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I added those promised extra prizes!

I hope the varied categories are to everyone's liking 0.10416666666667 10.4% [ 5 ]
And I did add a runner-up spot with a gold prize as requested 0.10416666666667 10.4% [ 5 ]
There's always I chance I'll add even more 0.125 12.5% [ 6 ]
However, I'll only do so if we get a significant number of entries 0.020833333333333 2.1% [ 1 ]
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Magical Genius

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~This is a two part contest to honor the charity's long standing in the Gaian Community and the wonderful people who have helped it along the way~

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Table of Contents
-Part 1- Banner Contest-
-Part 2- Avi Art Contest & Entry Form-
-Charity Regulars and the Avis to choose from-
-Links Out-
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Magical Genius

Banner Contest
User Image

1st Place: 3 Million User Image
2nd Place: May 2012 Letter User Image (current value 115k)
3rd Place: 50k in Gold User Image
All Entrants will receive: 2k User Image

The Request:
This is a very simple request for banners to use to advertise my charity. The above image will link you to the charity so you can see what it's all about. I'm very open to different styles and colors, but tend to fancy something whimsical, detailed, shiny, and that draws the eye. You may enter as many times as you like; however, you will only receive the entry gift once.

Must have on the banner: Dreamcatchers Charity***
Optional Information: Owner- Alura19, Run by, owned by, anything of that nature is fine.
We've been open since October 5th 2005, so if you'd like to add something to that effect that would be lovely.

End Date: CLOSED- Judging now!
December 25th 2012
Extended due to technical problems
All prizes will be distributed after the contest

*** Important Note: Dreamcatchers is one word for a reason, please don't separate it, add strange capitalization, or other things that I've gotten in the past. I know that an actual dream catcher is two words, but I liked the way it looked as a single word and decided it made a unique name for the charity.

Finally, thank you so much for considering my request.

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Magical Genius

Avi Art Contest
User Image

1st Place- 3 Million User Image
Runner Up- 1 Million User Image
Best Ally- Chyaku Norisu Scarf User Image (current value of 620k)
Best Single Avi- Astra XIV: Sakura Breeze User Image (current value of 440k)
Best Couple- 2 May '12 Letters User Image (current value of 115k each)
Best Group- 200k in Gold User Image
Best Traditional Medium- Mana Seed User Image (current value of 145k)
Best CG- Scarlet Rose User Image (current value 122k)
All Entrants- 25K (Yes, just for entering!) User Image
(More prize categories to come!)

So Ally wants some arts from you! I'm looking for some art of my avi as well as group/couple arts with charity regulars. The first avi posted is the preference, however there are additional options listed as well. Any style/quality/medium will be more then welcome. I'll have my charity regulars provide a little bit of info about themselves so you get a good idea of their personalities. It is not necessary to have Ally in the picture, any combination or single portrait of the avis below will be accepted. If you have any questions please ask, we love questions. You may enter as many times as you like; however, you will only receive the entry gift once.

End Date: March 25th 2013
Extended due to technical problems
All prizes will be distributed after the contest is over.

Submission Form:

Avi(s) used:
Mediums used:
Link to your finished piece:
Brief Explanation (optional):

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Magical Genius

Regulars and Avi Examples
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Alura19 (Ally)
So... let's see. I've been running Dreamcatchers almost as long as I've been on Gaia. I started it after obtaining my Angelic Pendant, my only real quest item, because I wanted to support others the way I had people support my dream. The charity is very important to me, second only to the awesome, wonderful, strange, and inspiring Gaians that help me keep it alive. For full item list visit tektek and search using my username.
Note: Angelic Pendant is the only item I'd prefer you not remove, you my take artistic liberties with anything else.
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Shivelamouse (Shivvy)
He's unaware of the contest and I'd like to surprise him (if you'd like to do a couples picture, Ally and Shivvy are a top preference). Likes: My friends, Anime (Samurai Pizza Cats, Galaxy Express 999, Excel Saga and Planetes. Weird taste, eh?), Cooking (Sauces are my speciality), Geekery, Alura and Kris
User Image

Annira (Anni)
I had to look up how long I've been on Gaia. 7 years, really? I've been off and on Gaia and out in the real world in that time, and neither side of the equation really knows what I do in the other, 'cept Ally and Shivvy. I love them both to death, so if anyone wants to do pictures of me with either or both of them, I'd be beyond thrilled. I don't care one bit what you do to my avi (pictures are mostly for color preferences), and if anyone remembers my avi with blonde hair, you're welcome to use that too.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Mmariep2 (Marie or MM)
I've been a member of Gaia since 06 and I first found Dreamcatchers in 07 during one of my first quests. <3 I mostly spend my time on Gaia hanging out and chatting with friends now instead doing hardcore questing.
User Image User Image User Image User Image

Ember Ignite
User ImageUser Image
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Magical Genius

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Thread Rules
- Please follow the ToS.
- Do Not Pm me for any reason.
- Absolutely no advertising in my thread without my explicit permission.
- Please try to keep the quoting to a minimum of 3.
- Do not stretch my pages, if your entry is large please post it as a link.

Contest Rules
- Do not plagiarize art work. All entries must be original.
- Please do not complain that your picture was not chosen for any of the awards.
- Do not insult anyone's entry, either on this thread or any other.
- Do not PM me
- You must submit all of the info requested on the submission form, unless listed as optional.
- Read the entire page before entering, and feel free to ask questions.

* By submitting an entry you are agreeing to all thread and contest rules as stated above. Failure to comply with any of these will result in immediate disqualification.
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Magical Genius

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1. Have you hosted other contests in the past? Yes! I've never had an avi contest before; however, I have had art, writing, and banner contests hosted through the charity. Links:
Personification Art Contest
Imagine That Writing Contest
Duality Writing Contest
Fairy Tales Art Contest
Myths and Legends Writing Contest
Angels and Demons Art Contest
Note: I'd dearly love to host other art/writing contests that have the broad themes such as above. If you have any ideas or comments or suggestions please PM me. These types of art contests in particular are my favorite and usually get a great response from the community!

2. Is there a particular style or medium you'd like? No. As always with my contests, any skill level, medium, or style is welcome. Obviously a higher quality will be eligible for the top prizes; however, creativity and artistic expression will rank high in contributing factors for winners.

3. Can I enter more then once? Yes, but you will only receive the entry prize once regardless of how many times you enter.

4. Where do I send finished entries? You may either post in the thread or PM entries to Alura19

5. Works in Progress? Do I need to post one? For this particular contest no; however you may do so if you wish. If you're running late and the deadline is looming closer, just PM me and we can try to work something out. I will probably need a WIP if I'm holding off judging for you sweatdrop

6. What are the items equipped on your avi? For Ally entries you can go on tektek and search Alura19, all of my saved avis and the ones for this contest are located there. For another avi, feel free to post in the thread or PM the user.
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Magical Genius

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Magical Genius

Well it's mostly/partially done on the front page. Still have prizes to add, but you all get the idea
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Magical Genius

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