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Welcome to My art Contest! This will consist of only two of my OCs, Lily and Khalid. The main focus will be couple art but I'm also having part of it being just them. Unfortunately I don't have much art of them drawn since I've been so focused on comicking their story to draw just them. That's where you come in! Draw them to the best of your ability and you may just win!

Read on below to see the Rules, Prizes, and Profiles for Lily and Khalid

There is No Scheduled Deadline as of yet! I'll start marking one down once i feel I'm beginning to get enough entries!! I do need at least 13 people to participate. once I have 13 people i'll post a deadline for the contest. Spread the word!!

What art will be judged on:
Artistic Talent
Likeness to my refs
Matches Personality
Creativity (No, this is not the same as artistic talent)

Narithian: X
Nyuka: x

Rule #1: Be nice. This is the most obvious of all rules but seriously. Be kind to me and anyone else who may happen upon this contest. Also be nice to my OCs. They do have feelings~

Rule #2: Follow ToS. Another obvious rule. It's everywhere really so it should be common sense.

Rule #3: Do not steal any of the artwork that may be posted here. Also do NOT steal my OCs.

Rule #4: You'll be sending me your entries through PM! Mark it 'Lily' 'Khalid' or 'Lily x Khalid'

Rule #5: No Pixel entries. Sorry. I think pixels are adorable but it's not what I'm looking for.

Rule #6: Make as many entries as you want! But you'll only be able to win once per category, if that makes any sense. So you can't win twice for the 'Lily' category but you can win in the 'Lily' and 'Khalid' category.

L i l y

1st place heart 500k &&& a waist-up freebie >> This or This

2nd place heart 250k &&& a freebie chibi >> This

3rd place heart 100k

Honorable Mention heart something like this minus the text.

K h a l i d

1st place heart 500k &&& a waist-up freebie >> This or This

2nd place heart 250k &&& a freebie chibi >> This

3rd place heart 100k

Honorable Mention heart something like this minus the text.

Lily x Khalid

1st place heart 800k &&& a waist-up freebie >> This or This PLUS something like This

2nd place heart 500k &&& Two freebie chibis >> This

3rd place heart 200k &&& a freebie chibi >> This

Honorable Mention heart 2 freebies in this style
If you have questions about my characters, just ask! I won't bite whee


Name: Lily
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 115 Ibs
Skin tone: Pale-ish
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Chocolate Brown

Personality: Lily is a pretty calm teenager. She's a little out of place in her school since she strives to be an artist whereas everyone else is striving to get the richest job possible. This is why she really only has one close friend and everyone else can "shove off" to be put politely. Lily is polite and doesn't easily drop the F-bomb but will if her temper is tested. She comes from a pretty wealthy family but she isn't extravagant and refuses to wear make-up except for the occasional lip-gloss. Ever since her father's death she hasn't exactly been happy with her life. Not depressed, just...sad and lonely.

Reference: Messy reference for school outfit XxX A bit of a Close-up on Lily

What I'm looking for:
You don't necessarily have to draw her in her school uniform just don't put her in anything fancy. She isn't a big fan of dresses unless it's a special occasion. She prefers wearing pants of all types of bottom wear. I mostly want her drawn doing something creative. Draw her painting, or crafting something. Cooking even, she does like cooking. Draw her being somber. She feels a little alone in the world since everyone seems to want her to be something she's not.


Name: Khalid
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 Ibs
Skin tone: Dark tan/light brown
Hair Colour: DARK(srsly) Brown/ Black
Eye Colour: Silver

Khalid didn't have a very happy childhood. His mother died giving birth to him and his father was a power-hungry mad-man who beat him constantly. He gave him a scar across his right eye at a young age. Despite the circumstances he has a rather positive outlook on the world. ate into his teen years he rebelled against his father who became a tyrant and began killing anyone who opposed him. Khalid soon became the leader of a Rebel force whose only priority was to bring his father down. The Rebel force established itself into a village with him also at the head of that. He has many friends but only a select few are able to know him personally. He is overall kind and ready to help anyone in need. He is protective of his close friends.

For fun he reads. He'd rather spend a nice quiet evening indoors than out enjoying a party. He knows a bit of magic, which consists of controlling the elements in some way(Not quite like Avatar but similar) however he specialized in healing magic.

Reference: Quick sketch

What I'm looking for:
Khalid in my mind is pretty much always calm and serene. He has a calming effect on those around him. Some ideas are to have him read a book or at his desk working on papers. Having him meditating or sparring. One thing that MUST be there is that red sash.


These two kinda go way back. Whenever Lily dreamed at night she was transported to Eidolon, where Khalid resides. He happened upon her in the forest and they became fast friends. He snuck some painting supplies so that if he wan't able to see her because of his father then she'd have something to do. Often times she made things for him. After Lily's father died she was no longer able to visit Eidolon.
It isn't until after an accident that Lily is reunited with Khalid. Affection for one another was obvious but neither made a move for the longest time it seemed. Khalid finally initiated the relationship and soon they're inseperable.
They'd be defined as a 'Cute Couple' in public however that would switch to 'Passionate' when it's just the two of them. Much to Khalid's surprise Lily is the one who most often initiates physical contact like hugging, kissing, etc.
Most of their couple activities consist of both relaxing; Khalid reading a book and Lily painting something, most often Khalid is her subject matter.

Try something like this

What I'm looking for:
Just the two of them having fun. If they spend enough time away from each other Lily usually tackles Khalid. Show them cuddling, kissing, stuff like that.
If it's difficult for you go ahead and show them in an AU where Khalid is from our world and they're at a park or something. BE ROMANTIC. OR SEXY.
heart The contest is officially OPEN!! heart

I hope i didn't fail too badly at my descriptions. I'll work on getting proper reference picture up there.
ninja I do hope people participate @.@ ninja
Is it just me or does Gaia seem to be a little laggy?
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I will definitely consider entering.
Ahh that'd be awesome if you did ♥
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