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About Frosty and the Contest

My name is Frosty and I am an '04 Gaian. It is time for me to leave Gaia, and in doing so I hope to see wonderful art entries from all of you. Please stick around to post and stay active in the thread, and advertise this art contest.

This contest will primarily be of various characters, I guess you could call them OC's. They are almost all of the anthrop sort. The Prizes will be in MC's, from 2004-2010, as I have all of them. Prizes will also be in Gaia gold, and some First Gen Evolving Items. Specialty Items will be included.
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Best Tommy/Julie
-Steel Plated Ninja Band, Ancient Katana, Demonic Anklets,
Second: Angelic bracelet

Best Jasura
Infernal Spirit 1st gen, Herme's Moon, Kelp o' Th' Loch 1st gen, Mythic Hair
second: Gogh Reed 1st Gen, Twister the Fire Phoenix

Best Sharazon
-Zodiacal 1st Gen, Inari's Beads 1stGen
Second: Chyaku Norisu, Bad Moon 1st Gen

Best of Kianah's Characters
-Coco Kitty, Noel's Gift, Scarlet Sprite, 100k
Second: Infernal Spirit, Mythrill Halo
Third: 100k

Best Book Cover - Kianah
- 2011 Sealed Thank You Letter Set, Gimpi 1st Gen
Second: Lumiere Noire, Smok The Baby Dragon

Honorable Mentions:
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Yes, this is Couple Art, of me and my love.
6ft tall, 220lb
light blonde hair, short
blue eyes, rectangle frame glasses
Often wears argyle, sweater vests, or cozy but nice looking sweaters. or for short sleeves, usually plaid and button down, occasionally a t-shirt. comfy lounging shoes, rarely tennis shoes.
Very happy go lucky and often smiling.

5ft tall, 105lb, B-cup. (Don't make my boobies huge! Because they aren't. lol)
long blonde hair, blue eyes, (eyes have golden ring around pupil)
Often wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a form fitting t-shirt, sometimes v-necks. or cozy sweaters/hoodies.

Activities/scenarios to draw:
-Riding our Schwinn bicycles around
-Julie riding a motorcycle and Tommy on a Vespa
-having a picnic
-At a park
-Watching the stars
-Walking/playing with dog Shiloh
-being romantic (holding hands, kissing, all that sappy crap.)
-Looking fancy with dress/suit
Be imaginative!!

Reference pictures: [X1] [X2] [X3] [X4]

Can be Chibi style, anime, cartoonish, realism, anything you want, any medium.

Bigger prizes to go to the above. All below will be in a separate category.

User Image

*Jasura is the dog-god daughter of Anubis.
*All black and short fur, can stand on two legs or four.
*If in dog form, can be Great Dane sized, or Horse sized.
*Portray with golden or purple eyes.
*Rarely wears traditional egyptian garb. Can be portrayed with golden bracelets and ankle bracelets, as well as a gold hoop through her left ear.
*Can be portrayed with a golden ribbon wrapped twice around the neck and tied off in front leaving both ends to hang long
*Most closely related to modern day Ibizan hounds and Pharaoh hounds.

Scenes to portray Jasura:
-Taking a life, a spirit from the body
-In a galactic setting, unbothered by the conditions of space
-Alone in a desolate land, such as a desert, looking contemplative
-Next to the pyramids or engaging in Ancient Egyptian city life (as a dog just strolling through, blending in with the crowd, or as the two legged god form)
-Any egyptian setting
-Any ominous setting
-Portray as Anubis like, or dog like.
-With any of the side characters listed for Jasura, in the scenes given
-Or solo portrait

Personality Excerpt:
Jasura’s that sort of creature you’d never see coming for you, you’d be dead before you knew what hit you. And is there really a reason why you’re dead? Perhaps not. Perhaps she just found your existence especially annoying that day, or maybe you’re an important enough person to kill. Either way, she’d rather not linger on it because Death has things to do. There’s a subtle hint in her eyes that she’s been tortured into this; this way of thinking, this way of life. But no longer can she pause to think about her actions- this is her duty and she’s come to not care about it.
But Jasura is far from heartless- when loyal she is passionate. Order, respect, dignity…those words define her. And should you ever dare forget it- powerful.

