or interesting costumes. ^^ Go crazy with the ideas!
*Columbus Day: Because we are all glad he discovered America.
Prize: October 2010 letter+ Jack Plush

November: November is a very important month for Mei (it is my birthday...)
*Dia de los Muertos: Like Halloween, but for latin america.
*Thanks Giving: The perfect holiday to spend with the family, eat lots of turkey, get stuffed and bloated and give thanks to God. A nice family scene or big dinner with the IwP members would be nice.
*Veterans Day: To remember all of those who have gone to war.
*Discovery of Puerto Rico Day: Hey I am puerto rican... I love this day, it represents the day in which we started being on maps (even if we are just a dot on most of them)
Prize: November2010 letter + Dumplin McGibblet+ Gaia Gaia Party Time!

December: Most holidays occur during this month, so you can go crazy with it.
*Christmas: you can draw us a nice Christmas party! cuddos to anyone that can illustrate a puertorrican Christmas party.
* Hanukkah: or maybe a Hanukkah party.
* Kwanzaa: or Kwanzaa if you prefer.
*Let it snow: you can draw us having fun in the snow, sledding, skiing, or having a snowball fight.
*Winter Solstice: The shortest day of the year.
Prize: December 2010 letter + December 2008 letter + Cozy Holiday Tree

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Categories: Other

User Image

Cover Page: Every Calendar needs a cover page and of course this one is no exception. Since this is the cover page there are a couple of requirements for this category. First, it must contain the following words:
Infected with Pregnancy

In any way or look you want, but the words must be included for your art to be the cover of the calendar, they must be readable and good looking, just think of what you would see in a normal calendar.
The art must be of good quality and if possible include a lot of the IwP members. This is an example of what I would expect to place as the cover page (mind you this art is from another of our art contest, it isn't the correct size and it doesn't have the words I want for the cover) [Example]
A good idea for a cover page is the IwP crew having a Baby Shower, waiting for someone in the delivery room, a wedding or simply any activity that would requier lots of us to be together.
Prize: Secret Retreat (generation to be determined) + Western Zodiac

Mythical Creature Pregnancy:
Here in IWP we are proud of our species variety so to show it off a category for all of those special creatures that may or may not exist. Like our Fairies, Nagas, Mermaids, Nekos, Centaurs, etc. If you want to draw someone that is not exactly mythical, just add a horn, some wings or maybe a seahorse tail... and we'll call it even. ^^
Prize: Unicorn+Dreamscape

Best Male Pregnancy (Mpreg):
This category has always appeared in all our contest, why? because that was the initial point of IWP, to get Mpreg art. So go out there and bring mei the preggy guys! Mei loves them very much ^^
Prize: Amber Seahorse Tail +Aquamarine Seahorse Tail +Obsidian Seahorse Tail +Seahorse Scepter +Aquarium Seahorse

Wrong Season: What? You say you live in the southern hemisphere and it’s winter not summer? Well don’t worry I have a proposition for you. Draw someone all decked out for summer only to find out that outside winter is going full blast with its cold cold rage, or draw someone all dressed up for winter only to find themselves in the hottest heat stroking summer weather possible! Just draw someone finding out they got confused in their thought of what season it really was.
Prize: SDPlus #106 Sol the Lord of Summer + Ice Prince

Most Comical: Make us roll on the floor laughing and win an awesome prize!
Prize: Sushi Master

Sexiest Pic: Give us a picture that makes us blush! (and Sarin nose bleed) (Remember Sexy does not mean Pornographic)
Prize: Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9) + Serpentine Priestess

Genderbender: Draw our girls as boy or our boys as girls, you decide!
Prize: Rosy Showgirl + Gender Bender Potion

Best Holiday: We will choose who best represents the spirit of the holidays represented.
Prize: Carol of Ol' Nick

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Categories: Mei Given

User Image

Hidden Ferret: Mei adopted a pair of ferrets a couple of days ago and is currently obsessed with them (I love my babies Rosie and Clancy so much), so if you manage to draw them hidding or doing ferrety things around the pic I will give you a prize. Here are some references of them [x][x]
Prize: Everyone that tries gets a Pongo the ferret, the one I consider they look the best will get a Dewy the Homicidal Ferret.