Jasura References:
[X] [X] [X]

User Image

*Jasura's Pharaoh Hound mate
*A deep red brown color, pointy ears and a narrow snout
*Honey colored eyes
*Do not make him much larger than her, they are to be close to the same size
*Can be portrayed both in dog form, laying against and/or with each other, walking together or playing together, in the way dogs would, touching noses, etc.
Reference: [X]

*Jasura's duty was to protect the pharaohs and add to their power in rule.
*If you draw them together: she is sitting next to him, standing next to them, protecting him from an attacker, enjoying being pet by him, escorting him through the city, aiding him in battle.
*Jasura should be portayed in dog form if with Pharaoh.

Excerpt: He stands there, with the crisp winds of the desert brushing across his face- with the eye of Ra piercing from within. The pharaoh grasps the Sekkem scepter with authority, he rides along in his gilded chariot with the sounds of the wheels rumbling rhythmically within the city streets. The crowd roars in awe and love of Pharaoh, but they are muted. They are muted by this dog at his side, by Jasura, by his sheer power of owning such a creature. Pharaoh walks proudly with her through the streets, so that all may know and see what is his.

Jasura has a great love for her Pharaoh counter-parts. A Pharaoh is the only one who can push her to whatever extent they choose. Jasura will not bite or hurt a Pharaoh, even though she could easily take their life. Jasura feels it is her responsibility to protect them and provide companionship. The pharaoh is the only figure that can bring out the true dog in Jasura, that canine love and loyalty is exemplified whenever she spends time with one.

*A female that is Jasura's duty to protect and respect.
*This female could potentially be a Pharaoh's wife.
*Jasura's feelings of her are conflicted, she loves her but often feels like she is just in the way of things.
*Can be portrayed with angel lying/sitting against Jasura.
*She can be potrayed with Pharaoh and Jasura
*Be creative about this one. I'm open to see anything you come up with.

Angel softly sits at the throne of Pharaoh, and she watches curiously as his dog strolls in beside him. This Pharaoh, this god, has claimed her, and this Dog of Death, Jasura has been deemed her protector. But should she trust her, this canine? Yes, she decided. Pharaoh, her love, has promised her security and she would not doubt his good heart. This dog, Jasura, she had a heart too, and Angel swore to herself that she would find the good within all creatures- no matter how scary.

User Image
*Sharazon is a white wolf demon
*Anthrop, stands on two legs.
*Golden eyes normally, red eyes when angry.
*Wears leather bands around her wrists and ankles to hide burn scars.
*Broad shoulders and chest, thick scruff/main that peaks down her shoulders and chest
*skinnier mid section
*Thick white tail
*Muscular and fit

Scenes to portray Sharazon:
-Using powers from her paws, lightning or just pure energy, in battle or a solo picture
-Create a natural landscape, can be mountainous or canyons, desert or waterfalls, include two suns, one much larger than the other, large sun to the right of the smaller one. Small one will also be lower in the sky, and more red. If night, include abundance of stars
-Scaring angels
-On top of a castle in a balcony, overlooking.
-Or solo portrait

Personality Excerpt:
Sharazon- with a name like Sharazon, how can anything be expected except absolute power? Sharazon has fought hard for her position. You may find her standing at the edge of an obsidian balcony, gripping the edges with her rightful prestige and surprising self-control. Why surprising? Because in a flash, fangs could ignite. Those beautiful golden irises could transform themselves into a bloodred fury that can be described as nothing less than demonic. If you find yourself at the other end of such rage, there is no question but your absolute death.
That is…unless… you’re one of the lucky ones that has somehow managed to touch the heart of this wolf-demon. Sharazon swears off to anyone seeing this side of her except those who are closest- This side of her that is motherly, nurturing, and caring, makes it easy to forget the beast than can lurk within. Watch yourself, a smirk can mean anything from a playful prank to your impending demise.

Sharazon References:
-Sharazon's physical features are very similar to Goldenwolfen's "Vantage Point" Seen here: [X] but should maintain clear differences. Include features to make more demon like. [X]
Before you Begin: Things to Be Aware Of....

Yes, this is for a real book in progress. I have written over 250 pages so far and I predict that the length will increase dramatically. *cough* Although I'm a little embarrassed about the quality of the writing I've presented to you for this contest; I admit I'm kind of 'skimping' because I'm really busy with my college papers...Sorry about that!
*Please visit the rules and read before you start to draw for this! It's crucial!*
*You are free to take creative license with anything on here, even if I've provided preferences. If you have an idea that you think will totally 'wow me' -go for it. I won't stop you. ! X3
You should also know, that these characters, the plot, and anything else such as names are MINE. I hate to have to point this out, but if you copy anything of mine and I find out we're going to have serious issues. Although I'm only giving you the bare bones, I'm still leery because *this* project has been my 'heart and soul'. So unless you have lawyers in your family, I'd be extremely careful. Okay? Got it? Good! No problems then. X3 heart
Lahkian Characters