Mei's Favorite:
As the name states, my favorite from all of the drawings received.
Prize: Lala the Koala Plushie

Consolation Prizes:
With so many categories you are bound to win something! But even if you don't we still offer consolation prizes for every participant that enters, so don't be afraid to give it a try. ^^
Prize: An item worth 10k-20k, which will be chosen later on and will depend on my gold status and how many participants enter.

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Categories: Other Members Given

User Image

By:Yachiru Delacroix
Best Wedding Art: Best drawing of two members getting 'married' in any place you want.
Be sure to dress them up as a 'bride' and 'groom'.
They do not have to a male and a female.
It could be two males, two females, or it could even be a male 'bride' and female 'groom'.
You can have a group of people seated during the wedding or dancing/standing during the reception.
You can draw this in whatever month you want just make sure to show what it might look like in that month.
Prize: Infernal Spirit Gen. 12

By: Malus-Servus
Malus and Canada Day: Draw Malus-Servus celebrating his birthday/Canada Day (july 1st). Or draw Malus-servus celebrating any holiday for the month of july, or just as the model for July.
Malus drawn for July 1st- you may expect 10k-25k just for entering.
Malus drawn for July - in general 5k-15k just for entering.
Overall best/fav of all the drawings will get Sealed envelopes of july for 2009, 2008 and 2007! (might add in 2010)! A value of 250k+

By: Sarin-19
Butterfly Day: June 19th
Draw Sarin celebrating Butterfly day by having her/him flaying with butterlies. So it will be a best 'in-flight' pic of sarin with butterflies.
Prize: The Viceroy + The Coocoon.

By: x -That Scene Kid
The birth of rin's sister's baby!: So as it says... My sister will be giving birth to a little girl she named Lilli on December 15th. I would love it if anyone would have a go at their gaia selves. Please ignore the boobs and such.. She'll be a newborn. //My sister
Prize: Memphis' shinning locks
All who at least try will get 5k-10k for their effort.<3

By:Nightmere Sharinorochi
Magical Show Off: It is quite simple you just draw one of my many forms performing and form of magic. If the one you draw is close to my favorite it somewhat improves your chances. My Forms
Prize: elemental spirits + a random item

By: Sifen Yamishi
It's time for the kids to go to school! or Playdates with the kids:Draw the kids and their parents prepping up for the big day.Are they excited?Scared?Show what's going on.Or it can be this one.Playdates with the kids?I dunno.Maybe merge them together?
Prize: 2 Angel Imp Potion

If you have an idea for a category and want to sponsor it feel free to post or send mei a PM with the information. Also, any help you can provide to cover the expenses of the other prizes, or any ideas of what the prizes for the contest categories should be, will be greatly appreciated.

[color=violet]I have a category idea!
[b]Category Name:[/b] and Description

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User Image

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Art most be related to the thread theme. This means it must fit into one of these categories:

a.) A pregnant person in the thread (whether normal pregnancy or mpreg, preferably Mpreg)

b.) If you can’t draw pregnant bellies you might try someone going through pregnancy symptoms: morning sickness, weird cravings, mood swings, etc.

c.) Someone getting impregnated by the almighty gigantic syringe, or any other comical (non sexually explicit) way (follow the TOS and keep it pg-13).

d.) The end results of the pregnancy, in other terms the whole “happy” babies around you moment.

e.) Please don't draw any of the children pregnant, pregnancy is reserved for the "adults" of the thread.

f.) It must be fit to be put into a calendar.

2. Obviously follow the TOS.

3. No insulting, no flaming, no trolling, do not do things just to anger people on the thread. If you don’t like the theme you don’t have to be here. Sides everyone knows you should not upset a pregnant person. If you do mei will hunt you down! I am very protective of my little spawns and their “mothers”. And trust mei, you don’t want a zombie nurse, with a love for giant needles after you.

User Image4. You are welcome to stay around and chat, maybe join or staff or victims. We are always happy to have more people around.

5. You are welcomed to submit as many pieces of art as you want. So go ahead and try to fill the entire calendar with your art if it pleases you. You can submit as many pieces you want for as many months you want (you can even repeat the same month if it pleases you)

6. We will accept all entries, from all levels of skill, just well don't submit stick figures. lol

7. Please don't submit digital art made using bases, I really don't think it is entirely your work, and even though I have seen great work done with them... it kinda is like taking credit for something that you didn't do completely on your own. On that same page, tracing will also not be accepted.

8. When in doubt, PM mei and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible. You can also ask any of the older members and regulars, they probably know the answer of what would mei say...

9. When voting time comes around, all regulars can vote (yes even if you have submitted art if you are a regular you can vote) I would prefer you not vote for yourself, but if you absolutely and sincerely belief your work is the best for that category I will not stop you from voting for yourself. Just you know... try to be sincere when you vote. In any case we have winners that are not regulars in the thread and we also have artist who have submitted and later become regulars, so please don't feel threaten to enter, we are impartial when voting.

10.If you want to add your own category to the list, just PM mei the details, like info, rules and prize and I will add it to the list.

11. You are welcomed to draw your own avi. (just let mei know that you did)

12. I reserve the right to modify, add or remove any rule, but I will let you know if I do.

13. The most important rule of all, have fun! ^^
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Avis to be drawn:
User Image

So here I will be placing the people for you to draw. ^^ So just pick whoever you feel more comfortable or interested in. Here is a link to our pregnancy log just in case: [Log]


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., User Image, User Image,User Image

(you can always ask mei for other references or draw her current avi. You can find more of mei's avis here: [x] or on her facebook album [x]
Species: Zombie
Birthday: November 16
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Children and Age: Akuji and Kanani:3, Meisha:2, Jolon and Valdis: 7 months
A more detail description of them can be found here:[Log Entry]
References: [Akuji] [Kanani][Akuji and Kanani playing in the Sand] [Meisha and Valdis with Kana and Mei][Mei and the whole gang]
Anything else: All my children have been "fathered" by MinamiKana [reference]

Preggy Me!
Name: Tobo
Avis: I really only have summer and non-summer looks. I am open to any sorts of outfits and renditions, though.
User Image User ImageUser Image
Species: Red Panda
Birthday: November 15
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Children and Age: Too many, really.
Anything else: I'm currently pregnant with pandataurs, which I find fascinating. sweatdrop

Twilight Cat 137
Preggy Me!
Name: Twilight Cat 137
Summer 1 and 2, Fall, Winter, Spring
User ImageUser Image User Image User Image User Image

Species: neko
Birthday:july 20th
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Children and Age: Luna, and Shizumu they aent born yet, but due july 27th
Anything else: some catnip, milk, fish, sweets

Desmond Belmonte
Preggy Me!
Avis: User Image
I want to use as one of the poster boys for Halloween, since I'm best suited for it.
Species: Vampire
Birthday: October 1st
Favorite Holiday: Halloween.
Children and Age: I have too many, but since this is a Halloween entry....My girls. Look 3, but are only one in human age.
Anything else: You can have my shirt lifted, and my preggy belly painted like a jack-o'-lantern.

Preggy Me!
Avis: User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Species: Penguin
Birthday: May 12
Favorite Holiday: New Years ? I don't really have a favorite holiday though....
Children and Age: Penguin Kiddos
Anything else: Penguins like fish >.> Some of my kids are more grown than others. uhmI am starting to write random stuff in this slot because I can't think of what to write...

Message Received
Preggy Me!
Name: Message Received
Avis: Spring:User Image Summer: User Image Fall: User Image Halloween: User Image Winter: User Image Christmas: User Image
Species: Technical shapeshifter
Birthday: March, 15th
Favorite Holiday: Halloween<3
Children and Age: My journal
Anything else: Well, im super flirty and really silly.. BornFromMyth is my slave.<3


Name: Malus-Servus (Mal Mal)
Avi: User Image
Species: Naga (half snake - half human)
Birthday: July 1st
Favorite Holiday: 4th of July
Children and Age: uhhh.... too many... I dropped off in a basket in the nursery. Mini-army worth I would say.
Anything else: I like BIG BIG preggy tummy. Also, I have elemental babies growing in me right now, each element in me. Poking in certain spots might cause me to hic-up/burp out elemental effects (aka- fireball, bolt of lightning, tornado, etc etc.)