Lahkians' Culture

These are wolf-like bipedal beings. I would strongly advise to look at "Goldenwolfen" (online artist) for inspiration/reference as to what they look like. They are more mammal than mankind, and are always on "two" paws instead of four UNLESS they're younger. The younger ones tend to walk on both four's and two's- just depending on if they feel like it or not. Their people hunt and gather for food, they barter, and their governmental system is a monarchy that was established hundreds of years ago. Like humans, the males are typically the hunters, and the females tend to stay inside the villages.
clothing? : Not in the way we think of it, no. They do have a sort of 'loincloth' thing going on. The males typically wear a 'belt' at the top of the loincloth, and inside the belt they have everything from a place to hold the hunting knives, to small pouches to carry objects. Lahkians do not have shoes. They do not have hats, scarves,sunglasses, etc.

Further Questions: If you have any more questions about Lahkian culture; as in is it appropriate to draw x,y,z please ask.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Physical Appearance

The human equivalent of her age is : 12-14
Fur color: Snowy
Nose color: Pinkish
Eye color: cerulean
Claw color: very very dark brown, or black.

Personality :

, Azura seems to find her way into mischief wherever she goes-including listening in on a “leaders’ meeting”. She is supposed to be Queen someday, but she’d like to not think about that right now. Can't she just take her time with that? Her mother is doing just fine as it is, and it's not like she's old or anything!
Azura is generous and extremely curious. If there's a new fruit she's likely to try it without asking first, and unfortunately she'd probably share with a friend. She means well though, she really does! Her favorite pastime is watching her brothers spar when she's supposed to be cleaning their 'house', and her least favorite thing to do is running errands. In a word: Dreamer.

Scene Excerpt

“Alone…” She said to the trees around her as she strolled. “It would be better this way, don’t you think?” She ran slightly off trail, to a very lovely dark, reddish tree and planted her paws against the base.
Head tilt. Tail sway. Childish grin.
“Mother told me that the god Ĵüji’s mate speaks to us through the trees in times of need. She says I can learn from you.” She smiled and waited for a couple seconds.
“I know she doesn’t mean it that way, but I wish you could talk to me.” She said to the tree. It seemed to listen; it groaned and swayed. The leaves rustled and some of them fell against her nose. She snapped at a couple of them, just for fun.
“Anyway, I think I’d rather be here, with you.” Azura said after more moments of silence. “I could run in the forests, scavenge like our ancestors and run free. A new home. Every day. Nothing expected but to be there with your parents and siblings. I like that.”
She paused and looked around. “You’re so alone, mister tree….”Azura frowned, “There are no other trees that look like you. Aren’t you lonely? You’re tall and big, though, maybe you’re not afraid…” She shoved. “And strong… How did you get here?”
She felt spots of water falling from above. She looked back at the tree before leaving. It wasn’t a person, but she had talked to it. It wasn’t listening, but she had shared so much that she felt bad about leaving without a small ‘goodbye,’ so she mumbled one.

side note : "Juji" is the name of their masculine deity. Lame name, but, I'll work on that later. I'm in the first couple phases of writing as you can tell.

What I'm looking for in general : I want someone who can capture the personality and physical nature of Azura, that much is obvious. But what I really want from you is to be able to show a 'hint' of sorrow in her expression, somehow. There's been an "evil" (to summarize) work at force, and she knows that her family might be in danger. She's choosing to ignore it and enjoy life because she's young and a little naive, but Azura is not "stupid". Azura's story is really one of 'coming of age' and accepting duty. I don't want anything drawn that makes her look like a ditz, she's my main character.
I understand it's a challenging balance to work with, and I'll keep that in mind

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Physical Appearance

Relation to Azura: Mother
human age equivalent: late 40’s
Fur color : Silvery white
Nose: darker pink
Eye color: Cerulean, like Azura’s but aged softly with wisdom and experience

Zainah is the current ruler of Lahkia, she has seven children total with her mate Raemus, and she’s secretly extremely concerned about her only daughter, Azura. Zainah hasn’t spent much time with her family because she has other duties to attend to in other villages. She’s very tired, and weary because she cannot figure out what the “Saghki” (species) are behaving so erratically, and now lives are in danger. She wants so badly to help Azura succeed, but she cannot afford to spend that one on one time with her. She is a Queen who has fought bravely for her people; she loves Lahkia as much as she could ever love any of her children. She is warm, personable, wise, brave, and kind, but this weariness is something she’s been striving hard to hide recently.

Scene Excerpt:
Zainah stood in such a way, so subtly powerful that her very presence was enthralling as she breathed.
Everyone sat without a word, and stared.
Her snow shaded fur fell softly around her muzzle as she calmly eyed her old comrads with her patient, cerulean irises. Her fur draped in layers over her chiseled, perfected body, her lusciously long and pretty tail, and her small but fierce paws and shoulders. The symbolic, ancient crown of Lahkia rested just over her right ear upon her head and it tilted slightly; the gem-speckled item glimmered in the light that spiraled into the humble tent.

What I'm looking for... So I've already said that Zainah travels a lot. You might want to depict her traveling, or you can choose to have her looking over at Azura from afar as she's leaving (once again) , or maybe you'll decide to show how she is behind that metaphorical 'mask' that she's portraying to the rest of the world. Maybe you want to write out /this/ scene- all of those are completely okay with me.
* IF you're going to show Azura in her in the same scene, you should know that Azura has a bittersweet feeling about her mom. Her mom is hardly ever around...she loves her deeply, but she doesn't 'understand' why she can't be there. So be careful with how to depict their interaction... They both love each other a lot, but Azura is hesitant and Zainah is secretly longing to be there more when she can't be.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Relation to Azura: Her father
Human equivalent to the age: 45
Nose: charcoal
Eyes: dusty emerald
Fur: as dark and glossy as the night sky

Personality: Raemus loves order and he'd like to get his way all of the time even though he knows that's impossible. He's the head hunter of the Nikiran village and don't you damn forget that he happens to be King, too. He's annoyed by his younger sons who don't show the promise of being good hunters, but he's outright angered at how weak Azura is- even if she IS a female. . He's like a prince charming gone rouge....He's extremely charasmatic when he wants to be, and is quite persuasive, but recently he's been stressed out by the rebellion and his 'darker' side is showing more
. I mean, his mate's gone all kooky from trying to figure out how the rebellion started, and his best friend is acting odd. He simply doesn't have time for such foolish things. His daughter, Lahkia's heir, is obviously incompetant, and yet you expect him to stand idly by and whistle some happy tunes? Eff that. (Raemus would never actually use the phrase "eff that" because the diction is 'below' his royalty status)
Raemus feels most comfortable when he's in control and kinda pushing people around a bit. People should certainly know their places and keep things how they should be! Bah! Society would be better off if people understood their places.

What I'm looking for:
Some ideas: I'd like an image of him leaning up against a tree, looking somewhat annoyed. Or, I'd like him sitting on a stump with his hunters' blade out. (they're kind of short and have. Bone handles) I have a less strict guideline as to what I'm looking for for Raemus.

Expression: Is very close to this : [X]

Book Covers (3) : Lahkia Series

Lahkia has been my heart and soul since I was around thirteen years old. Now, at twenty-two and a senior in college, I aspire to make the story a reality. Although I am only currently in the first phase of drafting the novels,I aspire to publish sometime in the next three years. If I want to self publish, I would also like to have some wonderful cover art to go with my books.
I will keep the name and contact information of the winner, so that if I decide to use your art, I can contact you and we can discuss copyright information, payments, and that sort of thing if necessary.

I would like my real name(not Kianah), and the title on every cover entry

Book 1:
Title: Lahkia
Author: Suzanne Ripley

Background :
Here’s what you need to know about the story in order to make a decent cover: The story is a coming of age tale of a reluctant queen to be (Azura) in a time where a rebellion is lurking on Lahkia(the title, and name of planet). No one knows why this rebellion is happening, who is leading it, and why people are disappearing and dying. Azura must come to terms with the fact that she must grow up in the face of this elusive danger.
Azura hasn’t “come of age” yet. She doesn’t have an adult body and isn’t legally allowed to assume her position until that has happened. How does one obtain their adult body? By the coming-of-age ceremony at the Festival of Juji (their deity). Prospective youths are gathered into a tent like area where they are one by one shuffled under the light of the full red moon, and their god deems if they are ready to be adults or not. Azura really should have “come of age” by now, and many are wondering what’s wrong with her…Will she finally transform this year when everyone needs her to most?

I would like a scene drawn where Azura is standing in the moonlight, looking up to their deity(the red moon) with almost a fearful but longing expression. You can choose to show her entire body, or just her face. I would like for the top of the cover to be blackish with starlight and to have “Lahkia” at the top. You can have my name, Suzanne Ripley, at either the top of bottom. It’s your choice if you want to show a distant “dangerous” thing in the background, or if you want to have crowds of Lahkians around watching anxiously. You can have either, both, or none of that.