Name: Reoakee (Reo)
Avi: User Image User Image User Image
Species: Half Fox/elf
Birthday: September 17
Favorite Holiday:
Children and Age: all born on Feb. 10 2010
Images of my little ones found here

Anything else: Itov is supper shy so he would be hiding behind me or another of his siblings in most shots. and Mela is a trouble maker. and you don't have to draw all of the little ones for one picture (it would be a nightmare shot)

Yachiru Delacroix
Preggy Me!
Name: Yachiru Delacroix or Yachi as I am known through the thread.
Avis: Winter: User Image Spring/St. Patrick's Day: User Image
Summer: User Image Fall: User Image
Christmas: User Image 4th of July: User Image
Any Other Avies I Like Can Be Found: Tekteks For Children, Tekteks For Myself
Species: Mostly fox or demonic fox.
Birthday: May 29th
Favorite Holiday: Don't have a real favorite. But I do like Christmas and the 4th of July.
Children and Age: Home Pregnancy Log & Pregnancy Log
Anything else: I am very shy with new people but I like to huggle and cuddle with Mr Felix Delacroix and just about anyone else from the thread. I have 11 children in me as of right now until about July 30th, which is when they are to be born.

Mr Felix Delacroix

Preggy Me!
Name: Mr Felix Delacroix
Avis: User Image
Species: Devil
Birthday: June 4
Favorite Holiday: Halloween, or St Patrick's Day
Children and Age: Just Ophelia I suppose.
Anything else: Feel free to dress up the Felix however you wish.

Preggy Me!
Name: Sain-19
Avis: User Image User Image User Image User Image
Species: Fairy
Birthday: 6/29/86
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Children and Age: Lucretia 4, Jessica, 2 and currently pregnant with Issac
Anything else: Reference of children,

Mei says: Sarin is usually a guy though right now he seems to have drunk a genderbender potion, he still dresses the same though lol.

Bitter Ambrosia
Preggy Me!
Name: Bitter Ambrosia
Avis: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Christmas
User Image,User Image,User Image,User Image,User Image
Species: Shapeshifter!
Birthday: October 17th
Favorite Holiday: Christmas. :3
Children and Age: I don't have any yet, but they are due September 22nd!
Anything else: Nothing really. :3 Thank you though!

Preggy Me!
Name: Starkeyy
Avis: Spring :: User Image Summer :: User Image Fall :: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Winter :: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Wedding :: User Image Halloween :: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
For more avis to choose from click here
Species: Demon - that has the ability to control what they look like XD (NOT A SHAPE SHIFTER)
Birthday: October 14th
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Children and Age: Too many to count, too lazy to describe them
Anything else: I'm always preggy =D really preggy , like about to pop xD


Preggy Me!
Name: xxblah_girlxx (a.k.a. blah)
User Image or User Image
If you want one of blah's avvies for a specific holiday or perhaps want to draw a different avvy but are still craving her infamous purple hair, please don't hesitate to pm her or ask her in the thread (as with any other questions you may have).
Species: human
Birthday: 15th August
Favorite Holiday: hmmm... all of them? x3 Blah is a very festive person.
One thing though - if you choose to draw a 4th of July picture, it may not be very appropriate to include Blah as she is Australian.
Children and Age:
Akia - daughter with Sarin-19, semi-fairy, age - around 3 years, toddler. ref: [x]
Jared - son with Vega-san, semi-demon, age - around 1 year old, mischeiveous, bright red hair.
For full info on my pregnancies and children, and additional reference images, please see this thread or ask me.
Anything else: Be as creative as you wish ^^

DieKraft Fe-Amon
Preggy Me!
Name: DieKraft Fe-Amon
Avis:fall User Image spring User Image summerUser Image winterUser Image
Species: fae; drawing the wings is optional. biggrin
Birthday: nov. biggrin
Favorite Holiday: halloween
Children and Age: if you want to see, find pregnancy log biggrin
Anything else: craves ... strawberries and fish xDDD

Preggy Me!
Name: krystal-gun
User Image
Species: Ice Demon
Birthday: Feb, 11
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Children and Age: Teenage twins, i wonder where they have gotten to.
Anything else: I love snowcones!