Book 2:
Title: The Benevolent, at the top. My name can be either at the top or bottom again, it's your choice
Background: I can’t give you much background without spoiling plots in book one.

Scene: This one has more artistic leeway. I want the shadow of a lahkian surrounded by Saghki in a half-circle, his eyes should be dark crimson and I would like him to appear extremely ominous and threatening. The readers still don't know who this person is. I'd like for this to take place in a wooded area...

Saghki description*: They’re dark, musky creatures with one red eye and one yellow eye. They can take solid shapes or appear like scattered pieces of a torn black cloth. They don’t have faces and they don’t “hole” mouths either ( So don’t ‘think dementors’). They have a ‘circulatory system’ that is comprised of ‘energy’. You can get a glimpse of the energy sometimes, and it appears like veins inside their ‘bodies’. But if they’re not powerful ( and more “black cloth”) like, you won’t see it as much. It’s very difficult to see in the dark, but I suppose you can if it helps you with your drawing.
The color depends on the person they attacked and killed. They have the ability to kill someone by sending an “orb” of energy, taunting them psychologically by presenting a pleasant image, and then plunging the orb into their esophagus until it finds the location of their soul. ( Ugh, I know .__.)
You should also know that they’ve been taking children hostage and enslaving them, but the characters don't really know that yet. You don’t have to include that in there, but I figured it might help you?

Book 3

Title: Heir of Kalia, again preferably at the top. ( I’d like a bright silver title, if that works well with the colors, awesome. If not, don’t force it, please. )

Scene: Adult version of Azura, eyes focused, with a blade lifted so that her eyes are seen on either side of the “Sword of Kalia”(don't write that on there). I want you to show me pain in her eyes, but a determination to move forward. She’s a reluctant fighter, but she has a heart and passion to make sure this horrible rebellion is stopped . In the background, I want the image of a desert land on one side, and the image of a battleground on the other side. You can also take some artistic leeway with what you want in the backgrounds, and how you want them to "merge" if at all.
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User Image

Entry Form:
User Name:
Character(s) chosen:
Link to image:

*Forum for entries to be set up*

Entries to be posted here. If they accidentally get looked over, you may PM me.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

*No not PM me without approval unless you feel your entry got overlooked.
*I will not donate to you.
*Respect everyone
*Do not bash anyone else's art. Ever.
*I hold the right to turn away your entry if it is inappropriate. Unless we ask for nudity do not draw it.
*Multiple entries from the same person are fine.
*If you win Best Overall, that entry cannot win Best of whichever character.
*More when I think of them.

Yes my personal emphasis is on Jasura.

Concerning Kianah's Art requests
Please note that you are making art for a real literary work that very well may be published. If your art is chosen for her novels, know that you WILL be given credit for the piece, and if you wish for contact information concerning your art skills be published within the novel, we can arrange that. However know that the work you did for her section now belongs to her and will be used respectably in any way she chooses. It will never be claimed as her own work, you will always be the artist, but by entering your work you are surrendering the rights to it.

Kianah: "If I ever want to display use your art in any way, you will be given credit as the artist. For example, when published I will likely have a website. If I choose to display your work, you will be given credit as the artist. "

This contest will end on:
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Make me a banner. Link it to this thread. 5k Per.
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im going to do this and your book sounds really interesting biggrin if it gets published i will probably buy one smile gook luck with college and writing the rest of your novel!
Hi so i finished the actual drawing ( not coloring yet) but it seems you haven't replied to my last post and i dont see alot of new posts in the thread so i was wondering if it was too late? if it is could i finish it and send it in anyways you dont have to give me anything, but i like it and i think it fits wwhat you were looking for biggrin i did shazon by the way, i found her fascinating smile i also like the ideas for the book and i will definately attempt those if the contest is still open
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Hi so i finished the actual drawing ( not coloring yet) but it seems you haven't replied to my last post and i dont see alot of new posts in the thread so i was wondering if it was too late? if it is could i finish it and send it in anyways you dont have to give me anything, but i like it and i think it fits wwhat you were looking for biggrin i did shazon by the way, i found her fascinating smile i also like the ideas for the book and i will definately attempt those if the contest is still open
Hello. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The contest has not even been started yet, but i would love to see a preview of your work
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I can't remember where I know you from...>_>
you mentioned this was going to go in a book yes? what style are you looking for exactly?

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