Preggy Me!
Name: Booieann
Avis: Spring:User ImageSummer:User ImageAutumn:User ImageWinter:User Image
Species: High elf
Birthday: August 3rd
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Children and Age: Hunter, unborn right now, but can be drawn newborn to toddler, he has brown hair, blue eyes, light skin, elven ears, and a brown tail. Ref
Anything else: I can usually be found eating cookies or practicing archery. Hunter was supposed to be born in February, so he is kinda late coming out. The tekteks aren't great, mainly on the bangs, so you can hunt me down and look at my avi if need be.

Zeal Nyran
Preggy Me!
Name: Zeal Nyran
Avis: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Species: The ORIGINAL D: Shapeshifter!
Birthday: December 12th <3
Favorite Holiday: Errr... ... ... ... I have none D:
Children and Age: Journal <3
Anything else: I am, in fact, a MALE <3 Just a girly one.

Nightmere Sharinorochi
Preggy Me!
Name: Nightmere Sharinorochi
Avis: first 3 are year round, the 4th is Spring, the 5th is Holloween/Fall, the last is Winter/Christmas
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Species: Magical Being
Birthday: February 7th
Favorite Holiday: Halloween & Christmas
Children and Age:
Anything else: I like doom and gloom. Also I love messing with Batz. If you want to know how just PM me
Please PM for more of my avis.

Amaya R. Sparda
Preggy Me!
Name: Amaya R. Sparda
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Valentine's Day, Halloween, Wedding
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Species: Shapeshifting Doll.
Birthday: October 6th
Favorite Holiday: [I have 2] Valentine's Day and Halloween
Children and Age: Preg Log
Anything else: N/A but brownie points if you can somehow include either any of my kids or one of the other parents in the picture.

Sifen Yamishi
Preggy Me!
Name:Sifen Yamishi
Spring, Summer, Chinese New Year, Fall, Winter
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Birthday:October 6th
Favorite Holiday:Chinese New Year
Children and Age: Lumi(Deceased),Chandler(Currently sick),Ximena(A few hours old).Their looks are in my journal.
Anything else: I love to cosplay,love my imp Stan(Whom is always with me),cooking,doing art,writing stories,play games.I do however love to eat sushi...and am known to eat quite a lot of stuff when expecting...

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Submitting your Avi:
User Image

Please fill and post the following information if you want your avatar to be added to the list of avatars to be drawn. Anyone that is part of our IWP threads can submit their avatar and info, but please don't go and change your mind about what avatar you want after you have submitted, because I might not have the time to be changing things too much, sorry.

[color=orange] [size=18]Preggy Me![/size]
[b]Avis:[/b] Please give an avi for all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter (preferebly tek tek but I will accept any other references). If you have a favorite holiday and would like your avi to represent that holiday, please use it in the reference for that season. For example Valentine's in Spring (or winter) and Halloween in Fall.
[b]Favorite Holiday:[/b]
[b]Children and Age:[/b] (if you have any and wish to add them to the contest, although if you have too many I would prefer a link to your pregnancy log or some other record you might have with their names and descriptions)
[b]Anything else:[/b] (Anything that you might want added to your drawing, your favorite craving, etc.)
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Art Received:
User Image

The art received in this contest will be placed here.

Cover Page:
Mizuki Ayu - [2]

DieKraft Fe-Amon - [4]

Mizuki Ayu - [1]

deathofbarney - [1]
MinamiKana -[3]
Nightmere Sharinorochi - [1]

xsnakexbytex - [1]

Tprinces - [1]

DieKraft Fe-Amon - [2]

Mr Felix Delacroix-[1]
xx I met my fate xx - [1]

MinamiKana -[2]

Mizuki Ayu - [3]

MinamiKana - [1]

DieKraft Fe-Amon - [1]

DieKraft Fe-Amon - [3]


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User Image


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User Image
Fried Pickles and Ice Cream: A Pixilated Art Shop

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

The Paternity Ward: Mpreg RP Guild

Towers Tiendita: A bookmark Shope

Crypt of Lust

RP Site

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Flag Counter:

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Because I like too see where the people who visit my threads come from ^^

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We are now Open!

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